13 Hot Female Celebs Every Man Is Intimidated By

It’s hard not to feel intimidated when being around these women. Each one of these female celebs tends to possess something that just doesn’t seem to sit well with the opposite sex. From those who are great at intimidating men in relationships to those who just give off the impression that getting on their bad side is probably not the wisest decision to make. With Hollywood pretty much being dominated with the male presence, these women are setting boundaries of their own — many men won’t even dare to step out of line with these ladies, for they already know what the severe consequences could be. Find out below to see who made the cut.


13 Serena Williams

Serena Williams making the cut for being one of the most intimidating women in Hollywood shouldn’t come as a shock, right? Having been branded one of the best female tennis players of all time, tennis fans are convinced that if Serena was allowed to play against the big boys such as Rafael Nadal and Murray, she would dominate them because she’s simply that amazing. Her winning streaks and her incredible figure can make a woman very envious. She’s definitely a threat to her tennis rivals.

12 Rihanna


Rihanna is intimidating on so many levels. Let’s look at it this way, she’s incredibly successful in the field of music and fashion, has all the money in the world and pretty much runs her own business. So it would make sense as to why she comes across as such a threat to her competition — her musical peers are strongly trying to keep up with her success. And aside from her music ventures, Rihanna brands herself as a “savage” in relationships. When she feels like the relationship isn’t going any further, she’ll let you know and tell you to pack your belongings and leave. Wow!!!

11 Teyana Taylor

Similar to Rihanna, Teyana Taylor is a no-nonsense type of girl. Just by looking at her physique and her muscles, you can instantly tell that she’s not someone you’d want to start a fight with. But in terms of how she intimidates men — many of her relationships have allegedly ended because she is said to be super controlling. And if Teyana ever catches her boyfriend even looking at another girl, it’s a problem. Oh, and she’ll make it known that she has a problem by publicly confronting them on the matter, which can get super awkward.

10 Taylor Swift


She may not seem intimidating, but judging by her collection of songs, Taylor Swift is not the girl you’d want to break up with unless you like the idea of having your name bashed in one of her songs. Taylor is infamously known to pen endless number one Billboard hits whenever she gets her heart broken, which tends to be quite a lot. From the likes of John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas and Harry Styles, Taylor has used her writing skills to make sure she gets revenge against those who’ve hurt her. This evidently means that whenever she’s in a relationship, the male figure has to be on his best behavior.

9 Angelina Jolie

Is it just me or does Angelina Jolie just scream intimidation at you? Angie has been through a lot throughout her career in the film industry, having battled a drug addiction, the loss of her mother and a failed marriage, amongst other things. Oh, and not to forget having to deal with her father Jon Voight, who infamously sold her out to the press. Put all of that together and you get a fearless woman who won’t tolerate no nonsense, especially not from a man. It is often said that Angie has cut all ties with her father, who also wasn’t invited to her secret wedding with Brad Pitt.

8 Madonna


Let’s see. The only female solo artist to have grossed over $1 billion with her incredible world tours, who continues to shatter music accolades with each album release and tends to be an all-around boss lady with numerous fashion houses all over the world. Madonna certainly intimidates men, and one can also assume this by the fact that every man she tends to marry always ends up divorcing her. Not necessarily on her behalf, but because they just can’t handle the fact that Madonna is a one-woman army, as cliche as that may sound. Hence why she only dates younger boys now. Older men like Guy Ritchie, just don’t seem to get it.

7 Ciara

Who doesn’t love Ciara? Well, ask the people that have dated her. This sounds so crazy but several outlets made this crazy theory about Ciara and how every famous man she dates suddenly suffers from a career downfall. After she dated Bow Wow, his music career tanked — so did 50 Cent, and so did Amar’e Stoudemire’s NBA career. Blaming Ciara for all of this seems bizarre, but it does seem rather strange when you think about it, right?


6 Keyshia Cole


Keyshia Cole is a tough one. Having grown up witnessing endless abuse, dealing with drug addict relatives and seeing her own mother battle the demon’s substance, Keyshia has learned how to handle herself in all kinds of situations. In other words, she doesn’t take no nonsense from anyone. Back in 2014, Keyshia reportedly caught her then-boyfriend Birdman, with another man, and things allegedly turned physical. So much that she was arrested soon after. You cheat or do anything to mess up Keyshia’s mood and she’s coming after you with those fists.

5 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara’s name alone is intimidating, right? Well, aside from that, can you believe that she’s one of the highest paid actresses in the business? Making a reported $1 million per episode on Modern Family, Sofia is living very comfortably and certainly doesn’t have to depend on a man to keep up her lavish lifestyle. But what’s even more bizarre were the recent reports claiming that Sofia can be quite demanding in her marriage to actor Joe Manganiello. Joe even admitted that he likes a woman who takes control so that alone should tell you what kind of a woman Sofia is.

4 Maria Sharapova


Her groaning and moaning on the tennis court isn’t the only thing that tends to be intimidating. Maria Sharapova knows what she wants and if you are lucky enough to get in a relationship with her, just know that you are in for a treat — depending on how you look at it. Maria doesn’t settle with the idea that men have to be the dominant figures in the relationship because she certainly wouldn’t put up with it. At least that’s how she has explained it in numerous interviews, and could explain why her relationships end so quickly.

3 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s discography alone is intimidating, but dating her is another situation. Having often been claimed to be very demanding and needy in her relationships, it would make sense as to why Mariah couldn’t settle for anything else other than a billionaire to fulfill all her expensive needs. But seriously — if your net worth is less than Mariah’s reported $535 million, how can you not be intimidated by that? While the average fella would like the idea of getting McDonald’s, Mariah would laugh in your face and rush off to the most expensive restaurant in the country with her limousine.

2 Nicki Minaj


Anyone surprised? No? Didn’t think so. Nicki Minaj prides herself for not having had to sleep her way to the top, becoming the most successful female rapper of all time. Having branched out and launched perfumes, clothing lines, currently executive producing her own TV show and starring in movies, Nicki is an all-round businesswoman at its finest. And when it comes to boyfriends, just know that she won’t put up with cheating. Her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels, who allegedly cheated on her, was dumped within weeks after the news broke. Despite their ten-year romance, Nicki stressed she won’t put up with a man who won’t appreciate a good thing when he’s got one. Ouch!!

1 Lea Michele

Lea Michele is incredibly talented, and boy does she know it. According to sources, during her time on the hit show Glee, Lea knew exactly how to negotiate deals in her favor. So much that by season three, Lea was the highest-paid actress on the show, making more than double the figures some of her cast members were getting. That alone is intimidating in a business where men would like to think that an actress doesn’t know her worth, which has already been seen with Jennifer Lawrence, who was infamously paid much less than her American Hustle co-stars when the Sony hacking scandal revealed everybody’s salary for the film.


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