13 Obnoxious Things Beyonce Wants Everyone To Know

Since time began it has become normal to worship, adore and admire public figures, especially those that reside in the entertainment business. It has become so easy for many to create such an image so polished and perfected that it can seem impossible to grasp those pretty little blotches of imperfection.

Loved all over the world with hundreds and thousands of fans, Beyoncé can do no wrong to many. Dipping her finger in a variety of pies, the singer, songwriter, producer, actress, dancer and businesswoman is so successful that she makes even the busiest of us look lazy. But, nobody’s perfect, including Mrs. Flawless herself.

Yes even Queen Bey can be as obnoxious, intolerable, offensive and unbearable as the rest of us, ironically making her that little bit more likable. Over the years Mrs. Knowles-Carter has begun to grate, grinding the gears of many and rubbing people up the wrong way. From claiming to be a feminist and preaching about God, to calling herself a role model for young women everywhere, Beyoncé really knows how to get under one's skin. However as insufferable as she can be, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that she is an incredible entertainer, for she is probably one of the best in the world.

Yet the truth is that despite how ridiculously attractive and talented we may be, we still manage to be as irritated and annoyed as the next. After all, we are only human right?

Here are 13 of the most obnoxious things Beyoncé wants us to know.

13 She Doesn’t Question God

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It is well known that Beyoncé has a penchant for bringing up God during interviews, on stage, to her fans, thanking him, loving him and shoving him down our throats. With declarations such as, "Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Why did God give me my talent, my gift, my family? But I know you’re not supposed to question God’"and Whenever I’m confused about something, I ask God to reveal the answers to my questions, and he does," it gets to the point where you just want her to shut up and sing.

12 She Is A Feminist

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A debate that’s gone on for years, Ms. Independent has often claimed to be a feminist especially in the lyrics to her songs and in her interviews. Accused of being a token feminist, Annie Lennox took it up a notch by saying she uses 'feminism as a means of self-promotion'. Some have suggested it's unfair yet with comments such as ‘The more successful I become, the more I need a man’, makes you think otherwise.

11 She's Completely and Utterly 100% Real

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Nobody is 100% real and the more and more a person claims that they are 100% real, the more obvious it is that they aren't. Bey’s constant need to state how ‘real’ she is basically just confirms how incredibly narcissistic she is especially in regards to her Instagram account, where she was recently spotted snapping selfies at The Louvre , with her back to the most famous art pieces in history.

10 She Has The Best Fans

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9 She's An Extremely Private Person

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8 She Is An Actor

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7 She’s All About Family

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6 She's A Role Model 

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5 She Doesn't Like To Flaunt Her Wealth

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4 She Loves Obama

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3 She Writes All Her Own Songs

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2 She Is A Vegan

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1 She Woke Up Like This

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Having the body of a goddess and the thighs to match it can be incredibly easy for someone to lecture to the rest of the world to embrace those dimples. Sadly not everyone has the access to the best trainers, gyms and personal chefs and that’s not to mention the craftily done Photoshop edits that so often appear on her Instagram page. Once quoted as saying ‘we all have our imperfections. But I'm human, and you know, it's important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty’. It can be extremely difficult for us not to worry when someone who is absolutely stunningly beautiful to tell us to not to.

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13 Obnoxious Things Beyonce Wants Everyone To Know