13 Celebs You Would Like To Date, But Regret Later

They are famous, they are divas, they are special, and their life is not even slightly similar to ours. They are beautiful, they have huge bank accounts and can do whatever they like. Who wouldn't like to date a celebrity hottie?

Imagine you have a date with a celebrity. How awesome that would be, right? You'd love to be close with someone you see only on screen, and fantasize about, admit it. Who wouldn't? But, no matter how wonderful that would seem, there is another point of view. Some celebs behave like spoiled brats; they are rude, they are harsh, and they think they own the world. They believe that everybody needs to step aside when they are entering the room, and they are horrible to work with – (confirmed by many). Imagine you're having a date with that kind of person. Not so great anymore, huh?

Prepare to have some celebrity crushes fallen apart, some truths unfolded, and some opinions dramatically changed. Here are 13 celebrities you'd love to date, but you'd definitely regret it later:

13 Julia Roberts

12 Naomi Campbell


11 Christian Bale


10 Beyoncé Knowles

9 Katherine Heigl

8 Russell Crowe

7 Gwyneth Paltrow


6 Bruce Willis


5 Jennifer Lopez

4 Charlie Sheen


3 Sharon Stone


2 Kate Moss

1 Teri Hatcher

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13 Celebs You Would Like To Date, But Regret Later