14Jack White vs The Black Keys

Jack White, founder (and former member) of the band; The White Stripes, and member of The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, is a talented musician and producer. Jack has won eight Grammy awards, and was number 70 on Rolling Stone magazine’s “The 100 Greatest

Guitarists of All Time,” but not without finding disagreements with multiple other artists throughout the years; including Ryan Adams in 2002, and critics who don't own record players (in 2003); saying that journalists who don't own one aren't to be trusted. He also has had disagreements with Jason Stollsteimer and posted on a blog a rant about George Roca (a man who makes documentaries) in 2004; regarding a film from the Seattle Film Festival.

Also included in Jack’s spats are Billy Childish in 2006, vegans in 2010 (where he mocked his fans who were vegans), The Guiness Book of World Records in 2012 (but was resolved two years later), his ex-wife, Meg, and Lady Gaga. Jack has also bashed Twitter, Clint Eastwood and a few reality shows, in the course of that same year. In 2013, model Karen Leson filed a restraining order against the White Stripes, and Jack started a feud with The Black Keys, where he called the lead singer a “copycat.” The feud was far from over in 2014, when Jack White started criticizing current female pop singers for also being “copycats.” According to sources, Jack White is still pretty upset with The Black Keys, and accuses them of stealing ideas from other musicians.

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