13 Things You Need To Know About DC's Lobo

With the recent release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DC universe is finally starting to catch up with Marvel. Although many years, and many movies behind, DC is looking to expand their cinematic universe. With up and coming movies including Aquaman, Wonder Woman and The Justice League, DC will hope to eclipse the Marvel-dominated movies.

With so much potential within the DC comic books, now is surely the time for Lobo to punch his way onto our screens. Many whispers and rumblings have surrounded Lobo that we feel it's time to give 'The Main Man' center stage. For those unfamiliar with the bounty hunter, this list will tell you everything you need to know about him.

13 Parody of Wolverine


12 Lobo and L.E.G.I.O.N


For such a fierce bounty hunter and loner, you may be surprised to know that Lobo has friends.

11 Powers and Abilities


Lobo's powers and abilities are vast, even greater than some of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe. Although his powers are not always shown to their fullest, Lobo possesses great strength and speed - on par with Superman as they have often gone toe to toe. As well as being invulnerable, a master tracker and multilingual (speaking over 17,000 languages). Lobo can also regenerate at such a rate that he can re-form from a pool of his own blood. This makes him almost immortal and self-sustaining as he can survive without food or water, and also in the vacuum of space without air.

10 Lobo Killed Santa!


In the 1991 comic book special, 'Lobo Paramilitary Christmas,' Lobo does just that.

When Lobo is en route to a bar, he meets with an intoxicated Easter Bunny. Sick of all the holiday cheer, the Easter Bunny has had enough and wants the man responsible to pay. So he hires Lobo to kill Santa.

Jetting off to the North pole, Lobo crashes Santa's workshop and mows down everything he sees, including the poor helpless elves. This leaves Lobo to go after his bounty. In steps Santa, who isn't a jolly fat man in a red suit. In this version, he's a lover of mindless violence, armed to the teeth and protected by a giant gorilla named Kong.

9 Love for Space Dolphins


It's hard to believe that such a big gruff being could love something such as space dolphins, but he does. His love for space dolphins is so great that it will often cloud his judgement and actions.

8 Lobo the Duck


As we've mentioned on this list already, Marvel and DC like to 'spoof'' or 'poke fun' at each other. However, sometimes they can come together in a moment of pure comic book gold. Published by Amalgam comics, Lobo the Duck is a hybrid of Howard the Duck and Lobo.

7 Lobo's Best Friend is a Dog


Dawg is a white Bulldog that follows Lobo around everywhere. Although Dawg looks like a normal Earth dog: he has extra-terrestrial roots which explains his ability to articulate.

6 Lobo Finds Religion


In the story arch 52, Lobo turns his back on his violent ways and becomes an Archbishop in the First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish-God. Naming himself protector of the colonies of sector 3500, Lobo also became the keeper of the Emerald Eye of Ekron.

5 Lil Lobo


According to Comic Vine, an accident transforms Lobo into a teenager in the year 2000. While in this state, Lobo joins the superhero group, Young Justice. With them, Lobo travels to Apokolips in order to stop evil invading Earth. Once there, the young Lobo is killed in battle. However, the magical curse that changed Lobo into a teenager didn't prevent him from regenerating from a drop of his own blood. Millions of Lobos regenerate and charged the Apokoliptian soldiers, for which the Lobos defeated easily.

4 The Justice League


Lobo has encountered the Justice League many times. Sometimes he's against them and sometimes he's on their side. Lobo and the Justice League have one of the truly greatest love/hate relationships in comic books.

3 Lobo Has a Red Lantern Ring


In the story arch crossover, Brightest Day, Lobo was hired to go to Earth and collect the head of Atrocitus, a super-villain and enemy to the Lantern Corp. Lobo was met by Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and Sinestro. Rather than fighting, Lobo fled. Hal thought this was strange and later found out that it was all staged by Atrocitus himself before Lobo was paid with a Red Lantern ring.

2 Lobo Reborn


In 2011, DC rebooted and re-introduced many of its established characters with the comic book, The New 52. This included a new Lobo, for which was not welcomed or needed by fans. With a similar backstory, only this time he spared princess Sheba's life. As with many modern day stories, there seems to be a need for a 'romantic' element. A need, we must add,  that was never wanted in regards to Lobo. Also this Lobo is leaner and, dare we say, more appealing and even more attractive.

1 Lobo and the Movies


Lobo has had a turbulent relationship with the big screen. For many years, a movie about the 'Main man' has been in the works. However, it always seems to run into problems and never goes anywhere. With such film directors as Guy Ritchie and Brad Peyton being attached to a script, a movie never seemed to happen. Most recently Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was scheduled to play the bounty hunter, but The Rock admitted in 2014 that the Lobo movie was dead.

With all this hearsay and stunted movie scripts, we had given up hope of ever seeing Lobo on the big screen. However, it's just been announced by the studio that Wonder Woman writer, Jason Fuchs, has been given the go ahead to re-write a new script for a Lobo movie. There aren't too many details about what the movie will be, but it's good news nonetheless. A movie about the 'Main Man' will no doubt make Deadpool look like a children's show.

Keep those fingers crossed!



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13 Things You Need To Know About DC's Lobo