13 Pranks That Went Hilariously Wrong

What’s that? What’s what? That? AHH! Got ya!

Pranks are often the lifeblood of many a friendship and can endure between a group of people for years in a cycle. Turning into a near endless back and forth of prank and revenge, prank and revenge! With the dawn of the digital age, there’s been a revolution that has given most of us the power to have a camera in the palm of our hands, people the world over are committing their misdeeds (like shaving a friend’s head whilst sleeping) onto phones and tablets, proceeding to broadcast them around the world. You Tube has been prankster’s (and audiences) friend for the past several years and some vloggers have literally made their living from pranking and streaming it.

Pranks are constantly a source of annoyance and short-lived (or in the case of setting one’s pubes on fire) very uncomfortable and prolonged road to recovery and a full regrown bush. This is just one of the aggravating errors a victim has to deal with, not least being at the raw end of a prank when something goes wrong. However, sometimes the mishaps go way above and beyond a merely backfiring. There are occasions where the joke that was supposed to be at one person’s expense resorts to everyone being laughed at. Here is a rundown of some of the most hilarious mishaps, when pranks go so wrong the people carrying it out wish they hadn’t started. Yet viewers are more than glad to see Karma the bitch in full throttle.


13 A Stick in the Wheel

This video from pranksters Yes Funny Yes places a bicycle alone in a park, just waiting to be snatched. The vloggers wait for passers by to snatch the vehicle and are not disappointed. The would-be thief snatches the bike and the pranksters give chase. The punch line is that the bike is attached to a rope that sends the thief careering over the handlebars when it pulls taut! The majority of the offenders flying to the ground and caught out, either react in embarrassment or let their legs do the talking, running so fast, it’s like they never needed a bike in the first place! However, the last victim of the prank reacts very hostilely to the camera pointed in his face and gets into a fight with one of the pranksters! So twice the thief was rolling around on the floor… once after leaping over the handlebars and the second wrestling with the prankster!

12 Wanting to Get Poked... ?


More from Yes Funny Yes and this prank reaction video shows some young men approaching other guys and ask them if they “wanna get poked?” Unknown to the guys they are approaching, the group are referring to the method of Facebook poking! Yet the guys reactions when they are asked is hilarious and also makes one think why are they so freaked out by a guy approaching them with a lousy come on? Punches, kicks, chases and full body slams are inflicted on the pranksters before they realize they are the brunt of a joke (perhaps some reacting because they are the brunt of such a joke?) In these digital days of Poe’s Law, one can never tell for certain whether a video is true or not. However, it does show the lengths some guys go to for some laughs.

11 Blind Stupid

This video comes courtesy of Prank Boys. It features one of their number posing as a blind man and duping members of the general public in to getting them to open a car for him. The people, believing the actor is a blind man, are shocked when he gets into the driver’s seat and tries to drive off. In many cases, he does drive off to the horror of his helpers, except in the last clip. The helper turns into a thief, pushes the “blind man” down and speeds off in the car. Maybe the joker should have used that white stick as a weapon?

10 This One Didn’t “Fly”


This prank is on the list for just how really annoying it would be, to be on the other end of it. Filmed by Australian vlogger Whealth by Slaiman, he pretends to be taking his girlfriend away on a short break for their anniversary. Slaiman actually goes through the entire laborious process of packing bags, driving his girlfriend to the airport, going through customs and everything. It is only then, when they are sat in the departure lounge, that he reveals that the whole thing is a joke! His girlfriend’s reaction is the kind of disappointed annoyance most people would feel in that situation and what follows is the quiet pissed off reflection of truly ingrained anger! You should have got on that flight, bud. You won’t hear the end of this for a while!

9 Pure Cut Prank

FatalismPranks certainly tested the waters here, though these waters were tempestuous rapids! Taking to “The Hood,” a guy approaches various men just casually hanging around and creates a back story that he is supposed be meeting someone for a drugs deal drop. Of course, every person he approaches reacts very badly to being assumed that they are waiting for a drug deal! Worried maybe they were trying to be fitted up, or just freaked out by some stranger doing this prompted one hell of a backlash. Including the last guy in the video, who punched the prankster and drew a knife, causing him to run for his life. He managed to reveal that it was a filmed prank as a parting shot whilst he fled.

8 Use Protection


Suit up for this one, bro! This prank goes seriously wrong for YouTuber Troll Miami TV when he goes around the neighborhood and fooling people (guys) into thinking he is putting a used condom on them. The disgust from the men is understandable, if they think where it might have been, what the condom is filled with and an extremely bizarre fella sticking a prophylactic on their shoulder. Their outrage is quite hilarious to watch until one guy really doesn’t take too kindly and pulls out a knife on the prankster!

7 Seeing Blue

Prank Army clearly didn’t think this one through. Mess with the long arm of the law and you’re more than likely to get your long arms twisted up behind your back! Especially if you indulge in a rather stupid prank like approaching a police car and spitting (or at least pretending to spit, the angle and distance of the camera makes it hard to tell) on said police car, yelling “stupid American police!” No matter how much you shout it’s a prank, you’ve pissed a police officer off, buddy! The punch line of your joke is going to be a night in jail!


6 Cold, Hard Cash


(0:37 – 1:06)

This may be a master class in how to not pull a prank, as one never knows where a wannabe hero is lurking… as this prankster discovers to his (and that of his nose’s) detriment! The joker decides to run up and sneak up upon a random guy drawing out cash at an ATM and leaps on him, dragging him to the ground and shouting: “GIMME YOUR MONEY!” Several people rush to the assailed guy’s aid, including the overzealous, plucky hero, who lands a punch square on the prankster’s nose. He got actual pain for his pains and blood running from his nose as a dividend. Perhaps leaping on a guy was a tad too reckless? Even for a prank?

5 Drug Deal Dropping the Ball

(3:16 – 6:34)

3 Train TV’s joker’s take to the hood with the intention to pretend to be cops planting drugs as evidence upon people. Of course, going up to groups of strange men and chucking begs of powder at them, will surely guarantee those guys to see the funny side, right? Wrong! If pulling a tazer on the prankster’s, then another person stealing camera glasses and bags (even after being told they were featured on a prank) as success, then this prank channel has a very funny way of looking at it!

4 Prank Gone Wrong Prank


(2:05 – 6:24)

From Down Under this young guy is terrified when he pulls a joke on his younger brother. He pretends to be a burglar to terrify the 12-year-old kid and seems to frighten his little bro so much it makes him go into a catatonic state in fear! The older brother hastily dials for an ambulance in the belief that his joke has gone too far… when the little brother pulls his prank that it was all an act. His brother had noticed his older bro had set up a camera and decided to strike back! A shaken older brother is left dumbfounded as he realizes the whole prank has fallen apart, clearly the whole thing that has gone wrong is phoning Emergency Services and the possibility of getting in trouble for that!

3 Mom Knows Best

VitalyzdTV certainly banked on getting a strong reaction from his mother in this vid, but perhaps not this strong! He records himself asking his mom for $200-300, which he drops a bombshell on his mom by telling her it’s for drugs… heroin no less! His mother reacts with such aggression that everything in the room becomes a weapon for her to punish her junkie son with. Nor does the punishment stop after he tells her the whole thing was a joke! Drugs are no laughing matter and this guy’s mother demonstrated this sentiment in spades!

2 Wrong Bricks Bro


Jokers seem to toe the line between jokes and pure risk, especially by angering people in the hood. Why not roll up to people and deceive them, by wheeling up a selection of stone rectangles to cave your skull in with? This is precisely the outcome that Joey Salads almost sees himself in, whilst going around offering people some “bricks” – as in drugs. Of course, the joke is that Joey literally means bricks, as in the ones that build houses. When the joke is revealed, some of the victims act so angrily and react by picking up the actual bricks and try to batter the prankster with them! In fairness though, each mark seems to see the funny side when they realize that they have been pranked.

1 Heart Pounding Prank

Taking to the streets of New York, these pranksters fool many people into thinking the performer is some kind of hermit-like holy man wizard, who can summon enough faith in Jesus to levitate himself clear off the ground. Some people looking on are so taken aback by it that they literally keel over, including the woman at the end of the vid. Whether she went over at shock over what she saw or whether was it unrelated, no one knows! Allegedly, the woman was on drugs, so whilst high, the experience clearly made her catatonic and she was removed from the scene in an ambulance. The woman was okay, but it’s something that no prank video wants to inflict on a viewer!

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