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13 Nerdy Characters With Hot Significant Others

13 Nerdy Characters With Hot Significant Others

It seems that most movies from the 1980s and 1990s were about men and women who were geeky or nerdy, and eventually were given makeovers to make them more “acceptable” to the more attractive person of their desire. Sometimes this worked, and those people would get together and make it appear that looks mean everything.

Eventually, people started making movies and television shows that had those nerdy people involved in someone who was “out of their league.” Just because someone is nerdy or geeky-looking doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of a decent relationship, and not everyone actually sees the way someone looks as their main reason for dating them. There are very few shows and movies that actually prove this point.

13) Max Fischer – Rushmore

Max Fischer is a fifteen year-old high school student who falls madly in love with his teacher, and becomes great friends with an extremely wealthy businessman named Herman, who is played by Bill Murray. Herman is married with two sons, who are spoiled twins, and he is quite unhappy with his marriage but starts to fall for the same teacher that Max has become smitten. Even though Max and Rosemary never actually get together, both Max and Herman are the nerdy/geeky type characters that fall for the pretty elementary school teacher, who had lost her husband a few years previous to meeting the two men. An oddly strange movie, with a bit of truth entangled, but well worth watching.

12) Every Michael Cera Character in Every Movie or Television Show Ever

Even though Michael Cera is basically adorable, he has that geeky-nerdy-dorky appearance about him. He happens to have the same look on his face, and has the same issue in almost every movie and television show that he has appeared. He is always going after “the one” that either doesn’t like him back, or he is just trying to win her affection. And she always is extremely pretty.

Michael tried to date the “girl of his dreams” in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Juno, Year One, Youth in Revolt and even in the television show, Arrested Development. In a film that created a slew of characters that practically became superstars, Michael played a character in Superbad, where he most likely was trying to win a girl (even though it was more about friendship than winning over a pretty girl).

11) Josh Rosen – Geek Charming

In 2011, Disney released a movie on their channel with Josh Rosen, who plays a geek who falls for the school’s “beauty queen.” At first, they don’t get a long at all, and he doesn’t even like her, but he is the president of the film club and wants to make a documentary about being popular and thinks that Dylan (played by Sarah Hyland) could help him out, since she knows all about being popular, but appears to be a complete snob. She ends up assisting him with his film and they end up falling for each other.

10) Ron Weasley – Harry Potter Series

Ron Weasley is Harry Potter‘s best friend in the books and movies of the series. During the series, one would think that Harry would get together with their mutual friend, Hermione, but Ron ends up falling for her, and they ultimately end up together by the end of the series. It is obvious that they feel something for each other, starting from when they are just children, but don’t really do anything about it until they are in their late teen years. Ron may not be a nerd, but he is a bit geeky in the films.

9) Jesse – Celeste and Jesse Forever

Andy Samberg plays Jesse, who marries his high school sweetheart, Celeste, who is played by Rashida Jones. They were best friends before they started dating, but eventually get together. They both feel that they were too young when they married, so decide on a divorce. Even though they are splitting up, the two still remain close friends and their other friends can’t figure out why they aren’t still together. Celeste starts dating other people, and doesn’t realize that it’s a big deal until Jesse begins to date someone else. It’s basically the “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone” type of movie.

8) Wayne Campbell – Wayne’s World

It’s possible that Mike Myers isn’t really nerdy in any of the Austin Powers movies, but he is definitely very nerdy in the movie created right out of an SNL skit from the late 1980s and early 90s. In the movie Wayne’s World, Wayne hooks up with a gorgeous rocker, Tia Carrere. Wayne’s World is one of the few films that was created entirely from the skit, and was a huge hit at the box office. It is about two teenage boys who created their own television show out of their basement, with dreams of meeting rock stars and beautiful women.

7) Vince Masuka – Dexter

Although Vince Masuka never actually had a girlfriend when he played alongside Dexter, he did hire a really pretty blonde as an intern to follow him around as he worked. This girl was called Ryan Chambers, and she had a rather large crush on Vince (or Masuka, as most of the police department had referred to him). It seemed as though the geeky Masuka was about to have an adorable hottie as a significant other, until she was released from her duties for trying to tamper with evidence. Actress Brea Grant only lasted about four episodes as Ryan on the Showtime series.

6) Peter Parker – Spiderman

Does Spiderman every really get together with Mary Jane? Even though you really can’t call Peter Parker a nerd, he does resemble nerd-like qualities before he gets bitten by that spider. In the comic books, it doesn’t give the impression that Peter ever really unites with his pretty next-door neighbor, but he does in one of the movies. It’s extremely difficult to determine if it was a relationship that lasted, or if it was even meant to last. It seems that Spiderman would be too busy trying to save the world from evil supervillains than to try and have a long-lasting marriage.

5) Lane Meyer – Better Off Dead

The movie, Better Off Dead was released in the last 1980s, and John Cusack played the geeky Lane Meyer. He wasn’t really a nerd in the movie; John is actually a very good-looking guy. He simply acts rather idiotically because of the girlfriend that dumped him in the beginning of the film. Lane plays a lovesick boy that just can’t get over the fact that his ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to be with him, but doesn’t see the girl who he becomes friends with who happens to be a very beautiful French foreign exchange student who is living with his neighbors.

4) Roger Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Okay, so Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is (partially) a cartoon, and apparently nerdy characters are supposed to be human, right? Well, nobody actually said that they had to be real people. There are actual humans in this movie that was made in 1988, and there were cartoon characters, as well. The film was made so that the cartoon characters played alongside with the humans, and as cartoony as Jessica Rabbit was, she was still quite stunning. Roger Rabbit was a geeky rabbit, but he made his wife (Jessica) laugh, which made her love him deeply. The movie was (apparently) supposed to prove that looks aren’t everything (at least when it comes to men).

3) Sam Witwicky – Transformers

In 2007, not many people knew who Shia LaBeouf was, with the exception of a character he played on the Disney Channel and a few other movies that were not very well known. Shia started to become famous once he played in the movie Disturbia, where he showed off his anger-related acting skills. He moved on to become a major film star when he played teenage Sam Witwicky in Transformers, where he fought to save the world, alongside his beautiful girlfriend, Mikaela Banes. Even though Shia isn’t that geeky or nerd-like, he really did not look like he should be with Megan Fox.

2) Zack Brown – Zack and Miri

Seth Rogen is not a bad looking guy, but there was a time (2008, to be exact) when he was slightly overweight and fairly nerdy. In this film, Seth plays Zack Brown, a man who is roommates with the very lovely, Miri Linky (played by Elizabeth Banks). The two have been best friends since they were small children, and have been roommates for quite some time. Unfortunately, neither one of them know much about saving money or taking care of their finances correctly (Zack spends most of his money going to hockey games). Even though the two are only platonic, they decide to make a p*rnographic movie together to try to get some extra funds, and eventually the two end up falling for each other.

1) Leonard Hofstadter – Big Bang Theory

On the television sit com Big Big Theory, Leonard and Penny used to have an on-again, off-again relationship. During the first few seasons of the show, Penny was the really pretty neighbor that all of the guys wanted to be with. Leonard was the only one who actually dated her and eventually they became really serious about each other. Leonard is the typical “nerd,” with a PhD and works for NASA, along with his (just as) nerdy friends. Penny is a waitress from Nebraska, who moves to California with the hopes of “hitting it big” in Hollywood. The couple finally get together for good, and ultimately get married.

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