13 Legendary Celeb Legacies That Were Sadly Ruined

Isn’t it upsetting to see such talented stars ruin their lives through the use of alcohol, drugs, and bad decision-making? It’s even more frustrating when those celebrities end up dying from their mistakes, often giving people the impression that they’ve totally wasted the gift they had been blessed with.

We’ve seen it time and time again where a celebrity abuses their power for the worst and ends up hurting themselves emotionally and physically. All in all, these 13 celebrities are no different, having all gone through similar routes to tarnish their own legacy.

13 Michael Jackson

12 Lindsay Lohan

11 Bill Cosby

10 Lil' Kim

9 Amy Winehouse

8 Whitney Houston

7 Paula Deen

6 O.J. Simpson

5 Tiger Woods

4 Britney Spears

3 David Arquette

2 Cory Monteith

1 Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger’s death came following a sudden cardiac arrest at his New York home, having dealt with a perception drug addiction for years. The actor, who spent most of his time on his own in New York, was left for dead in his apartment for hours before he was eventually found, which makes the story so much more upsetting. Heath had just finished shooting scenes for The Dark Knight, which critics would go on to say was his best performance to date.

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13 Legendary Celeb Legacies That Were Sadly Ruined