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13 Pretty Celebs Who Don’t Live Pretty Lives

13 Pretty Celebs Who Don’t Live Pretty Lives

Being beautiful is pretty much one of the most important things in Hollywood. Yes, it’s shallow and pretty shameful sometimes, but there are lots of celebrities who are willing to do just about anything just to be attractive. Sometimes, elaborate plastic surgery and extreme workout regimens work, and sometimes they don’t.

Of course, there are also some celebs who are naturally pretty (for the most part). These women are making their mark in the music and acting industries, but there’s no doubt that they are often “praised” for how they look, even when their talent isn’t being mentioned.

There are also celebrities who are known for being beautiful, even though there are parts of their lives that are rather ugly. The public has a tendency to think that good-looking people don’t have many problems in life, but that’s just not the case. In fact, some of the most aesthetically pleasing individuals have the most turbulent lives. Some of these celebrities are able to bounce back from their scandals, while others are starting to become just as well known for their messy lives as they are for their careers. Here are 13 pretty celebs who don’t live pretty lives.

13. Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff was a teen star who gave Disney some great ratings when she was the star of the show Lizzie McGuire. After the show ended, Duff was one of the Disney stars that you didn’t hear about in the tabloids. However, Hilary recently admitted that she was a party girl as a teen, and got into clubs with the help of her sister, actress Haylie Duff. Hilary, who now stars in the TV Land drama Younger, was formerly married to hockey player Mike Comrie, and the two have a son together named Luca. Duff and Comrie were seen out and about after announcing their split, which has led many to believe that they still “see each other” from time to time.

12. Kerry Washington


Kerry Washington has long been keeping her personal life out of the spotlight, which is a pretty smart move, especially these days. She married former football player Nnamdi Asomugha a few years ago, and there have recently been reports that the two are getting a divorce. However, a few months ago, additional reports were released stating that the couple, who have a young daughter, will remain together. Aside from the speculations about her marriage, the Scandal star has also been photoshopped several times when she’s appeared on magazine covers. Some feel that this is a subtle way to try to brainwash the public about what beauty is, and Washington has been very outspoken about it. Good for her.

11. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is known for a lot of things. She’s been married several times, most recently to Marc Anthony, and the two have seven-year-old twins together. Lopez was also once engaged to Ben Affleck, who allegedly couldn’t get his mother to get on board with the engagement. Lopez was also involved in an “adult” tape scandal, after her ex-husband Ojani Noa, threatened to release the footage. There was also that time Lopez got a mugshot because she was at a nightclub with then-boyfriend Sean Combs, and a fight broke out. Aside from being involved with scandals that involve men, it has also been reported that Lopez is pretty mean behind the scenes. She allegedly has a rider filled with ridiculous demands, and treats “the help” pretty poorly.

10. Adriana Lima


Adriana Lima is one of the most beautiful models in the game right now, so it only stands to reason that any guy would jump at the chance to be with her. While it seemed like just a rumor at first, it was confirmed by E! News that Justin Bieber and Lima actually hooked up at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Apparently, Lima had announced her separation from husband Marko Jaric shortly before the film festival, so she was ready to “mingle.” Bieber strikes again. Also, there are rumors that Adriana Lima has an adult movie floating around somewhere, but it could just be a Lima lookalike.

9. Kourtney Kardashian


Kourtney Kardashian has been through a lot these past few years. Her ex, Scott Disick, has been to rehab several times. In between his stints, the couple managed to have three children. Disick and Kardashian broke up (for good this time) when Scott was seen having a little too much summer fun with an ex-girlfriend. After the breakup, Kourtney allegedly found comfort in the arms of Justin Bieber, but that was short-lived. Then, reports came out that Kourtney had actually cheated on Scott, and that her third child may not be his. As if Kourtney didn’t have enough to deal with in her own life, she’s also got Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie for sisters.

8. Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez may be getting online death threats again soon, since it’s been rumored that she and her first love, Justin Bieber, may be getting back together. Justin has admitted that he wants to marry Selena someday, but the two broke up a few years ago due to Bieber’s philandering ways. Gomez has learned to keep her love life more private after breaking up with Justin, but she has been romantically linked to Diplo and Samuel Krost. Selena has also been getting a lot of criticism for gaining weigh, so she’s responded to the negativity by taking more pictures in underwear and swimsuits. Of course, there have also been rumors swirling that Gomez has nude pictures and sex tapes floating around out there, because that’s what happens when you’re a former Disney star.

7. Rihanna


Rihanna is known as a bad girl, so most of the things that she does aren’t really too surprising. Her fans were, however, shocked when her then-boyfriend Chris Brown violently assaulted her, and the two were court-ordered to stay away from one another. Recently, a video surfaced that allegedly showed Rihanna snorting cocaine. The singer, who is an avid marijuana smoker, has denied that she was doing cocaine in the video. There has also been a long-standing rumor that Rihanna and Jay-Z have been having an affair, and that Rihanna and Beyonce don’t like each other because of it. We’re not sure if it’s true or not, but lots of people think it’s pretty entertaining.

6. Julianne Hough


Julianne Hough is known as the fresh-faced girl from Dancing With The Stars, and the sister of fellow dancer Derek Hough. She stays pretty “clean” for the most part, but a couple of years ago, Julianne got into some pretty hot water when she decided to dress as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black. While the costume itself wasn’t a problem, Hough decided that painting her skin brown was a good idea (it was not). Julianne was also romantically linked to Ryan Seacrest for a while, and it is widely believed that the two staged their relationship for mutually beneficial career and reputation purposes. Hough has also stated that she and her brother went to live with fellow dancer Mark Ballas and his family in London as children in order to perfect their skills. Julianne states that while living with the Ballases, she was abused, and admits that professional Latin ballroom dancing isn’t exactly the best profession for a young girl.

5. Khloe Kardashian


Oh, Khloe. Where do we start? She married Lamar Odom after knowing him for just a few weeks. They had a few good years and a reality show, but then things turned sour. Odom just couldn’t seem to stay faithful, and was struggling with drug addiction. Khloe and Lamar separated, but it was taking a while for them to get a divorce. Last year, Lamar was at a “love ranch” in Nevada and nearly died from an overdose. These days, he seems to be doing much better, and he and Khloe have been seen out and about. They are still legally married, and when Odom went into the hospital after the overdose, it was decided that they would hold off on the divorce so that Khloe could make Odom’s medical decisions. As if that wasn’t messy enough, Khloe is a Kardashian, so we’re pretty sure you’re at least remotely familiar with the drama that automatically comes with that.

4. Nicki Minaj


Rapper Nicki Minaj has spent most of her celebrity years keeping her private life out of the spotlight. That is, until about two years ago when she and her longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels, decided to call it quits after 12 years. It has been alleged that rapper Meek Mill is the reason for Minaj’s split from Samuels. Nicki has also had some family troubles recently. In 2015, her brother, Jelani Miraj, was accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl, and Nicki posted his bail, which was set at $100,000. The rapper has not spoken about the incident, but it was also confirmed that Nicki also paid for Jelani’s wedding to his longtime girlfriend a few months before his arrest.

3. Kylie Jenner


Most things connected with the name “Kylie Jenner” are messy. It’s been that way for quite some time for the youngest member of the Kardashian family. Kylie was once dating Jaden Smith (Will and Jada’s son), but he has since moved on to date Amandla Stenberg. When Jenner decided to post a picture of herself wearing cornrows, Stenberg decided to school Kylie about cultural appropriation, which made Jenner even more hated by some. Of course, there’s also the fact that Kylie is dating rapper Tyga, who is almost a decade older than her. The two began their relationship when Jenner was just 17. Kylie also has a pretty messy life just by being a Kardashian. Her sisters have been in some interesting relationship situations, her dad recently had a sex change, and her mom is, well, Kris Jenner. Need we say more?

2. Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani ended her marriage to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, when it was alleged that he was sleeping with the family’s nanny. Stefani and Rossdale have three sons together, and news of the divorce was the biggest scandal Gwen was involved in since her breakup with fellow No Doubt bandmate, Tony Kanal. Things got even “messier” in Stefani’s love life when rumors started swirling that she was dating her fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton. Shelton had just divorced his wife, singer Miranda Lambert, and some were speculating that Gwen had something to do with the breakup. Needless to say, things looked pretty sloppy for a while, but it looks like Gwen and Blake are making their romance work and leaving their pasts behind.

1. Megan Fox


Megan Fox is the beautiful actress known for the Transformers movies (except for that last one when she got fired). Fox is also known for her marriage to actor Brian Austin Green, which is now over for a number of reasons. Green and Fox have two sons together, but news recently broke that Megan is pregnant with her third child. She and her husband recently separated, so the baby could be Brian’s. Then again, enough time has allegedly gone by for the baby to have been fathered by someone else. There were also rumors that Fox had lesbian relationships and other affairs during her five-year marriage to Green. Interesting.

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