13 Of The Most Unapproachable Actors In Hollywood

If you thought that these actors were the type of people that you could easily form a conversation with, thinking they would know how to have a good time, think again. According to multiple reports, these are some of the most unapproachable actors, taking into account their personal lives, how they have treated others on sets of movies (based on previous reports), and the overall image they portray to the world. Let's face it, just because they aren't the best people to be around, the majority still do a terrific job as actors. So as long as they continue making good (or decent) movies, who are we to judge, right? Still, you might be surprised to find your favorite actor having made the cut. Find out below.


13 Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf takes his acting career extremely serious, so much so that he is often known to allegedly ignore his co-stars when shooting a film, stating that interacting with others will stop him from channeling his role perfectly. So if you ever end up working with Shia on a movie, be warned that if he completely blanks you on set, don’t take offense to it. Although, it’s still kind of rude, don’t you think?

12 Lindsay Lohan


Unapproachable is an understatement when discussing Lindsay Lohan, which is so upsetting considering the fact that the film Mean Girls is such a classic! But according to reports, Lindsay is not just unapproachable, she’s beyond difficult to work with, often arriving late to shoot her scenes, and when she does show up, she is always late. Yikes! This evidently affected her career, so much that her salary per movie went from a hefty $5 million to less than $250,000. Oh, Lindsay.

11 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl really messed it all up for herself, but she only has herself to blame. The actress was infamously fired from Grey's Anatomy by the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, who publicly admitted to having had endless run-ins with Katherine. Why? Well, Heigl was a complete nightmare to work with, making everyone’s life miserable, Shonda claims. The last person you’d want to annoy is the creator of the show, and by the look of things, Katherine managed to get on her nerves with diva attitude and crazy demands, which evidently got her kicked off.

10 Jennifer Aniston


This one surprised me too but according to several reports, Jennifer Aniston isn’t one to try and be cool with cast members whenever she signs on to star in a new movie. It was even rumored at one point that Jennifer can also be quite picky when it comes to her trailer, which always has to be bigger than everybody else’s. She is the star of the movie, so it’s pretty much her word over yours. Who would have thought that our beloved Rachel Green is a mean girl.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow

She became one of the most hated people in Hollywood after making claims that being a nine-to-five working mother is LESS challenging than an actress, stressing that being on movie sets for 12 hours a day means Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t get to see her kids as much as she’d like. What a stupid thing to say, right? Well, it shouldn’t surprise you to then learn that she’s like that at all times — her opinions are always the ones that matter in Gwyneth’s book, sources allege. If you eat dairy, she looks down on you. If you eat gluten-free, you are cool. If you allow your kids to eat candy, you’re supposedly the worst parent in her eyes. Ridiculous, right?

8 Lea Michele


It is often said that Lea Michele isn’t exactly the easiest person to work with. Over the years, the rumor has been that Lea can be quite bossy, especially if she’s the star of the program she’s working on. This was said to have been the case on the popular TV show Glee, where Lea allegedly refused to talk to certain cast-members and allegedly demanded the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, to change certain concepts so that she would have more on-screen time. Did anyone say diva?

7 Jennifer Lopez

Diva alert — well, let’s say allegedly until actual evidence comes forward, because from what I see of Jennifer Lopez, she’s always smiling and laughing. But according to reports, don’t let that happy face fool you because backstage, Jennifer is a total nightmare, insiders allege. From having extremely picky choices in food to refusing to acknowledge crew members who she allegedly considers to be beneath her, J. Lo is certainly not the person you’d want to be working with. At least not behind the scenes.


6 Teri Hatcher


This one does not surprise anyone. Remember how Teri Hatcher was singled out from the Desperate Housewives farewell party? All the cast-members had made a "Thank You" note to Marc Cherry for an amazing run with the show he created and produced for eight long years. The thank you note didn’t include Teri’s name, who allegedly thought she was better than everybody else. It was no secret that nobody got along with Hatcher, who was only ever seen with her cast-members when they were shooting scenes with one another. What a terrible atmosphere to be in.

5 Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis has made a fortune from all of his iconic roles, but does that give him the right to behave like a diva on set? It has been heavily claimed for over a decade that working with Bruce Willis is anything but easy — the actor is very demanding and can throw some of the worst fits if something doesn’t go his way. He knows that he makes or breaks a film, so he will always have the final word in everything. Still, it certainly doesn’t create a fun environment for staff members who have to put up with that.

4 Megan Fox


Megan Fox really blew it for herself when she made that infamous joke against Michael Bay, claiming that working with the Transformers director was like working with Adolf Hitler. The comments were so controversial, Bay’s friend Steven Spielberg urged Michael to fire the actress from the box office franchise, which he went on to do. Megan is lucky that her career didn’t suffer too much from the axe, but still, it makes you wonder who else she talks bad about her when she’s not in the presence with them. Mean girl alert? Perhaps.

3 Julia Roberts

Oh, Julia Roberts. Did you know that Ms. Roberts was the first actress in history to receive a pay check of $20 million to star in a film? Well, some think that the money and her success in the film industry might have gone to her head, for she has often been branded as the woman everybody dreads to work with. Why? Supposedly, Julia is very proud of her accomplished status and wouldn’t take directions, advice, or talk to people below her. So that pretty much rules out everyone apart from the director. Yikes!

2 Alec Baldwin


Yes, we all love a little crazy sometimes but Alec Baldwin takes that word to a whole other level. The actor, who makes a very impressive salary with the endless movies he has starred in over the years, has a very short temper and everybody knows this just by looking at his many paparazzi rants. Alec probably knows that he has anger management problems, so for him to lose his cool on set can be deemed as very unprofessional, to say the least.

1 Christian Bale

Christian Bale is one talented actor, that’s for sure. Some would even say that Bale breathed life into the character of Batman, previously portrayed by all kinds of actors — including George Clooney — who underperformed to fans’ expectations. But again, Christian takes his craft very seriously. Some say that the actor doesn’t even chat with his crew members. If he’s not shooting scenes, he returns to his trailer and supposedly sees no need to befriend the cast, for he already knows he won’t stay in touch with them anyway. Ouch!


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