13 Nerdy Characters With Hot Significant Others

It seems that most movies from the 1980s and 1990s were about men and women who were geeky or nerdy, and eventually were given makeovers to make them more "acceptable" to the more attractive person of their desire. Sometimes this worked, and those people would get together and make it appear that looks mean everything.

Eventually, people started making movies and television shows that had those nerdy people involved in someone who was "out of their league." Just because someone is nerdy or geeky-looking doesn't mean they aren't deserving of a decent relationship, and not everyone actually sees the way someone looks as their main reason for dating them. There are very few shows and movies that actually prove this point.

13 Max Fischer – Rushmore

12 Every Michael Cera Character in Every Movie or Television Show Ever

Even though Michael Cera is basically adorable, he has that geeky-nerdy-dorky appearance about him. He happens to have the same look on his face, and has the same issue in almost every movie and television show that he has appeared. He is always going after "the one" that either doesn't like him back, or he is just trying to win her affection. And she always is extremely pretty.

11 Josh Rosen - Geek Charming

10 Ron Weasley – Harry Potter Series

9 Jesse – Celeste and Jesse Forever

8 Wayne Campbell – Wayne's World

7 Vince Masuka – Dexter

6 Peter Parker – Spiderman

5 Lane Meyer – Better Off Dead

4 Roger Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

3 Sam Witwicky – Transformers

2 Zack Brown – Zack and Miri

1 Leonard Hofstadter - Big Bang Theory

On the television sit com Big Big Theory, Leonard and Penny used to have an on-again, off-again relationship. During the first few seasons of the show, Penny was the really pretty neighbor that all of the guys wanted to be with. Leonard was the only one who actually dated her and eventually they became really serious about each other. Leonard is the typical "nerd," with a PhD and works for NASA, along with his (just as) nerdy friends. Penny is a waitress from Nebraska, who moves to California with the hopes of "hitting it big" in Hollywood. The couple finally get together for good, and ultimately get married.


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13 Nerdy Characters With Hot Significant Others