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13 Celebs You Would Like To Date, But Regret Later

13 Celebs You Would Like To Date, But Regret Later

They are famous, they are divas, they are special, and their life is not even slightly similar to ours. They are beautiful, they have huge bank accounts and can do whatever they like. Who wouldn’t like to date a celebrity hottie?

Imagine you have a date with a celebrity. How awesome that would be, right? You’d love to be close with someone you see only on screen, and fantasize about, admit it. Who wouldn’t? But, no matter how wonderful that would seem, there is another point of view. Some celebs behave like spoiled brats; they are rude, they are harsh, and they think they own the world. They believe that everybody needs to step aside when they are entering the room, and they are horrible to work with – (confirmed by many). Imagine you’re having a date with that kind of person. Not so great anymore, huh?

Prepare to have some celebrity crushes fallen apart, some truths unfolded, and some opinions dramatically changed. Here are 13 celebrities you’d love to date, but you’d definitely regret it later:

13. Julia Roberts


She may seem like a sweetheart, nice girl on screen, but rumors claim otherwise. Julia is said to be a bit of a snake. Yup, behind that big radiant smile, and pearly white teeth, lies a tornado of “b*tchiness“. Everyone who has worked with her has felt this, as she is known to go crazy on movie sets. Maybe her history of failed relationships with famous men is a result of her inner bully. Anyways, Julia seems to have chilled out lately. She has settled down with her hubby Daniel Moder, and had three kids, so you don’t need to worry about dating her since she’s taken.

12. Naomi Campbell



Every boy’s dream, every girl beauty goals, Naomi Campbell is one of the most wanted models since ever. But when you are aware of her temper and attitude, you would unfortunately stop dreaming. She tends to show up a little bit late, just for some six to seven hours, and she is famous for throwing things at people. Yes, she likes to throw tantrums, spitballs, perfume bottles; you name it, just to show you how important she is. Now, let’s imagine a date with her; romantic evening, a gorgeous model that throws champagne bottles and glasses on you because you forget to tell her she is the prettiest girl in the world. It’s better to look at her on TV, safe on your sofa. Way cheaper as well.

11. Christian Bale



Would you like to date a snob actor who is taking care of his five pets more than you? Well if you do, Christian Bale is the one for you. He is famous for being very, very demanding and you don’t want that when it comes to romantic moments. Bale was arrested because he assaulted his mom and sister, and just imagine how he would behave with you if you say something he wouldn’t like. Being and acting like a real snob, this actor has a reputation of a rude posh boy, and that makes all of your dreams about The Dark Knight fall apart. After all, we all need to be saved and not assaulted in relationships.

10. Beyoncé Knowles


Queen B seems like a perfect woman. Talented, beautiful, kind hearted; at least that’s what her public image looks like. It appears that Beyonce is pretty difficult to please, at least according to Super Bowl officials, who said that her dressing room requests were ridiculous. It seems that Jay-Z has spoiled her with his riches. Well, who could blame her? So if your mortal self would ever get a chance to date her, you would go bankrupt without a doubt. Let’s hope that her bedroom standards aren’t that high.

9. Katherine Heigl


This gorgeous Grey’s Anatomy star got famous for her demands and bad temper over the years. Every magazine was talking about her problematic attitude and exhausting personality. Her assistant said that she was extremely hard and problematic to work with because of her “big star” issue. She always had something to say or to nag about. Working with this pretty blonde is hard; now imagine dating her. She is hot, no one can deny that, but being her boyfriend must be a full-time job. Imagine a nagging, controlling and possessive diva next to you on an everyday basis. No thanks, she looks nicer on posters.

8. Russell Crowe

shutterstock_146303675 (1)

Ah, this cute thing is on this list? No way! Well, yes, it would be very hard to date Russell Crow. And not just because of his army of fans following him all around. He made a name for himself when it comes to scandals. He had fights while being drunk, he threatened to kill some producers; he insulted people on social networks. He is quite a bad boy symbol when it comes to celeb world. His eccentric personality might be attractive on the big screen but in real life, not so much. It is hard to imagine going public with this ticking bomb and waiting for him to crack.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow



Gwyneth Paltrow is famous for having the most ridiculous demands among the celebrities. Paltrow once required that someone dry the shower at the gym because she didn’t want to come in contact with the water someone else was using. She tends to gossip, even about her closest friend, with no shame. Gwyneth is a real example of an attention seeker, and she won’t stop until she gets it. If you date this snobbish hothead, you need to be prepared that you’ll never be good enough for her. She has to be the smartest, the prettiest, and your world needs to revolve around her. It’s a bit annoying; you’ll agree.

6. Bruce Willis



Die Hard? More like Divorce Hard. I’m just joking; Willis has only had one divorce, which was with Demi Moore. We don’t know how Bruce acts in his relationships, but we do know that he tends to be a jerk on movie sets and during interviews. A lot of producers have commented that working with Willis is a nightmare and that he acts like a spoiled brat. That’s a huge turn-off, coming from a tough, macho looking person. It’s common for actors of his caliber to be overtaken by their huge egos, so – nothing new here!

5. Jennifer Lopez


Diva is the most common adjective used to describe Jenifer Lopez. And when we say diva, boy, we really mean diva. Jennifer has ridiculous on-set demands, and she is worldwide famous for being too harsh to her assistants. We can only wonder how she would act on a date. Would she have an incredibly big list for you to do before you meet her? One actress that worked with her says that all the dancers were always complaining about her bad attitude. Yes, we know she is still smoking hot no matter her problematic personality, but we think that a date with this diva from the block would be a big disaster.

4. Charlie Sheen



Yes, Charlie Sheen is still wanted. Do we need to list the reasons for this guy? Well, for those of you who have been living under a rock, we will say something about our sweet Charlie. He is known as a one man party machine. This man has sinned so hard and so often, that would even make Lucifer feel uncomfortable. Yup, this guy lived with two adult stars, and both of them were his girlfriends! Although most men would envy this lifestyle, we’re sure that a lot of girls wouldn’t want to find themselves in Charlie’s grip.

3. Sharon Stone



Diva with the capital D, Sharon is still one of the hottest Hollywood stars nowadays. Stone’s demands and behavior are hard to swallow; she is constantly giving everyone around her a hard time, not hiding her challenging temper. Sharon is brilliant, that is important to mention, and she is pretty much aware of how smart she is. “Least favorite person on the planet” “complete b****” and more, are just a couple of descriptions made by her closest former assistants. Yes, we all know she is a sex bomb but if you date her, be ready to feel humiliated, degraded and stupid. You got to pay the diva price.

2. Kate Moss


If you fell in love with a young and beautiful Kate, no one could blame you. Many have fallen for this beauty, and her dating history is here as proof. She dated hunks such as Johnny Depp and Mario Sorrenti, to name a few. But, little did we know what the future held for this lady. As years went by, Katie’s looks, well, deteriorated. It seems like the years of partying have taken their toll on her body, and she looks unrecognizable. So, being stuck in a long-term, multi-year relationship with Moss would sure be a bummer.

1. Teri Hatcher


“The meanest woman anywhere in the world,” Marc Cherry, the Desperate Housewives creator said about the gorgeous Teri Hatcher. What? That cute brunette that protects the innocent, all cute and smiley is the devil himself? Yes, she is considered to be mean and in love with herself. Hatcher is attractive even though she is in her 40s, but she is very aware of that fact. A date with her would be pretty challenging because the rumors say that you may end up crying, so if you are brave enough, go ahead and try it, but don’t cry on our doorstep, we warned you.

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