13 Sports Stars With Wives Who Look More Athletic Than They Do

These days, athletes get as much attention as celebrities who are known for music or acting. People follow athletes from their favorite sport closely, and likely know a lot about their personal lives. That’s why sports stars have to be just as careful as other athletes when it comes to being involved in scandals or “interesting” relationships.

It’s also pretty common knowledge that there are lots of athletes with hot wives. Marrying a beautiful woman makes these athletes more intriguing to the public, and prompts the media to follow the couple closely. Wives of sports stars also have the added pressure of always looking their best. After all, it’s bad press for a sports star wife to be overweight. Many wives even confess to working out with their husbands in order to maintain their beautiful figures and spend some time with their extremely busy spouses.

There are also athlete wives who have “better” bodies than their husbands. These women have been so committed to exercise that they look like the athletes in the family. This, of course, is newsworthy to a number of entertainment blogs as well. Here are 13 sports stars with wives who look more athletic than they do.


13 Amanda McCarthy

Amanda McCarthy is the wife of baseball player Brandon McCarthy, and it’s easy to see that she’s the one with the more athletic body. He’s had a pretty impressive career, but his focus has been on the game and not on getting the hottest body. After all, that’s not generally what baseball players are known for. Even though Brandon has been thought of as a mid-level player, he has impressed many of his fans by having such a hot wife. Amanda is a model, so she knows the pressure of staying in shape. The two look very happy together. OK, he seems a little happier, but you really can’t blame him.

12 Ryan Tannehill

Football player Ryan Tannehill is used to the fact that his wife Lauren, is probably going to get more attention than him when they go out. She Tweeted her excitement in 2012 when Ryan was picked for the draft with the Miami Dolphins (which was super cute). And when ESPN showed her on TV during Ryan’s college days when he played in a Texas vs Texas A&M game, the world got to see how hot and in shape she was. The couple tend to take it all in stride and Lauren tends to let her husband have the spotlight, but it’s easy to see that she’s just as serious, if not more, about hitting the gym as her husband is.

11 Christian Ponder

Football player Christian Ponder and ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele had a pretty whirlwind romance. After just a month or two of dating, they confirmed that they were engaged. Then about two weeks later, it was announced that they married at the courthouse. Fans had a lot to say about the quick marriage, speculating that Samantha was pregnant, and predicting that the couple would be divorced soon. However, they seem to be going strong. When they appear on the red carpet, it seems that Samantha has Christian beat when it comes to looking more athletic and physically fit. As part of the sports world, she knows how serious the competition is, and definitely doesn’t disappoint.

10 Osi Umenyiora

Osi Umenyiora is known for winning several accolades in football. He won several Super Bowls with the New York Giants, and even won the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy. However, his biggest accomplishment these days is his marriage to his wife Leila Lopes. The two tied the knot in 2015, and they both looked stunning at the ceremony. Both of them are required to be in pristine shape for their jobs, but Lopes may have the upper hand, since she was Miss Universe in 2011 and won the titles of Miss Angola and Miss Angola UK in 2010. Clearly, she’s got to be strong and toned to win the Miss Universe distinction, and the two of them look stunning together as well.

9 Mike Fisher

Apparently, singer Carrie Underwood has a thing for pro athletes. The American Idol winner was once in a serious relationship with Tony Romo, but decided to settle down with hockey player Mike Fisher. The two met at one of Carrie’s concerts, and have been in love ever since. They became husband and wife in 2010, and welcomed a baby boy named Isaiah in 2015. Even though they’re both in great shape, Carrie seems to be more toned and has muscle definition that we don’t quite see on Mike. Then again, he is covered up in hockey gear most of the time.

8 Burney Lamar

Remember in the 1990s when Niki Taylor was the "It" Girl? She was on virtually every magazine cover, in cosmetics commercials and on the red carpet constantly. In 2001, she was in a really bad accident that left her severely injured, and we didn’t hear from her for quite some time. In recent years, she returned to TV to host Make Me a Supermodel with fellow hottie Tyson Beckford, but the show was short-lived. As Taylor has restored her health, she’s also gotten her beautiful figure back, and looks even more beautiful next to her race car driver husband Burney Lamar, who she married in 2006.

7 Hank Baskett

Football player Hank Baskett is technically an unrestricted free agent now, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be on the field again any time soon. He’s been busy working out his marital problems with his former Playboy wife, Kendra on the TV series Marriage Boot Camp. The two started dating in 2008, and the following year they announced that they were engaged and expecting their first child. The couple, who has been married for a few years now, also has a daughter. Hank has seemingly let himself go recently, in terms of being in shape and staying faithful to his marriage, but hopefully the two can work through their issues. At least Kendra can still bring in some money for the family, since her body is still swimsuit-ready in case she needs to do some photoshoots.


6 Bridgette Wilson

If you recognized Bridgette Wilson’s face, it’s probably because she was Miss Veronica Vaughn in the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison. She still acts from time to time, but her main role these days is being tennis player, Pete Sampras' wife. Sampras is a champion in his sport, but he’s not exactly known for having the greatest body. Luckily, with Wilson by his side, he looks even hotter. After having two sons, Bridgette still maintains a toned figure and looks like she’s ready to appear on the cover of a magazine at any minute. Not to mention, she’s got a winning smile and great hair. Sampras, who married Wilson in 2000, is one lucky guy.

5 Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant is pretty much known for being the girl who was “lucky” enough to snag Kobe Bryant right out of high school. She was just 17 when she tied the knot with the star basketball player, and the couple has two daughters. Kobe and Vanessa have had their share of problems over the years, and were on the verge of divorce a few times. However, they have managed to restore their relationship and seem to be doing pretty well. Vanessa has also been looking stunning on the red carpet, and has gotten in great shape. Kobe is usually pretty toned, but during the times when he’s injured and has limited exercise time, Vanessa takes the spotlight with her long legs and curves.

4 LaLa Anthony


Carmelo Anthony has never quite been known for his rock-hard abs, but that’s okay, because his wife, actress and TV host LaLa is the “body” of the family these days. LaLa is known for hosting shows on VH1 and MTV, and has since moved on to more acting roles. When she and Carmelo got engaged, he was playing for the Denver Nuggets. But these days, LaLa is often referred to as the First Lady of the New York Knicks. Fans attend games just to see what she’s wearing and how amazingly toned her body is. And, you know, it’s nice that Carmelo is there, too.

3 Lamar Odom

We know, we know. But technically, Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are still husband and wife. The two were heading for divorce until Odom had a very unfortunate incident in Nevada that nearly took his life. He’s now trying to get his health back on track, and Khloe is there for support and to make the right medical decisions for him. Odom is most well-known career-wise for his time with the L.A. Lakers, but these days, Khloe looks more like she’s preparing for athletic competitions. Kardashian has lost a considerable amount of weight, and is obviously more comfortable in swimsuits these days. Some say she’s had some surgical assistance, and while that may be true, she still looks pretty great.

2 Tom Brady


Model Gisele Bundchen has often been called a good luck charm for her football player husband, Tom Brady. That is, until the whole “Deflate Gate” thing. While both Mr. and Mrs. Brady have to be physically fit for their jobs, we tend to think Gisele has a little more tone to her body than her husband. Don’t get us wrong, they’re both in great shape, but who would you rather see in a bikini? Gisele also has two children, and getting your body back in photoshoot shape after two babies is no small feat.

1 David Beckham

Few athlete wives are hotter than Victoria Beckham. Even though her husband David, has recently retired from soccer, he’s still got to keep his body in great shape. Victoria, who is a former Spice Girl, knows about being fit as well, and has a fashion line that is doing quite well. She’s also a mother of four, so the fact that she has kept her figure so toned is nothing short of impressive. Sure, David’s six pack is nice to look at, but he didn’t give birth to three sons and a daughter, so Victoria wins this round. The couple’s oldest son is also dabbling in modeling these days, and we’re pretty sure the rest of the Beckham children will be able to make their living being beautiful as well.


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