13 Dead Game Of Thrones Characters Who May Return in Season 6

With season six around the corner (April 24th!), it’s time to speculate about what could happen on this season of Game of Thrones. Obviously, there will be nudity, sex, violence, and people dying. You know, the usual. In fact, every season, a lot of people die on Game of Thrones. Like, a lot, a lot of people. With so many dearly departed characters, it’s only normal for us to hope that a few (err, Jon Snow) come back from the dead, right?

As this season approaches, it seems that there is more talk than usual about dead characters coming back. For starters, there are the millions of fan theories about how Jon Snow could possibly come back. Jon Snow is 100% coming back, right? HBO ain’t fooling us.

Hold on, is HBO fooling us? They released promotional posters for Game of Thrones, featuring quite a few dead characters, even Joffrey. So help me if Joffrey comes back and Jon Snow is really dead. That would not be bearable in the slightest.

Furthering the rumor mill is all of the actors who have been spotted on set. While these are mostly supporting actors, these are also actors who portrayed characters thought to be dead and gone. If they can come back, is there anyone who can’t come back? Furthermore, some younger actors have been rumored to be cast as long-dead characters, giving fans hope that maybe, just maybe, their favorite characters will return in some way shape or form, as long as it’s not Joffrey. Never Joffrey.

So, without further ado, here are thirteen characters who may, in one form or another, come back from the dead in season six. Oh, and obviously spoilers ahead. Duh.


13 The Hound


The Hound, whose real name is Sandor Clegane, but no one calls him that, easily became a fan favorite, despite not being all that warm and loving. The Hound was covered in scars from when his older brother, The Mountain, shoved him into a flame as punishment for playing with his toy. While The Hound was not all good, he did save Sansa from a gang of guys who were definitely about to rape her. The Hound also offered to help Sansa flee King’s Landing and keep her safe, to which she refused because she's dumb.

He does find himself a Stark girl as a companion: Arya. While they weren’t necessarily BFF, they did form a bond of some sort, but then Arya left The Hound for dead so who the hell knows?

After a battle with Brienne of Tarth, The Hound is left very wounded. He begs Arya to put him out of his misery and kill him but instead, she just walks away. For a while, it was assumed that The Hound was dead, but the actor who plays him, Rory McCann, has been spotted on set, prompting fans to wonder if he’s back from the dead or if he was ever dead to begin with.

His brother, The Mountain, was basically dead after a fateful trial by combat but after Cersei’s command, he was brought back from his near-death. If The Hound does return from the dead, that would mean both Clegane brothers have.

12 Shae


Fans, like Tyrion, had a sordid history with Shae. When we are introduced to Shae, she is a prostitute but eventually she falls into an intimate relationship with Tyrion. Of course, this relationship was tested when Tyrion married Sansa, though the marriage was never consummated.

Unfortunately, Shae went over to the dark side and turned on Tyrion. While Tyrion is on trial, Shae falsely testifies that she had watched Sansa and him plot Joffrey’s murder.

After Jamie releases Tyrion from prison, he proceeds to Tywin’s quarters, where he finds Shae in bed, clearly in a sexual relationship with his father. After a struggle, Tyrion kills Shae and proceeds to kill his father as well.

Shae isn’t necessarily a character people particularly really want to come back but Sibel Kekilli, the actress who plays the character, was spotted on set so it’s looking like she might make a return. She was dressed in Mereenese commoner clothes so it’s possible Tyrion will likely imagine her face in a crowd.

11 Barristan Selmy


Honestly, how great was this guy? He was a living legend who trained Jamie Lannister and was respected by both Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark. Anyone who gets Ned Stark’s seal of approval is alright by me.

He served in the Kingsguard for a long ass time in Game of Thrones world. This was until, of course, until Joffrey took over. Barristan was told he was too old for the job and dismissed. Barristan doesn’t go down without a fight and causes quite the stir but ultimately, leaves King’s Landing.

Barristan finally tracks down The Mother of Dragons and saves her from an assassination. He’s basically on the screw-Joffrey train and declares Dany the rightful heir to the throne, asking to serve in her Queensguard. Who would turn this guy down? Oh, that’s right, Joffrey, because he sucked.

So, Barristan is pretty awesome serving Dany. Everyone grows to love him but he meets his end. During an attack from the Sons of the Harpy, Barristan finds Grey Worm wounded and several Unsullied died. Barristan basically kicks all of the Sons of the Harpy’s asses and saves Grey Worm, but in kicking their asses, Barristan sustains injuries that kick his ass as well. RIP, Barristan.

His return is highly unlikely as he is a minor character in terms of the overall narrative, but it must be stated that Barristan is still alive and kickin’ in the books. Yep, HBO killed him off even though he hasn’t died in the books, so maybe we can have a teeny bit of hope…?

10 Lady Direwolf


A controversial choice for sure but how freaking sad was it when Lady died? Lady was Sansa’s direwolf and adopts Sansa’s ladylike manners and nature. Poor Lady meets an early end after Arya’s direwolf, Nymeria, bites Joffrey. Let’s all take a minute to applaud Nymeria, shall we?

Okay, back to business. So, Cersei wants the Nymeria put down for biting Joffrey but seeing as Nymeria is no where to be found, Cersei requests that Lady be put down in her absence. Ned does the deed himself so he can spare the little direwolf from pain.

Lady actually stands a chance of coming back, as the direwolves have some odd connection to the Stark children. Also, Sansa is currently in Winterfell, not having a great time (with the rape and all), and Lady was buried in Winterfell. Will Lady rise from the dead and bite the shit out of Ramsay Bolton? One can only hope.

9 Ygritte


Ah, beautiful wildling Ygritte. She won over the heart of Jon Snow and fans alike. Okay, well, some of us lady viewers were all just really jealous of her, but still.

Though she is a wildling, she also showed a compassion that hasn’t necessarily been shown by other wildlings. Hey, remember that time she totally spared Gilly and her son? That was super sweet. Unfortunately, that was, like, ten minutes before she died. Olly, who would later be hated by every fan of the show, shoots her in the heart with an arrow. Jon Snow holds Ygritte as she dies and tells him that they never should have left the cave where they made love. For a show that is never really all that romantic, this was a tragic love scene.

Since Ygritte isn’t in the game for the throne, the likelihood of her actually returning is slim to none. However, there is a chance that she could return in a dream or vision of Jon Snow’s, as he turned down advances from other women, stating that his heart still belongs to Ygritte. One last cave scene, please!

8 Myrcella Baratheon


Myrcella may have been Cersei’s daughter, but she didn’t have much in common with Cersei, except for that blonde hair. First of all, she liked Tyrion because who in their right mind wouldn’t like Tyrion? She was also kind towards Sansa and tried to welcome her into their family. Basically, Myrcella was really just nice, but nice doesn’t keep you alive on Game of Thrones.

Myrcella was also in love, which is another surefire way to get you killed. Right after Myrcella tells Jamie that she knows he is her father and that is okay, she dies of poisoning. Poor Myrcella ended up paying for the sins of her family, even though she was innocent in all of it.

We will definitely see her again in season six, as she must be buried, but it is unlikely that she’ll actually make a full on return to the show. RIP, Myrcella, you were way too nice for this show.

7 Robert Baratheon


Audiences only got to know Robert Baratheon for seven episodes and he seemed like a pretty shitty king. I mean, he basically wanted Ned Stark to be his hand so Ned would run The Seven Kingdoms and Robert could, as he so eloquently put it, “eat, drink, and whore my way to an early grave”. At least, he puts it all out there. He was basically the walking personification of gluttony but, man, was he fun to watch.

He was BFF with Ned Stark, who was one of the most likeable guys in The Seven Kingdoms. He basically makes fun of Joffrey for being beat by a girl in a sword fight. He even slaps Cersei. Robert more or less walked around not giving any f***s.

Will Robert Baratheon rise from the dead, thirsty for wine and demanding 100 whores come to his chambers? Probably not exactly like that, but he was included in the promotional posters. It is rumored that an actor has been cast as Young Robert Baratheon so we’ll most likely see the king again through a flashback.


6 Oberyn Martell


Who was the coolest guy from Dorne? Oberyn Martell, no doubt. While fans only got to know Oberyn for seven episodes, he died in such a brutal, graphic way that fans will never, ever forget him.

Oberyn is not only known for being quite the warrior but also quite the lover. He liked to have sex with everyone, and I mean everyone to the point that Tyrion (who has had his fair share) said Oberyn is “famous for f***ing half of Westeros.”

The story goes that Oberyn’s sister was raped and murdered (off-screen) and Oberyn is still pretty pissed about that, understandably so. Luckily, Oberyn gets a chance for revenge when The Mountain, the man who raped and murdered his sister, is set battle Tyrion in a trail by combat. Oberyn offers himself as the champion for Tyrion in this battle, which Tyrion gladly accepts.

During the trail, Oberyn’s swiftness outplays The Mountain’s muscle. Oberyn is given the opportunity to kill The Mountain but demands that he first admit to raping and murdering his sister. In this moment, The Mountain trips Oberyn, pins him to the ground and literally crushes his freaking skull by pushing in his eyeballs. It is something a viewer will never forget.

His face does appear on the poster for season six but Oberyn will most likely never come back, as he doesn’t serve as a huge puzzle piece in the fight for the throne. That being said, the ramifications of his death were felt through season five in attempts to bring Myrcella home and her eventual death. So, we’re still be feelin’ the Oberyn even though he’s gone.

5 Robb Stark


The handsome, noble eldest son of Ned and Catelyn Stark met his death quite early. While Robb never had the fan base of say Arya Stark or Jon Snow, people definitely didn’t want to see him die… especially the way he died.

Perhaps Robb’s first mistake was falling in love with Talisa Stark. Basically, whenever someone is really freaking happy on Game of Thrones, they die or everything that makes them happy dies. It’s just a fact.

Okay, so Robb marries Talisa and she’s pregnant, cue Robb being too happy. In the horrific scene, lovingly known as The Red Wedding to fans, Robb watches Talisa get stabbed repeatedly in her stomach, killing her and his unborn child. Robb is then shot with, like, a million arrows. He falls to the ground, slides towards Talisa so he can hold her.

After she’s officially dead, Robb somehow stands up, despite being shot with a million arrows, and calls for his mother. Roose Bolton then steps in front of Robb, stabs him in the heart and tells him, “The Lannisters send their regards.” And with that, handsome Robb Stark is out of the running for the throne.

So, if Robb is dead, why is his face on the poster for the new season? No one knows, other than the fact that HBO loves to screw with the fans. It probably has something to do with the House of Black and White but fans can also hold on to the sliver of hope that Robb will make a comeback.

4 Catelyn Stark


Catelyn Stark was one of the only powerful women in Game of Thrones who also wasn’t diabolical. Most other women with her beauty and intellect are vying for the throne and using their sexuality to get it, murdering thousands of people to get it, or both.

Catelyn would have simply just raised her children and The North and been content with that life. Unfortunately, after Ned was beheaded and shit hit the fan, Catelyn really didn’t have the choice to just chill in The North, being a mother.

Catelyn was another guest of The Red Wedding but Momma Stark didn’t go down without a fight. Catelyn, wounded but alive, holds a knife to Walder’s wife and demands that Robb be allowed to leave. Walder is unfazed by the fact that Catelyn holds a knife to his wife’s throat and simply states that he’ll find another. After Robb is stabbed in the heart, Catelyn slits the throat of Walder’s wife, only to then have her throat slit as well.

In the books, this is not the last of Catelyn Stark. She’s resurrected into Lady Stoneheart, who, well, isn’t exactly the Catelyn Stark we all know and love. She is a ghost of her former self, obsessed with avenging the death of her firstborn child.

While fans are dying for Lady Stoneheart to make an appearance, it seems like the creators have veered away from this storyline – though, they are very secretive about everything so this could be to throw off fans. That doesn't mean that we can't all still keep our fingers crossed.

3 Drogo


Audiences definitely got off on the wrong foot with Drogo, leader of the Dothraki people. After Daenerys’s brother, Viserys Targaryen, forces to marry Drogo, Drogo more or less rapes her.

Drogo’s people are considered savages but Daenerys makes an effort to learn their culture, including their traditions, their language, and how to please Drogo in bed. Drogo and Daenerys actually grow into a loving couple of mutual respect and are thrilled to find out that Daenerys is carrying Drogo’s son. Unfortunately, in Game of Thrones, anyone who is genuinely happy will probably lose everything and this was true for Daenerys, as Drogo died and her child was stillborn.

A few photos surfaced of Jason Momoa, the actor who played Drogo, on set with Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys. Since Drogo has returned to the show before, as an illusion to Dany in season two, it is likely that his return could be another dream or vision.

2 Jon Snow


Jon Snow is basically every female viewers’ crush. I mean, after they killed off Drogo and Robb Stark, the ladies didn’t really have much choice other than to lust after brooding Jon Snow. But, then again, what is there not to love about Jon Snow?

Looks aside, he has been a lovable character since season one when he was living with the Starks as Ned’s bastard son. While the other children were warm towards Jon Snow, Catelyn was cold towards him as he was a reminder of Ned’s infidelity.

The audience has gotten to see the young, sweet Jon Snow grow into a man of honor and strength. Speaking of honor, Snow stays loyal to the late Ygritte, who died in his arms, and turns down Melisandre’s advances. Swoon.

Jon finally meets his end after being labeled a traitor by The Watch and stabbed by, like, every single member of The Watch. Luckily for fans of the show, Jon Snow is almost definitely going to come back. There’s about 300 fan theories out there about how Jon Snow could possibly be alive but the most convincing evidence that Jon Snow will be back is that Kit Harrington has been spotted on set. Have no fear, Jon Snow fans.

1 Ned Stark


Oh, beloved Ned Stark. Sure, fans of the show only really got to know him during the first season of the series, but he such a compelling character that he earns the top spot on the list. Ned Stark was the father of the Stark family, most of whom, as you’ve read from this list, are dead. Ned was a compassionate father, who only wanted the best for his children.

When Ned was beheaded, in front of his daughters no less, the audience was shocked. After finding out that King Joffrey was actually a byproduct of incest and not the rightful heir to the throne, Ned was arrested for treason. King Joffrey said he would pardon Ned if Ned made a public apology. While lying in this matter goes against everything the moral and righteous Ned stands for, he went through with the apology for the sake of his children. King Joffrey beheaded him anyway. Joffrey already sucked before doing this but after beheading beloved Ned, audiences hated Joffrey with a passion saved for only the worst fictional characters out there.

It is rumored that Ned will be returning to Game of Thrones in season 6 but unfortunately, it will not be the same Ned Stark (played by Sean Bean), who the audience came to know and love. It will be a younger version of Ned and, most likely, shown through a flashback. The likelihood of Ned rising from the dead and avenging his death is very slim.

So, that’s a rundown of some characters who may be returning from the dead in season six. It’s unlikely that all of them will return to the hit HBO show but almost anything can happen on Game of Thrones, so you never know.


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