13 Celebs That Still Looked Incredibly Hot Even When Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time in a woman’s life. There’s something magical, scary, exhilarating and joyful about carrying a child. However, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, and since every mother reacts to pregnancy differently, the symptoms are numerous. Many women gain weight while pregnant, experience brand new aches and pains, and may endure a change in hair growth patterns.

Of course, celebrities get pregnant from time to time, just like “regular” women do. These famous mothers tend to look fabulous on the red carpet, and even choose outfits that show off their growing bellies. A number of these celebrities also “bounce back” rather quickly after having a baby, and regain their impressive figures within months of giving birth. This puts undue pressure on non-celebrity moms who are trying to lose weight after having a child. However, looking at celebrity moms-to-be who are celebrating their pregnancies in every way can also serve as a source of inspiration.

Whether you’re expecting a child soon, have recently had a baby, or are still trying to get your “pre-baby” body back, here are a few celebrities who have still managed to look super hot while pregnant.


12 Christina Aguilera

Singer and The Voice coach Christina Aguilera looked stunning in 2007 when she was pregnant with her son Max (with then-husband Jordan Bratman). She recently welcomed a daughter named Summer with fiancé Matt Rutler, and looked stunning during this pregnancy as well. Aguilera started to take more control of her health before her second pregnancy, and revealed her impressive weight loss before letting the public know that she was having a daughter. Now that Summer has arrived, Aguilera has lost the weight again, and even recently appeared on The Tonight Show for a “Tight Pants” sketch showing off her curves with Will Ferrell.

11 Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips starred on Dawson’s Creek as a teen, and for being part of the cast of Cougartown. She’s also known for giving some pretty entertaining interviews, and for being comfortable with her body, whether she’s pregnant or not. When she appeared on the red carpet for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2013, she was wearing a tight black gown with a train that made her baby bump the star of the show. During her second pregnancy, she didn’t want to make a big announcement about her expanding family, stating that this is “what happens” sometimes when you’re married. She’s got a point. These days, Busy is continuing to wow her fans with her laidback style and beach-ready hair.

10 Evan Rachel Wood

Actress Evan Rachel Wood recently announced that she was having her first child with her husband Jamie Bell. She also attended the Vanity Fair party at the Tribeca Film Festival wearing a pretty black dress and heels. The outfit is one that can look great on a woman of any shape, and displayed the elegant and slightly funky style that Evan Rachel Wood is known for. In addition to looking great on the red carpet and at Hollywood events, the North Carolina native is also known for her work on shows like Once and Again and American Gothic. Of course, millions of adoring fans also know her for her work on True Blood.

9 Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon already had two children, Ava and Deacon, with ex-husband Ryan Philippe, when she married Jim Toth. Since her children were older, fans weren’t sure if she’d want to have more kids. However, she and Toth had a son named Tennessee a few years ago, and Reese looked great throughout the pregnancy, giving her fans assurance that “older” women could look fashionable and mesmerizing while pregnant. Reese Witherspoon is known for her “sweetheart” image, and during her pregnancy, she did a great job of combining womanly style and sweet accents to celebrate the upcoming birth of her son. These days, Reese is looking great, and sends the message that having a full figure while staying healthy is a beautiful thing, whether you’re a mom or not.

8 Kerry Washington

Scandal star Kerry Washington has been wowing people for years with her impeccable fashion sense. Washington’s clothing choices are often conservative yet trendy, and she seems to “get it right” every time. When she became pregnant with her daughter Isabella in 2014, she wore a crop top and flowing skirt on the red carpet, and fans everywhere expressed their approval. Kerry had to hide her pregnancy during Scandal episodes, and found fashionable ways to conceal her growing baby bump. Her flawless hair and skin made her look even more beautiful during pregnancy, and she continues to be a fashion favorite even after the birth of her daughter.

7 Halle Berry

Halle Berry is known for being beautiful, but the actress positively glowed during both of her pregnancies. She was in her late thirties and forties when she got pregnant with her son and daughter, respectively. Whether she was on the red carpet, grabbing a coffee or doing an interview, fans gasped at how stunning Berry was while carrying her children, whether she was wearing her signature pixie cut or long, flowing tresses. Unfortunately, Berry’s relationships with the fathers of her children didn’t work out (she has a daughter with model Gabriel Aubry, and a son with ex-husband Olivier Martinez), and her fans are hoping she takes some time to be single and figure out what she truly wants in a relationship.

6 Cat Deeley

In 2015, So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley, announced that she was expecting her first child with husband Patrick Kielty. Deeley is known for wearing some of the most gorgeous gowns on the red carpet, and she continued being exceptionally fashionable after learning of her pregnancy. The baby announcement came about three years after the couple secretly got married in Rome, and Deeley seems ecstatic about growing her family. Kielty also recently joked that he hoped when he and Deeley had a child, that the baby would have his accent and Cat’s looks. Hopefully, the couple will have their request granted, but we’re pretty sure they’ll just be happy with a healthy baby.


5 Blake Lively


Actress and model Blake Lively looked wonderful while carrying her daughter James. She was often on the red carpet wearing designer gowns that accentuated her pregnant belly, and her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, has expressed several times that he feels his wife is stunning. This, of course, helps a woman to be more confident during pregnancy, but Blake also took great care of herself while carrying her child. Of course, she got some negative attention for being “too small” while pregnant, but that didn’t seem to bother her, and even after the birth of her daughter, she’s more beautiful than ever.

4 Kim Kardashian

Even though Kim Kardashian has made it plain that pregnant is difficult for her and that neither of her pregnancies was an enjoyable experience, she looked great while carrying both of her children. Kardashian didn’t shy away from the form-fitting outfits while pregnant with her daughter North, or her son Saint. She’s also been praised for many of her fashion choices, and of course, her make-up and hair are always flawless. Kim did gain a considerable amount of weight during both pregnancies, but she gave hope to the “normal” women out there who naturally put on extra pounds while going through pregnancy, and has bounced back rather nicely.

3 Liv Tyler

Stunning model and actress Liv Tyler always looks fabulous when she steps out on the red carpet, and pregnant doesn’t get in the way of that one bit. The daughter of rocker Steven Tyler has been seen donning figure-fitting dresses while pregnant, and has recently announced that she is expecting her third child—her second with fiance Dave Gardner. Tyler has expressed that she’s “very grateful” to be pregnant again, and stated that the experience is amazing and fun. Liv became pregnant less than a year after welcoming her son Sailor, and her oldest son, Milo, was ecstatic about the news. Tyler has also revealed that she knows the gender of the new baby, but doesn’t want to reveal it just yet.

2 Anne Hathaway

Actress and singer Anne Hathaway was quiet about her pregnancy for the first few months, but these days, she’s been seen on the red carpet and on the streets of LA and NY showing off her glowing complexion and growing belly. Hathaway has expressed her excitement when it comes to welcoming her new bundle of joy with husband Adam Shulman, and posted pictures of herself online, stating that she used to be a “little dork,” which indicates that she doesn’t mind if her new baby is a little quirky as well. We’re sure baby Shulman will be a cutie, and he/she will probably be exceptionally talented as well.

1 Chrissy Tiegen

Model and wife of singer John LegendChrissy Tiegen was so excited to announce her pregnancy in 2015, after years of trouble with conceiving. She even appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue for the seventh time while pregnant! The glowing beauty has also been seen on the red carpet wearing the most fashionable looks while showing off her baby bump. Of course, Tiegen has gotten a lot of criticism from people who think she’s dressing too sexy for a pregnant woman and has an oddly-shaped body. However, Tiegen is known for being no-nonsense, and has quickly diffused the negative remarks while she celebrates the upcoming arrival of her first child. And, she looks great doing it!


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