13 Sports Stars With Wives Who Look More Athletic Than They Do

These days, athletes get as much attention as celebrities who are known for music or acting. People follow athletes from their favorite sport closely, and likely know a lot about their personal lives. That’s why sports stars have to be just as careful as other athletes when it comes to being involved in scandals or “interesting” relationships.

It’s also pretty common knowledge that there are lots of athletes with hot wives. Marrying a beautiful woman makes these athletes more intriguing to the public, and prompts the media to follow the couple closely. Wives of sports stars also have the added pressure of always looking their best. After all, it’s bad press for a sports star wife to be overweight. Many wives even confess to working out with their husbands in order to maintain their beautiful figures and spend some time with their extremely busy spouses.

There are also athlete wives who have “better” bodies than their husbands. These women have been so committed to exercise that they look like the athletes in the family. This, of course, is newsworthy to a number of entertainment blogs as well. Here are 13 sports stars with wives who look more athletic than they do.

13 Amanda McCarthy

12 Ryan Tannehill

11 Christian Ponder

10 Osi Umenyiora

9 Mike Fisher

8 Burney Lamar

7 Hank Baskett

6 Bridgette Wilson

5 Vanessa Bryant

4 LaLa Anthony

3 Lamar Odom

2 Tom Brady

1 David Beckham

Few athlete wives are hotter than Victoria Beckham. Even though her husband David, has recently retired from soccer, he’s still got to keep his body in great shape. Victoria, who is a former Spice Girl, knows about being fit as well, and has a fashion line that is doing quite well. She’s also a mother of four, so the fact that she has kept her figure so toned is nothing short of impressive. Sure, David’s six pack is nice to look at, but he didn’t give birth to three sons and a daughter, so Victoria wins this round. The couple’s oldest son is also dabbling in modeling these days, and we’re pretty sure the rest of the Beckham children will be able to make their living being beautiful as well.


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13 Sports Stars With Wives Who Look More Athletic Than They Do