13 Tiniest Celebs With The Sexiest Assets

Poison comes in small bottles they say, and when you see the assets on these celebs we’ll be talking about today you’ll be certain it’s true. When you see them on the screen, you are newer aware of how tall they are. But, never mind their tiny bodies; they do have the sexiest assets in the showbiz world, and that’s the only thing that counts. Sir Mix-a-Lot said it years ago, and it is still the same case now “we all like big butts, and we cannot lie.”

Celebs that are tiny, but so sexy that no one can resist their appearance, are one of the most wanted on the scene today. Especially when it comes to girls. No matter if they act, sing or just walk on the runway the more we see of their gorgeous assets, the more we love them, and it’s a fact. Itty bitty waist, sweet face and curves to be proud of, and boom, we have a star. When you realize how short some of the celebs are, you will be surprised, but when compared to their hotness level, you’ll get that they are a full package. High heels, mirrors, shiny scene and all of the production can make celebs look taller, but nothing they do can make them hotter than they are. So, let’s go and check the list of the tiniest celebs with sexiest assets. And please, leave a cold towel next to you while reading, they are maybe small, but they can make you sweat big!

13 Megan Fox

12 Nicole Scherzinger

11 Mila Kunis

10 Kylie Minogue

9 Christina Aguilera

8 Eva Longoria

7 Salma Hayek

6 Shakira


5 Jennifer Lopez

4 Scarlett Johansson

3 Nicki Minaj

2 Coco Austin

1 Kim Kardashian

Beauty comes in different sizes and proportion, and Kim Kardashian is a real proof of that theory. Even though she is short, and her curves are not so perfect, her body is still admired and especially her one of a kind booty. Kim likes it, and she is not afraid to show it to the world. Almost every day. She has an asset that was on the cover of almost every entertainment magazine; it was the main topic of some talk shows, and she made it her symbol. Whatever you may think about this controversial TV star, you need to admit that no one will stay indifferent when she walks in a small, tight, beige skirt.


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13 Tiniest Celebs With The Sexiest Assets