13 Titanic Stars: Where Are They Now?

The year was 1997 and the world was introduced to Purell hand sanitizer, LeAnn Rimes became the youngest person ever to win the Grammy Award for "Best New Artist", and last but not least, Titanic became the first film to reach the billion dollar-mark, and for 12 years held the record for highest grossing film of all-time!

Yes, the world became captivated by James Cameron's ground-breaking, epic romance film and became spellbound by the tragic love story of vagrant Jack Dawson and the aristocratic Rose Dewitt Bukater. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were thrust into the spotlight and became Hollywood's most sought-after stars seemingly overnight. Leonardo and Kate have continued to have very successful acting careers, with Leonardo recently winning his first Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the critically acclaimed film, The Revenant. Kate won her first Academy Award for Best Actress in 2009 for The Reader. But, what about the film's other stars? What happened to the little girl who danced with Jack at the party or the elderly Rose who threw the "Heart of the Ocean" back into the ocean at the end of the film? We've tracked down these stars and many more! Continue reading to find out what happened to the other memorable stars from Titanic!

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13 Victor Garber as Thomas Andrews

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Who could forget Mr. Andrews? The Irish architect who designed the Titanic. He was last seen in the men's smoking room stopping the clock just before the Titanic foundered.

Victor Garber's impeccable performance of Mr. Andrews drew rave reviews for being emotional and raw. Victor has continued acting in film, co-starring in 1999's Annie and 2002's Tuck Everlasting. His first passion is theater and he has been nominated for four Tony Awards. He has been in numerous plays including Godspell, Art, and Present Laughter. In 2013, Victor was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame. In 2015, Victor married long-time partner, Rainer Andreesen.

12 Edward Fletcher as Sixth Officer James Moody

Edward Fletcher played Sixth Officer James Moody. James Moody was the only junior officer to die in the Titanic disaster. He was a hero until the very end. He refused to board a lifeboat while there were still passengers on board the ship. He was 24 years old when he died.

Edward Fletcher's breakout role was as Officer Moody. He enjoyed the 15 minutes of fame he received from the enormous success of Titanic. Edward had a guest role on an episode of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also co-starred in the 2003 low-budget film Spanish Fly. He retired from acting to dedicate more time to pursue his passion—art. He is recognized in the art industry for his abstract paintings and drawings.

11 Bernard Hill as Captain Edward John Smith

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Bernard Hill played Captain Edward John Smith. Bernard has starred in three films that have all gone on to win an Academy Award for Best Picture: Gandhi, Titanic, and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Bernard was thrust into the spotlight with Titanic and his career was catapulted. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King has turned into being his most famous role to date. He has also been on the hit television series True Crime. Bernard is married and has one son named Gabriel.

Captain Edward John Smith was an English Naval Reserve Officer and had plenty of experience, commanding many of White Star Line's most prized ships. Smith was married to Sarah Pennington and they had one daughter named Helen. Captain Smith was recognized as a true hero after the Titanic sinking. He lost his life during the sinking of the Titanic. His body was never recovered.

10 Alexandrea Owens-Sarno as Cora Cartmell

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Hearts melted when Leonardo DiCaprio and the beautiful little girl with the ringlets shared a dance at the third-class party and Leo spoke the icon line "You're still my best girl, Cora."

That little girl was Alexandrea Owens-Sarno. Alexandrea had the amazing opportunity to be in the film Titanic and share scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. She continued acting in a few minor television and film roles but then focused on school and being a normal kid. In 2015 after a few interviews she did talking about her time on the set of Titanic, she gained some attention and has two films coming out in 2016. She plans to continue to try to break into Hollywood, and maybe one day get to work alongside Leo again.

9 Paul Brightwell as Quartermaster Robert Hichens

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Paul Brightwell was a well-known English actor that had been in many theater performances. His most memorable role has been his portrayal of the man at the wheel of the Titanic went it hit the iceberg. You might remember being on the edge of your seat or holding your brother as he spun that wheel as fast as he could to turn the ship away from the iceberg.

Paul has been in a few supporting character television roles with his latest being 2013's critically-acclaimed The Bible miniseries.

8 Martin East as Reginald Lee

Martin portrayed lookout, Reginald Lee, in the crow's nest on Titanic. He is most remembered for being the one to ring the bridge of the ship and yell "Iceberg! Right ahead!!". Reginald was one of the few crew members to survive the ship's sinking. He stated that it was a very hazy night that made it difficult to see the iceberg until they were practically right on top of it.

Shortly after Titanic, Martin left acting to pursue a career in music. He is now a DJ, living in Southern California.

7 Liam Tuohy as Chief Baker Charles Joughin

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Liam Tuohy was on screen for only a couple minutes but his appearance in the film as the head baker, Charles Joughin, was unforgettable. He had been drinking liquor from a flask while hanging on to the ship next to Jack and Rose. The real Charles Joughin survived treading water for over 2 hours before he was rescued by a lifeboat. Incredibly the only medical issue he had was a little swelling in his feet. He had no hypothermia. His story has appeared in countless books.

Liam has been in a couple film roles and appeared on The Weird Al Show. His main career is as a journalist. He also wrote a very well-received semi autobiographical screenplay.

6 Rosalind Ayres as Lady Duff-Gordon

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Rosalind Ayres has been acting since 1970. Her biggest film to date has been her role as Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon in Titanic. Rosalind's husband, Jarvis, portrayed her character's husband, Cosmo Duff-Gordon. Lady Duff-Gordon and her husband survived the sinking of the Titanic and were forced to testify in court that they did not bribe the crew to not rescue anyone else for fear their lifeboat would become swamped.

Rosalind has acted in numerous supporting character roles on television and in film. She has also done voice-over roles in popular video games.

5 Jonathan Hyde as J. Bruce Ismay

"Who is this Freud? Is he a passenger?" Jonathan Hyde portrayed J. Bruce Ismay. J. Bruce Ismay was the highest ranking White Star employee to survive the sinking of the Titanic and he received harsh criticism and a bad reputation. He carried with him the legacy of being a coward the rest of his life as he had ignored the 'women and children first' and cowered into a lifeboat.

Jonathan Hyde is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has been in films such as King Lear and a regular of the FX series The Strain.

4 Billy Zane as Caledon "Cal" Hockley

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3 Gloria Stewart as Rose Dawson Calvert

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Gloria Stewart was a well-respected actress, best known for starring in 1933 Invisible Man and the 1939 Three Musketeers. She was known for her art work as well as her collection of bonsai trees. Gloria was cast in Titanic when she was 86 years old. She appeared at the Oscars in 1998 wearing a $20 million dollar blue heart of the ocean-esque diamond. She appeared in a handful of other films and documentaries until her death at age 100 from lung cancer.

Rose Dawson Calvert was the elderly Rose. Gloria turned her into a beautiful, elegant, but stubborn lady. Her portrayal earned her numerous awards including an Academy Award nomination.

2 Danny Nucci as Fabrizio De Rossi

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Danny Nucci's film characters were killed off in his 1st three films: Eraser, The Rock, and Titanic. In Titanic Danny portrayed Fabrizio De Rossi, best friend of Jack Dawson. Fabrizio was with Jack when they won tickets for the Titanic during a poker game at a local pub. He had a very funny personality but was sadly killed when a piece of Titanic broke off and fell on him.

Danny has been in dozens of television shows including his current hit show, the ABC Family comedy The Fosters, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds and House.

1 David Warner as Spicer Lovejoy

Spicer Lovejoy was a fictional character that served as Caledon Hockley's right-hand man. He was the one to plant the diamond on Jack Dawson and shackled him to the pipe below deck.

David Warner has had a lengthy film career spanning back to 1965. He has been in Titanic as well as Tron and in all of the Star Trek franchise films. He is best known for his role in the original 1976 horror film The Omen. He continues to act on-stage as well as doing voice-over work.

Sources: thefw.com

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