13 Tiniest Celebs With The Sexiest Assets

Poison comes in small bottles they say, and when you see the assets on these celebs we’ll be talking about today you’ll be certain it’s true. When you see them on the screen, you are newer aware of how tall they are. But, never mind their tiny bodies; they do have the sexiest assets in the showbiz world, and that’s the only thing that counts. Sir Mix-a-Lot said it years ago, and it is still the same case now “we all like big butts, and we cannot lie.”

Celebs that are tiny, but so sexy that no one can resist their appearance, are one of the most wanted on the scene today. Especially when it comes to girls. No matter if they act, sing or just walk on the runway the more we see of their gorgeous assets, the more we love them, and it’s a fact. Itty bitty waist, sweet face and curves to be proud of, and boom, we have a star. When you realize how short some of the celebs are, you will be surprised, but when compared to their hotness level, you’ll get that they are a full package. High heels, mirrors, shiny scene and all of the production can make celebs look taller, but nothing they do can make them hotter than they are. So, let’s go and check the list of the tiniest celebs with sexiest assets. And please, leave a cold towel next to you while reading, they are maybe small, but they can make you sweat big!


13 Megan Fox

Best known for roles in Transformers, and being one of the most beautiful women in the world, Megan Fox has curves we all admire. Though she is shorter that everyone thinks, she is only 5’4 but never mind that, she is smoking hot, and her assets are among the sexiest in the world. When you see her booty in tight jeans or in a tiny dress, that’s everything you’ll be thinking about all day long. She looks like a runway model but with real girl curves, and she was never too shy to talk about it. Megan is also one of the rare celebs that are not afraid to speak in public about her height. Go, Megan; we love you no matter what.

12 Nicole Scherzinger

Even though she is in her late 30’s she is still smoking hot and no one can resist her fascinating look. Nicole Scherzinger is one of the tiniest celebs on the scene, but that doesn’t matter because she fills up the scene with her sexy body. This dark skinned beauty looks amazing in everything she wears and especially if you see her asset in some tight dress or a skirt. Her voice, tiny but lovely eyes, and the booty that every woman cries about are the reasons why she is one of the most wanted celebs nowadays. She is the real embodiment of a “Pussycat Doll”.

11 Mila Kunis

The Beautiful brunette that made Ashton Kutcher crazy has a body to die for. Never mind that she is also one of the shortest actresses in Hollywood, only 5’4 tall, her real girl curves and almond eyes are the only things that we see when she shows up. That '70s Show star was still one of the most wanted women in the world even when she joined the MILF club. Her behind is perfectly shaped, and there are no doubts that it’s real and only hers. Every movie that she showed us a bit more than we expected was a big hit and no wonder why, her booty is always worth watching.

10 Kylie Minogue

In the honor of one of the most appreciated and glorified behinds in the world, this list wouldn’t be complete without Kylie Minogue. Since this Australian diva hit the scene in the 80s, we are all in love with her natural beauty, her glorious voice, and above all, her body. Even though Minogue is petite, she is one of the most mentioned celebs when it comes to the sexiest assets. She made some standards, next to J.LO and Kim, when it comes to the definition of the word “bootylicious”. Minogue’s asset is considered to be among the best in the world.

9 Christina Aguilera

This sexy “Ginny in a bottle” is one of the most wanted women on the scene. She put on some weight after giving birth, but this smoking hot mama is again bringing out her game on the stage. And we all know that her big game is her booty. Everyone was in love with her even since she showed up in a tiny bikini in the "Dirty" video. We saw she is petite, only 5’2 tall, but bombastic at the same time. Her booty is flaming the scene again; she is still one of the biggest MTV stars.

8 Eva Longoria

After marrying the basketball star Tony Parker, we were all aware that Eva Longoria is a tiny woman; the height difference between these two was fascinating. But, her height was never an issue; she is still one of the hottest Desperate Housewives. All that she lacks when it comes to height, she makes up with her smoking hot looks. She has a perfect behind, and she is clearly aware of that. Longoria also said it herself several times: “It’s shapely and has served me well.” And all that is left for us to do is to agree with this Latin sex bomb, no argue there.

7 Salma Hayek

This Latin sex symbol is famous for her amazing hair, lovely eyes and of course, for her breathtaking behind. We are all obsessed with this little beauty queen since her role in Desperado with Antonio Banderas. She is not shy to show her A-game on the red carpet, and we sure love her because of that. Never mind that she is tiny, only 5’2 tall, her sexy body looks proportional, and no one can resist her smoking hot behind. Salma Hayek is almost 50 years old, and she is still every boy's dream.


6 Shakira


Her hips don’t lie, and we all know that. This small sex bomb has been driving us crazy with her belly dance since she first appeared on the screen. Shakira showed that you don't need to have a plastic bust to be in the center of attention. All she needed were her natural curves and perfectly shaped behind that she is never afraid to shake for us. Even now, when she is a mother of two, whenever she appears all eyes are on her. No matter how short she is, she still has “the fire underneath her clothes.”

5 Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block is a synonym for a sexy asset. Her guitar-shaped body, cute voice, and huge behind made her one of the most famous singers in the world. She is not as tall as you thought (only 5’5), but she is a full sized star whenever she is. There were rumors that she had booty implants, but Jennifer denied them. When you see her old photos you can tell that Mother Nature is the only one to blame for her biggest attribute. We can easily say that Jenny’s asset is the standard and all other great booties are measured by hers. If you want people to go “booty crazy” just dig out some J.Lo sexy pics, and that’s it.

4 Scarlett Johansson

This star of Avengers can change her hair color, length and style but she can’t change the fact that she has one of the best assets on the scene today. Scarlett was part of FHM’s ten Sexiest Women in the World list. She looks great no matter what she is wearing, and even though she is only 5’3 tall, she still takes all the breaths away. Today, Scarlet is still in the center of attention again with the second Avengers movie, and her lovely curves are on the front page again, especially her booty. Her pics in leather leggings from the film are one of the most shared online, and no wonder why, she has a booty that leaves all of our jaws opened.

3 Nicki Minaj

There is a rumor that some songs are written about the behind of this lovely singer. But, we have to disappoint you. As you thought, Nicki Minaj's large asset is reportedly fake, and everybody knows it. Even thought, her buttock is what all of the media is talking about whenever she appears on the scene. She never had a problem with people talking about the sexiest part of her body as long as they mention her name. There is also one thing to say when it comes to this unique star; she is tiny. That was never an issue when she needed to be spotted.

2 Coco Austin

Even though she recently gave birth to a baby girl Chanel, last November, she looks better than ever. Tiny but bombastic, this TV star attracts the eyes wherever she appears. Some evil mouths claim that Coco’s behind is a result of surgery, but her beloved husband Ice-T says that her booty is all natural. They do admit that she has breast implants. Although she is recently obsessed with her new baby, she still posts sexy selfies on Instagram, and they are shared and liked frequently. She is a sex bomb in small packaging, and no matter if the rumors are true or not, her booty is certainly her best attribute and no one even notices her height.

1 Kim Kardashian

Beauty comes in different sizes and proportion, and Kim Kardashian is a real proof of that theory. Even though she is short, and her curves are not so perfect, her body is still admired and especially her one of a kind booty. Kim likes it, and she is not afraid to show it to the world. Almost every day. She has an asset that was on the cover of almost every entertainment magazine; it was the main topic of some talk shows, and she made it her symbol. Whatever you may think about this controversial TV star, you need to admit that no one will stay indifferent when she walks in a small, tight, beige skirt.


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