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13 Of The Weakest Marvel Universe Characters

13 Of The Weakest Marvel Universe Characters

Marvel has graced the cinematic universe for years. They produced a ton of blockbuster movies such as The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 3, Spider-Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, and many more. And because of these blockbuster movies, Marvel’s characters became more known by the audience and has become the highest grossing film franchise in the world, overtaking the Harry Potter series.

Among those thousands of Marvel characters, not everyone was fortunate enough to be given a chance to make it to the big screen – mainly because not every character was published like a masterpiece. Also, although some of the weak characters were given a chance to appear in movies, even for a short screen time, not everyone was given epic powers unlike those high-profiled heroes we often see starring in Marvel movies. By this time, we already know who are the powerful ones, but how about the weakest? Here on this list, we give you the 13 weakest heroes in the Marvel Universe – considering their powers, abilities and gadgets. Some of these heroes are so weak, we hope that when the time comes that villains will attack, they are not the ones who would show up first.

13. Snowbird

Snowbird, the daughter of the goddess of the Northern Lights, would weaken if she would move away from Canada’s borders. Another reason why she is considered to be one of the weakest Marvel characters is that she can turn into a white version of animals – but only animals that are native in Canada. So how exactly is she going to battle a supervillain if she shape-shifted into a Canada goose?

Also, her personality would be fixed as that of the animal she turned into if she would remain in one form for too long. In addition, if she would continuously shape-shift into different forms, it would cause her great pain.

12. Stingray

Stingray would probably be one of the superheroes you wouldn’t call when you got caught up in trouble. As you see, he has no powers, and he is also not good at any hand-to-hand combat – he is just an experienced oceanographer.

Can you even imagine that he was ordered to capture Namor, the ruler of the Atlantis? How can he fight the ruler of the Atlantis using only his (crippled) exoskeleton battle suit that he invented for himself? Good thing for him, though, he let Namor escape that time because he believes Namor is innocent. Later on, Stingray helped Namor against the Atlantean warlord, Attuma who falsely blamed Namor for destroying an ocean liner.

11. The Dazzler

Dazzler can convert any sound (except her own voice) to light. She is also a highly skilled athlete, trained singer, actress and dancer. Also, she is good at roller-skating. However, all of those abilities can do nothing if she would be confronted by one of the strongest villains in the Marvel Universe. All she can do is to blind you with her light-generating power.

She discovered her powers when she was in high school. As an aspiring singer, she volunteered to perform for her school when her powers first appeared. Luckily, everyone thought that it was just some generated special effect. Eventually, she made it in the music industry using the stage name “Dazzler”. She used her powers in enhancing her every performance.

10. Hawkeye



In a universe where your enemies are demi-Gods, can throw fireballs at you, control your mind, can fly above your head, or even throw heavy things at you, do you really think that just having limited arrows and a keen eyesight can help you survive alone in a war?

Hawkeye does not have any powers at all and does not even have resources like Iron Man has to make high-tech battle suits for himself. Good thing for him, he affiliated himself with the Avengers, Thunderbolts, S.H.I.E.L.D, Shadows (and many more), to save him if ever runs out of arrows.

9. Daredevil



Daredevil (who is a lawyer by day and New York’s hero at night) is not exactly known as one of the high profile heroes of Marvel, but he is, indeed, strong, fast, he has gymnastic skills, and has mastered different forms of martial arts but again, only when compared to an average human – he is just like an Olympic athlete. And in case you did not know, his only powers are his exceptionally enhanced senses which he gained when he lost his sight by a radioactive substance. But is it enough to defeat someone whose strength is not just of a human?

8. Shadowcat



Shadowcat, who is commonly known as Kitty Pryde, is often seen with the other main X-Men characters; she also starred in a few X-Men series where she was famously played by Ellen Page in X-Men: The Last Stand. But being commonly associated with the mainstream X-Men members does not mean she is considered to be as strong as Storm, Jean Grey, or Rogue.

Shadowcat’s only power is merely phasing through solid objects by passing her atoms into the spaces between the atoms of the object in which she is moving through. Also, her powers can be interrupted by certain forms of energy which makes her qualified to be on this list.

7. ForgetMeNot



Ironically, this secretive hero’s power is just to be forgotten. And because of his unique but quite weak power, he became unnoticed by everyone. Of all the Marvel characters, no one knows about his existence, even if he has been a member of the X-Men and even saved his peers many times. Professor Xavier even placed a reminder in his own mind to remind himself about ForgetMeNot’s existence every hour. However, when Professor X, the only person who has the power to remember him, died he got depressed.

He decided to reside at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning after he asked Omega and Mimic for help to remove his powers but eventually decided to back out.

6. 3-D Man



What makes this character even more crippled than his Christmas-colored suit is how he appears with the use of Marvel’s version of 3D glasses.

This three dimensional superhero was made when Chuck Chandler disappeared after escaping from being abducted by the Skrulls. After disappearing in a flash of light, Chuck was then imprinted in Hal’s (Chuck’s brother who was watching as he was trying to escape from the abductors’ hands) glasses. He then discovered that by concentrating on the imprinted images, Chuck can re-appear from the glasses where he became buffer; and this also made his brother look lame because as long as 3-D man is active, he will stay comatose.

5. D-Man



Often mistaken as either Wolverine or Daredevil, Demolition Man (commonly known as “D-Man”) received his enhanced strength, stamina and durability, from the Power Broker Inc.; eventually, he decided to join the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF) because he thought that he became too strong for normal sports after his abilities were enhanced. After his wrestling career, he trained with Captain America to become a superhero. His first hero costume was really intentionally designed to duplicate Daredevil’s first costume and Wolverine’s hood.

Although he is a trained professional wrestler whose strength was enhanced, still, his heart condition limits his power. Also, his power is not enough to defeat mutants, demi-Gods, or even normal heroes with high-tech battle suits.

4. Cypher



This hero boasts of his semi-telepathic and translation powers. He can understand and can easily decipher (obviously where Marvel got his name) any language subconsciously better than a non-mutant human – verbally or written; human or extraterrestrial’s language. He is also good in interpretation and decoding any computer software. Also, to be fair, Marvel made him good at hand-to-hand combat.

His power is so passive that he was not even aware that his power is that of a mutant. Even professor Xavier did not feel the need to train him compared to mutants with more dangerous powers which they can’t control.

3. Awesome Android



This robotic enforcer, who is also known as Awesome Andy, was made by the Mad Thinker to destroy the Fantastic Four. He does not have eyes, a nose, ears, a mouth, nor hair. Powered by atomic energy, he has the ability to copy anyone’s powers – how awesome is that? He even copied Thor’s nobility and was able to lift Mjolnir.

What made him one of the weakest Marvel characters is that it would take him hours to fully mimic all of a mutant’s skills and powers. So by the time he is about to completely replicate one’s attributes, he would probably be killed in between the process. Also, he is mute and he communicates only through a necklace.

2. Rocket Racer



Rocket Racer is a former criminal turned mercenary. He is not a mutant who has innate super powers, nor is he a product of advanced science experiments. Even if he has a jet-powered skateboard with gyroscopic stabilizers which can be controlled by his head-set and gloves that can fire four micro-rockets at the same time, still, he is not as good as Iron Man.

Because he could not earn enough to support his family after his mother died, he decided to use his talent in science to create a weapon and became a thief. Spider Man helped him to change himself and to put his talent to good use.

1. Almighty Dollar



This penny-throwing sidekick is not from the Richie Rich cartoon. Almighty Dollar can’t read minds, can’t fire lasers at you, does not have a super suit, does not have the ability to fly, he can’t pass through objects, he is not a demi-God, nor has he superhuman strength, but he can throw outdated currencies at you like a boss.

J.Pennington Pennypacker (Almighty Dollar’s real name) is a normal human accountant who was sent to a self-esteem camp and eventually he discovered that it was really a camp to develop superpowers. He was then given the ability to shoot money from his wrists. There were so many characters Marvel had created that they ran out of ideas.

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