14 Biggest Celebrity Feuds Of 2014 - Part 2

There were just way too many rivalries during 2014, that it had to be broken up into two lists. This is the second one that involves many celebrities, many of which believe that just because you post something on Twitter, doesn't mean that it won’t come back to you. Some of these are utterly ridiculous (such as the Martha/Gwyneth cake fight), while others are just plain scary. Why are people so mean to each other? Just because you are famous does not give you the right to be mean or disrespectful to others. It is often wondered if these people are doing this to get revenge, or if it is for publicity? Surely there are other ways to become famous or to get people to notice you, without having to revile another just because you can.

There are people that have spent years building up friendships, just to have it completely torn down because of one small altercation. Some people have business relationships that get in the way of friendships, and sometimes there are people who hate others for no reason whatsoever. What gives another the right to hate someone they have never met before? Just because we see someone on television or in a magazine, doesn't mean that we know who they are, where they come from, or what they may be going through. Just because someone says something on the internet doesn't always make it true.

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14 Jack White vs The Black Keys

Jack White, founder (and former member) of the band; The White Stripes, and member of The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, is a talented musician and producer. Jack has won eight Grammy awards, and was number 70 on Rolling Stone magazine’s “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time,” but not without finding disagreements with multiple other artists throughout the years; including Ryan Adams in 2002, and critics who don't own record players (in 2003); saying that journalists who don't own one aren't to be trusted. He also has had disagreements with Jason Stollsteimer and posted on a blog a rant about George Roca (a man who makes documentaries) in 2004; regarding a film from the Seattle Film Festival.

Also included in Jack’s spats are Billy Childish in 2006, vegans in 2010 (where he mocked his fans who were vegans), The Guiness Book of World Records in 2012 (but was resolved two years later), his ex-wife, Meg, and Lady Gaga. Jack has also bashed Twitter, Clint Eastwood and a few reality shows, in the course of that same year. In 2013, model Karen Leson filed a restraining order against the White Stripes, and Jack started a feud with The Black Keys, where he called the lead singer a “copycat.” The feud was far from over in 2014, when Jack White started criticizing current female pop singers for also being “copycats.” According to sources, Jack White is still pretty upset with The Black Keys, and accuses them of stealing ideas from other musicians.

13 Drake vs Diddy, Macklemore and Chris Brown

According to popular sources, early in December there was an altercation between Drake and Diddy, and it ended with Drake getting punched in the face. It is unclear as to what exactly prompted the blow, but rumors are circulating from Drake flirting with Diddy’s girlfriend to fighting over rights to a song. After four days, Drake appeared in public with no visual scars remaining from the hit.

Back in January, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had won four Grammy awards; one of which included Best Rap album for The Heist. Apparently, Drake had a huge problem with this, and during the ESPY awards in July, Drake performed a song on stage. During his performance, he said, “Real talent doesn't always win championships, like real music doesn't always win Grammys.” This was Drake taking a stab at Macklemore, because a giant screen appeared behind Drake displaying Macklemore holding his Grammy award.

In August, Drake also appeared to have tried to start another feud with Chris Brown. Drake stated that Chris’ song, Loyal, sounded like a car commercial.

12 Adrienne Bailon vs. The Kardashians

11 Danity Kane vs Each Other

In 2005, The all-girl group, Danity Kane, originally started out with five members, Aubrey O’Day, Wanita Woodgett, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres and Dawn Richard. It all started from a reality show on MTV, called Making the Band; and after the band signed a recording deal with Diddy, they sold a million copies of their debut album in 2006. Aubrey and Wanita were eliminated from the group in 2008, leaving only three members of the band. The band has reunited and reconciled repeatedly; but Aubrey, Dawn and Shannon were the remaining members as of 2014.

In August, rumors stated that Dawn found out about Shannon and Aubrey having secret meetings behind her back and there was a huge brawl at the recording studio. According to a news release, Aubrey had written, "During a recent group meeting, a business conversation took a turn for the worst when my group member punched me in the back of my head while I was speaking to another associate.” She didn't actually say who hit her, but the group is no longer together.

10 Erin Andrews vs Boston Radio Host, Kirk Minihane


Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals was pitching against the New York Yankees in the All-Star game back in July, when he stated that he “gave Derek Jeter a couple of pipe shots," in which most of the baseball world assumed he meant that the pitches were fairly easy for Derek to hit. Adam claimed that the statements that he said were meant to be a joke, but it appeared to get out of hand. He was later interviewed by Fox correspondent, Erin Andrews; who blamed social media for Adam’s previous words and actions.

Shortly after the interview, Boston radio host, Kirk Minihane found out about the occurrence and went into a rage about it. He went on air to vent his frustrations with the interviewer, giving her vulgar labels and then tried to go back on what he had said, saying he shouldn't have called her that, and he’s “sure she’s a nice person.”

9 Kathy Griffin vs Demi Lovato


Apparently, Demi Lovato fans get really upset when it comes to other people making fun of her, or calling her names. Comedienne, Kathy Griffin had said that Demi was a “douche,” poking fun at the Disney singer. According to an interview with Howard Stern, Kathy had reported that it was simply a joke; that she had asked Siri (on her iPhone) who the biggest douche was, and Demi’s name came up. This caused a rather large controversy with fanatics of Demi; in which they went as far as threatening Kathy’s life (using Twitter feeds), and the police even became involved. Kathy is simply a comedian doing what does best, and the Lovatics (Demi fans) did not appear to have much of a sense of humor about the incident. It seemed that it should have all been blamed on Siri, who even called Demi, “Debbie,” but the Lovatics didn’t seem to find that very comical, either.

8 Lil Wayne vs Birdman

Rapper, Birdman was one that started Cash Money Records and was part of Big Tymers, and had also produced raps with Lil Wayne. Photographs from 2006 prove that Birdman and Lil Wayne were once very close friends; where it shows Birdman kissing Lil’ Wayne, right on the lips. Normally people who hate someone go around kissing them, and when they are friends to start with, it is that much more difficult to forgive hurtful things that are said from that person. Lil’ Wayne blamed Birdman and his company (Cash Money) for the hold-up on the release of his new album, by Tweeting, “To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released because Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it.”

Birdman was highly upset by this Tweet and has gotten the courts involved. Apparently, Lil’ Wayne is in a contract (regarding Cash Money Records) and there is more to this story of years-long friends, that is yet to be determined.

7 Breaking Bad vs. Toys R Us


Back in October, Toys R Us decided to release a set of action figure dolls from the television show, Breaking Bad. Sounds harmless enough, except that some of them came with tiny bags of methamphetamines (fake, of course). A mom in Florida started a petition once she found out about the toys, with people signing it, threatening to boycott the toy store if they did not succumb to her demands (the removal of the action figures). Toys R Us did not like to have negative publicity, and immediately removed all of the Breaking Bad action figures from their stores.

6 Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z

5 Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift

For several years, both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been using the same production designer, Baz Halpin, to design their tour programs and direct each tour that they separately use. When it was announced that Katy would be performing at the next Super Bowl, apparently Taylor Swift had become jealous and allegedly stated that she no longer wanted her designer to be associated with Katy. According to sources, Taylor found out about Baz designing the set for Katy’s Super Bowl performance and told him that she would “never hire him again for any performance or tour if he goes ahead with his decision.” Would anyone in their right mind give up an opportunity like that, just because Taylor Swift said so? Apparently not, since Baz is going ahead with the design plans for February, 2015. Katy Tweeted, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.” This is assuming she was making a Mean Girl’s reference, regarding Taylor Swift and her insecurities with herself.

4 Lorenzo Lamas vs Shauna Sand

When people are going through a bitter divorce, it is always difficult. It is even harder if you were married to someone famous and have all kinds of allegations that are being made against you. Lorenzo Lamas has reportedly been calling his ex-wife all sorts of names, accusing her of making sex tapes, being a bad mom and allowing different men to live with her in her home with their children. They are currently involved in a lengthy, difficult custody battle, involving the three of their daughters, and it appears as though it is very messy and the two are being very childish when it comes to “slamming” each other every chance they get. According to reports, the daughters wrote letters asking the judge to allow the father full custody, and Shauna has accused Lorenzo of being a hypocrite, and claims that he is almost $43,000 behind in paying child support for his kids.

3 Carol Alt vs Kate Upton

Carol Alt, a 53 year-old ex-supermodel who was on the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, in 1982, has made a few rude remarks regarding current model, Kate Upton. Carol made mention regarding Kate and her looks twice; practically stating that Kate was a “plus size” model, since she didn’t fit the super-skinny image of previous models. Carol claims that Kate is a “product of media hype,” and “she’s just more large-sized than fashion models,” even though she insists that she is not calling Kate fat.

Kate did not reciprocate any of the comments. The only thing she had to say about the statements was that she had never even met Carol and that the comments “came out of nowhere.” Kate was not used to these kinds of opinions from people, having not previously been in the spotlight.

2 Martha Stewart vs Gwyneth Paltrow

Yes, you read that right; Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow had a small “spat” this last year, that started off by Gwyneth talking about her divorce. Gwyneth and her husband decided to call it quits earlier in the year, due to “conscious uncoupling,” which, if Googled, still has an unclear meaning behind it. Apparently, Martha Stewart found the term a bit unusual as well, and made up a spread in her magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and called it “Conscious Coupling.” Not wanting to be outdone, Gwyneth fired back with her own recipe and had it published on Goop. She called it “Jailbird Cake.”

1 Mama Joyce vs Miss Sharon

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you are feuding with someone, but you really care about them? If you don’t take the time to “mend the fences,” you may never get that chance again, and it could be too late by the time you decide you want to apologize. This is what happened in the case of Mama Joyce, who was constantly verbally attacking her son-in-law and his mom, Sharon Tucker (A.K.A. Miss Sharon). Joyce was reportedly “repeating gossip that she had heard,” and she is sorry that she never got the chance to ask Sharon for forgiveness before she died. Joyce did not even go to the funeral, for fear of hurting the others who were close to Sharon. It just goes to show how short life is, and that we should concentrate on trying to treat people well while they are living, instead of regretting it after they pass on.

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