13 Hollywood Headlines We Predict For 2016

2015 was a particularly scandalous year for Hollywood; the celebrity news was out of this world and only continued to get better. In Tinseltown there is no limits to what can happen or what can be reported on, and there is no celebrity that is off limits. 2015 offered us a transgendered Bruce Jenner now known as Caitlyn, the birth of a Saint, Saint West that is, and we even lost some big names like Leonard Nimoy, and Wes Craven. While every year we are inundated into outrageous and sometimes disgraceful stories of celebs gone bad, unfaithful partners and a host of hilarious mugshots, we can never seem to get enough. Times like that can only make us wonder what we are in for during 2016; will we have more announcements similar to Bruce Jenner's? Which beloved celebrity will pass on this year? Or will Amanda Bynes finally get her act together? But most importantly what will happen between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick? Will Kim Kardashian-West have another baby? What will become of Drake’s dancing career? And will Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber ever make up (considering he basically wrote an album inspired by her)? More importantly though, why do we care so much? Here is a list of predictions we have for 2016, what are your predictions for 2016?

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13 Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Will Break Up

After all of the drama in 2015 between Nicki Minaj, homeboy Drake and her man Meek Mill, who knows where her friendship with Drake stands. Besides that fact, who knows where this out of the blue relationship will go with Meek? Minaj is not one to be overly public about her relationships nor is she one to jump from man to man, but after the rap beef where Drake mashed up Meek, it could be causing a bit of a strain on their relationship. Let’s also not forget that Meek is not really on Nicki’s level and she may realize that sooner or later in the year.

12 Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Will Break-Up


The most watched relationship of 2015 will most likely end in 2016; Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani shocked the world when they kind of came out and admitted that they were dating after both recently divorcing their respective partners. However, there seems to be a lot of unnecessary fluff around this relationship and it may not have the steam to last longer than maybe a few months into the 2016 year. Considering that the duo met on a television show, they may not have that much to talk about outside of work and it could ultimately lead to the demise of their over-hyped relationship.

11 Tyga Will Move On To Another Teenage Girlfriend


10 Taylor Swift Will Collect More Friends


It is no surprise to anyone that Taylor Swift's #squad continues to grow; doubling and tripling in size, so what will stop her form adding more bad a** chicks to her crew in 2016? The answer is simple, nothing. Swift is a professional friend collector and in between shows it seems like this is a hobby of hers. We predict that she will officially add the likes of Daisy Ridley and Melissa Benoist to her already over-populated crew. They have a great chance of meeting the requirement, Benoist was a hit in Supergirl and Ridley equally was a hit in Star Wars.

9 Another Late 80s (Early 90s), TV Show Will Be Remade


With the induction of Fuller House to Netflix, someone will no doubt come up with the bright idea to remake another classic TV show that involved superb family values. There are so many to choose from; Punky Brewster, Step By Step, Family Matters, the list is exceptionally long and while we are sure some will do great, let’s not go overboard here. Maybe sit back and see how well Fuller House does and then go from there. Considering that society barely watches TV on TV anymore, if you plan on reviving Sabrina The Teenage Witch, go with a service like Amazon Prime, or Netflix and do not forget the blast from the past celebrity appearances.

8 Beyonce Will Do Something To Shock The World

Every year Beyonce does something to make a splash, so 2016 should be no different. Hardcore Bey fans should keep an eye out and make unnecessary excitement because who knows maybe next time she makes a big stink and calls a press conference and you take the time to get out of your bed at like 5 am, it will be more for just an announcement about her diet. Maybe she will do right by you and release another innovative video album; either way it will for sure have eyes watching or people listening because when queen Bey talks, you listen.

7 Dancing Drake


Hotline Bling showed the world that Drake is a natural born dancer. This success will give him the push he needs to leave his second choice career of rapping behind and jump feet first into the dancing ring. He may even start his own dance crew and battle people You Got Served style; lucky for him he will still be able to hang around with his crew of rapper friends because he will be choreographing and dancing in all of their videos. What a great parlay from one career to another. The only way is up from here Drizzy Drake. Seriously though, Drake is only bound to keep riding the success train no matter what he does at this point.

6 Caitlyn Wants To Be Bruce Again


With so many changes plaguing the Kardashian/Jenner Klan, it only seems fitting that Caitlyn Jenner would have an epiphany of sorts and want to be her old self again. Maybe too much drama is surrounding her sudden change and new lifestyle, she may realize that being a female is not all that great and wants to reverse what she has gotten herself into. The scandal came as a shock (no surprise there), so in order to shock the world again she could announce that she tried it, did not like it and is ready to jump back into fresh polo tee and a pair of unflattering slacks.

5 Miley Cyrus Will Have A Baby

The pop princess (turned something else) has stated that she always wanted to be a young mother and would love to have kids, so maybe 2016 will be that year for her. Although she has no (serious) man, she is not opposed to adoption and may even prefer it over her own body going through a change. Miley did an interview with Hollywood Life, where she admitted she may have kids before she gets married just because that’s how her life is at this point. If she wants to have a baby before securing a man, that is her prerogative.

4 Anna Duggar Will Have Another Baby


2015 was a very salacious year for the ‘high on their religious horse’ Duggar family. News broke that their idolized oldest son Josh Duggar, had previously molested a couple of young girls during his teen years (2 of whom were his equally “famous” sisters). In addition to the molestation, he was one of the millions of people whose Ashley Madison account information was leaked, proving him to be cheating on his wife Anna Duggar, who was pregnant at the time. It is safe to say that because of how religious they are and how much they believe a wife should stick by her man, she may be popping out a new baby in 2016 because having another baby always makes a bad relationship better, right?

3 Leo DiCaprio Will Finally Win An Oscar


This could be the year that Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar; his much anticipated film The Revenant is hitting theaters at the beginning of January, which could be just enough time to qualify him for an Oscar nomination. This would be much deserved considering not only the hype around the film, but the fact that the film is gritty, raw, exciting and based on true events. After all, who does not enjoy a good revenge film that involves grit and charm? DiCaprio has been snubbed time and time again but this may be the film that the academy just cannot ignore.

2 Kanye Will No Doubt Go On Another Rant

At this point, Kanye West may be known more for his overpriced fashion items and his aggressive rants than his actual music career. West seems to be the activist of this current generation, you know the one who has everything yet still seems to find things to complain about. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that West has several rants planned for the upcoming year and there should be no doubt that we will all be shocked at what he chooses to rant about. Considering his past topics, we should be highly anticipating his 2016; the year of Mr. West.

1 Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Will Get Back Together

We all know that Kourtney Kardashian has a special bond to her baby daddy Scott Disick; he is the father of her children and it looks to be that he is the love of her life. No woman wants to have children that have an absentee father; this may be the reason why she always lets him back into her life. Their relationship is definitely a toxic one but you cannot blame her for giving him chance after chance. Although they may get back together when he comes out of rehab and claims he is a changed man, they will no doubt break up again, and then do it all over again.

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