13 Female Celebrities Who Have Dated Below Their League

When people say, “personality is all that matters,” this might be what they’re referring to. Hollywood is filled to the brim with stunningly beautiful women, and plenty of undeniably handsome men as w

When people say, “personality is all that matters,” this might be what they’re referring to. Hollywood is filled to the brim with stunningly beautiful women, and plenty of undeniably handsome men as well. But, many of these sexy females haven’t gone after their physically attractive equal, but rather have landed themselves with men who have been far below their league, looks-wise.

Have you ever looked at a photo of J-Lo and Marc Anthony from when they were together and thought, “why…just why?” We might not be able to ever crack the case as to why some of the most gorgeous and sought-after celebrities, such as J-Lo, end up with some of the most average-looking individuals. We can only assume that behind the scenes they are compatible in ways we might not be able to recognize. Perhaps these men help keep the women grounded, or always have them laughing, or are of the kindest people in the world.

Whatever the exact rationale may be, major kudos to the men that have landed these women. While some of the relationships might have not worked out completely, at least they are able to say they spent some time dating someone far more beautiful than them (and, sometimes, far more famous as well).

Here are 13 female celebrities who have put personality before looks, and dated well below their league, on an attractiveness level.

13 Kate Moss - Pete Doherty


Kate Moss – one of the most beautiful models of our time – has become notorious for dating men who are not so beautiful. For one, her time spent dating musician Pete Doherty provided endless paparazzi photos of the completely mismatched pair, and caused many people to question what was going through her mind. Pete often looked like he could barely stand (or even talk), let alone handle dating a top model.

12 Clare Grant - Seth Green

11 Mary-Kate Olsen - Olivier Sarkozy

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The mere thought of Mary-Kate Olsen and the much-older Olivier Sarkozy makes many cringe. They are notoriously mismatched, both in age and looks. They first went public with their relationship in 2010, leaving the public scratching their heads. Not only is Mary-Kate far tinier and younger, she is also very obviously far more beautiful.

10 Kristen Bell - Dax Shepard

Fans were stumped when the gorgeous actress Kristen Bell began dating the awkward-looking Punk’d star, Dax Shepard, back in 2007. What’s more, the odd couple has actually lasted. They were engaged two years after dating, but decided to wait to get married until same-sex marriage was legal in California.

9 Christina Aguilera - Jordan Bratman


Christina Aguilera has been a sex symbol since she first came on the music scene with “Genie in a Bottle,” and sexed it up even more with her follow-ups like “Dirrty.” On her rise to fame, she has dated some hot celebrities of the moment, including Enrique Iglesias and (supposedly) Carson Daly. But in her older years, she’s taken a major downhill turn in the quality of men she’s ended up with.

8 Katy Perry - Russell Brand

7 Christina Hendricks - Geoffrey Arend

The stunning actress Christina Hendricks has one of the dorkiest looking husbands in Hollywood – though the two do appear to be madly in love. Her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, is one lucky man. In fact, Christina actually was the one who pursued him. They have openly talked about the fact that she tracked down his number, made the first move and even said “I love you” first.

6 Salma Hayek - François-Henri Pinault

While Salma Hayek’s husband is a billionaire, he is nothing compared to her when it comes to beauty. She and François-Henri Pinault met in 2006 and had their daughter soon after. When they broke up for a while in 2008, the public wasn’t sure what would happen, but ultimately they got back together and married. Even though she is physically far out of his league, it didn’t stop him from cheating.

5 Pamela Anderson - Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson has, for a long time, been a staple in the world of great looks, but she has really gone off the deep end with some of the men she chose to call her partner. For one, she was famously married to the “American Bad Ass” Kid Rock, who is slinky and whose appearance is anything but traditionally desirable. Though the two didn’t last long, it didn’t stop them from having many PDA moments together while things were good, leaving many on-lookers wanting to cover their eyes.

4 Heidi Klum - Seal

One of the world’s most stunning models-turned-household names, Heidi Klum, could have nearly anyone she chooses to date in the world, but somehow ended up married to singer Seal. It was very obvious that Seal was really, really lucking out by snagging Heidi.

3 J-Lo - Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez, too, has dated some very attractive men in her time including her high-profile relationship with heartthrob Ben Affleck, but when she landed on the eerie and frail Marc Anthony, she seemed to have found her match. He is far from attractive, though the two were making it work, and ultimately got married and had two children together. Despite the media picking on him – dubbing him “Skeletor” – the couple appeared to be dodging any shots taken at their relationship.

2 Christina Milian - Lil' Wayne


1 Isla Fisher - Sacha Baron Cohen

The beautiful redhead actress, Isla Fisher, has been with one of Hollywood’s oddest and homily characters, Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat), for a very long time. The two dated for many years before marrying in 2010. Not only are his hairy looks and wild antics concerning enough, he is also known to find himself involved in a variety of lawsuits thanks to his films, which are often deemed offensive.

Isla has admitted in the press before that, while things are smooth with their relationship, Sacha often embarrasses her with his bizarre actions (remember when he spilled ashes all over Ryan Seacrest on an Oscars Red Carpet). But, aside from the troubles with his behavior, Sacha seems to make Isla happy, and the couple now has two children.


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13 Female Celebrities Who Have Dated Below Their League