13 Celebs With The Most Underrated Booties

With the likes of fake booties beginning (or already ruling) to rule Hollywood, we can’t be the only ones who miss the natural butts, right? Well, fear not because there are some celebrities who have

With the likes of fake booties beginning (or already ruling) to rule Hollywood, we can’t be the only ones who miss the natural butts, right? Well, fear not because there are some celebrities who have sworn to stay away from having anything done to their backsides (thankfully). And in no shape or form is there anything wrong with perfecting your figure any way that you want to (especially since there are some alleged fake butts in this list), but natural still trumps all else — and that’s a fact. Check out below the women we feel have the most underrated booties in Hollywood, many of which have natural butts you probably didn’t even know about.

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13 Rihanna

It’s certainly fair to say that Rihanna’s booty often gets overlooked by the likes of other Hollywood singers — but one shouldn’t forget that Rih-Rih’s butt is one of the few who has stayed on the natural side of things, refusing to make her bum bigger through the help of a surgeon. It’s in proportion with the rest of her body, and considering the fact that Rihanna is already a 10/10 in the looks department, the booty tends to match her sexiness!

12 Serena Williams

Serena Williams has a massively toned booty, that’s for sure, but it is often said that people don’t give her the credit she deserves. There’s no doubt that Ms. Williams has the biggest butt in the field of tennis, but again, considering the fact that everyone is opting for a Brazilian butt lift these days, the fact that Serena got her strong cakes from hard work and dedicated workouts makes her one of the most underrated celebs with a very nice booty.

11 Kylie Jenner

It is often said that with Kylie Jenner’s growing love for cosmetic surgery, she has probably had her buttocks done, too. This is likely to be the case when considering how much her butt has grown in the course of 12 months. She infamously claimed that her booty suddenly got bigger after having used one of her endorsed creams, which is laughable in itself, but I have to say, however, she got it, it certainly does look nice. There’s no denying that Kylie is strongly wanting to follow in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps, and she’s evidently getting closer to it.

10 Karrueche

Two things that might shock people about Karrueche Tran would be the fact that she has not only managed to keep herself relevant following her split from Chris Brown, but she also has a rather impressive derriere. The socialite, who recently launched her own makeup kit, is known to post endless photos of herself on Instagram, and it goes without saying that she definitely posts some interesting pics. The majority of them are very much driven behind booties, selfies and cleavage, which is all that you would expect from a socialite, right? Keep ‘em coming, Karrueche.

9 Hilary Duff


Who would’ve thought that one of everybody’s favorite childhood stars had such an impressive backside? Well, nobody since she never really flashes her booty the way that the Kardashians would. Hilary Duff, who heavily complained about her weight following the birth of her son, seems to have gotten her figure back, but the fat in the booty apparently stayed. At least, I would think so since I can’t remember Hilary Duff being that curvy. Either way, the actress looks absolutely incredible and so does her booty!

8 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis never really came as a surprise to be someone that had a butt worthy of making the cut for this list. It’s more or less down to the fact that, similar to Hilary, she’s not shoving her butt in everyone’s face to let them know just how great she looks. But it should be said that as her movie roles have gotten more daring in recent years, Mila has certainly gone on to expose more skin and more booty. Ashton Kutcher certainly can’t be complaining when he comes home to Kunis, who not only has an amazing body but decently sized butt.

7 Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is so underrated in more ways than one. I would hate to be overshadowed by Beyonce in anything that I do. This is more or less the case for Kelly, who is not only absolutely stunning, but she’s incredibly talented, too. Where do we start? Her music is awesome, she can dance like no other, and I have yet to see the day when Kelly packs on the pounds and shows herself to be out of shape. Even after having her baby, Titan, Kelly was still looking great.

6 Shakira


Does it comes to anyone’s surprise that Shakira has a nice booty? This Columbian singer is known to work out like a maniac. Considering how much she has studied her craft and always dares herself to push new limits, Shakira’s overall figure has been looking amazing for the past decade or so. Again, she doesn’t really have those days where she’s looking slouchy and anything but sexy — even her booty, it’s well-rounded and toned. That doesn’t come from sitting on your butt all day; that comes through heavy training and squatting.

5 Cassie

While her music career seems to have come to an end, Cassie has been keeping herself busy trying out new things such as acting and being a full-time girlfriend to music producer and businessman, Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs. The Step Up 2 actress is well-known to show off her dangerously loving curves on Instagram, having also dedicated a lot of her time trying to follow her dreams as an aspiring model. Well, it goes without saying that she certainly has the face, the body and the butt — oh, and the acting skills. Cassie is a full package.

4 Demi Lovato


Just like many others, I wasn’t expecting Demi Lovato to be packing all that junk in her trunk. The former Disney Channel star, who never really showed off her curves prior to finding her true identity with the release of her latest album, Confident, is certainly serving a lot of booty these days. From having posted dozens of snaps on her social media accounts to performing in the tiniest shorts that just about have Demi’s butt sticking out. But, let’s not get it confused, as long as Lovato is willing to embrace her curves and her sexiness, we are willing to take a peek.

3 Lil Kim

Lil Kim’s bum… well, it’s many things. Underrated? Definitely. I’d say so considering the fact that this ‘90s rap legend certainly wasn’t born with that much such a gigantic buttocks. It’s pretty clear that there have been some procedures going on in order for Kim to have gotten such ridiculously big curves, especially since the How Many Licks singer is only 4’11. Regardless of what her situation with her booty might be, her butt is definitely overlooked most of the time in Hollywood — probably because it’s well out of proportion and could do with a reduction.

2 Remy Ma

Remy Ma has definitely been going under the knife once or twice, or more than twice. Who cares — she looks incredible! Having served seven years behind bars for shooting a former friend who allegedly stole her money, Remy made sure that when she was released from prison, there was enough money waiting for her to get all of the procedures done. From what appears to be liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, maybe some Botox and fillers, this female rapper definitely took a risk with all that work, but she looks amazing, and so does her backside.

1 Ashanti


Similar to Kelly Rowland, Ashanti is very much overshadowed by her former music rival, Beyonce, but that shouldn’t stop us from acknowledging how hot this singer is. While she hasn’t released new music in over two years, Ashanti never fails to let us know how great she looks in a bikini, posting tons of sexy snaps on her official Instagram page. She’s always seen traveling to exotic locations, and considering how she’s always showing off so much skin, it’s evidently clear that she’s far from shy when it comes to showing off her killer curves.


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13 Celebs With The Most Underrated Booties