13 Celebs That Don’t Interview Well

 A celeb's life is mostly spent in front of the cameras. But the funny thing is that there are several celebs who are actually very camera shy and find it quite torturous to be interviewed about their careers or latest projects. There are even other celebs who have such a prideful sense of ego that they actually feel they are wasting their time by talking to the "meager" hosts attempting to interview them. In the following article, we talk about 13 celebs who are notorious for being very difficult to talk to. We have curated quite a diverse list; it includes some famously rude politicians, star athletes, globally recognized singers, unruly rappers, witty comedians and a few Hollywood actors. Some of the stories recounted here are quite hilarious. We think you'll enjoy it - read on below: 

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13 Mel Gibson- Meltdowns


There’s one derogatory joke that’s often made about Mel Gibson with regards to his name. It goes like this: “Mel puts the ‘mel’ in meltdown.” Of course we know about his racist rants, the drunken tirades and all the embarrassing situations he’s put himself in. In 2010, while he was promoting his new movie Edge of Darkness on WGN-TV, the interviewer Dean Richards attempted to bring up those dark episodes from his past. Mel was obviously very agitated with the line of questioning and he couldn’t control his anger at all. When the interview ended, he finally let his feelings win and called Richards an “a**hole.” The cameras were still running and you can check out the video below to watch it for yourself.

12  12. ODB- Random tangents  


There are some celebs who are a little abnormal and then there are some who are couple of ticks past crazy. You can certainly count the late, great Ol’ Dirty Bast*rd in the second category. He was one of the most charismatic members of the Wu-Tang clan, but his reckless lifestyle and drug abuse problems led him to an early grave in 2004 at the age of 35. While he was alive though, he was an extremely difficult person to interview. There was one specific interview on MTV in which he was speaking to John Norris that was classic ODB. During the interview, the rapper lounges around as if he’s on his own living room sofa and he goes off on crazy tangents about Pearl Harbor and the Boston Tea Party. Random doesn’t even begin to describe it.

11 Joaquin Phoenix- Tells lies  


The actor Joaquin Phoenix might be one of the best actors of his generation, but let’s be honest, the man is not very good at interviews. Most people will never forget when he appeared on The Letterman show in 2009 with a full beard and sunglasses and pretended that he was going through a mental breakdown. He even made the crazy statement that he was quitting acting to focus on his rap career.  He returned to the show late last year to promote his new Inherent Vice movie and made a fake announcement that he had just gotten engaged. Either this guy has real social issues or he’s just a chronic fibber.

10 DMX- Can't sit still 


If there is any celeb that can be described as a nervous ball of energy, it has to be the rapper DMX. Perhaps it’s due to his problems with drugs in the past or an excessive amount of anxiety coursing through his veins. Whatever it is, the man can’t sit still. He showed this character when he appeared on the Breakfast Club show in 2012 (and dissed Drake while he was there) and again, he was in fine form for the 2013 episode of Fix My Life with Iyanla Vanzant. This guy really needs to learn how to relax.

9 Mike Tyson- Not afraid to tell someone off

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson has seen it all in life. He has lived through the highest of highs and suffered through the lowest of lows. People who have experienced such extremes in life tend to have a hairline trigger when it comes to getting offended in interviews. Last year when Iron Mike was in Canada, he appeared in a television interview and the host made the mistake of referring to Tyson as a “convicted rapist.” He didn’t like that at all and he let out a string of expletives and even called the host a “piece of s**t.”

8 Meat Loaf- Short attention span 


7 Marshawn Lynch- Refuses to be interviewed 


There are some primetime athletes who absolutely love the spotlight and dream of being the center of attention at any given moment, but Marshawn Lynch isn’t one of them. The formidable running back has been sued several times by the NFL for not making himself available to be interviewed by the media, and he just doesn’t care. There was even a recent game in which he truly irritated all the sports reporters by cheekily answering their detailed questions with the following refrain: “Thanks for asking.” Maybe he just loves his privacy – we can’t argue with that.  

6 Kanye West- Kanye is always right 

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By now it should be well known that you enter an interview with Kanye West at your own peril. You see, the thing with Kanye West is that in his mind, he’s always right. And no matter what logic or the facts states, his opinion reigns supreme. There are so many examples of people who have interviewed him and had harrowing experiences: Jimmy Kimmel, Sway, Matt Lauer, Zane Lowe etc. Perhaps the master interviewer Charlie Rose should give it a shot – let’s see how that one turns out.

5 Paris Hilton- Don't hurt her feelings 

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It can be argued that Paris Hilton is the celeb debutante who started the rampant trend of people becoming famous for absolutely no reason at all. Lately though she has been making quite a killing by establishing herself as a celebrity DJ. There have even been some reports that she makes as much as a million dollars a night. In 2011, she was being interviewed on ABC and the interviewer Dan Harris asked her a touchy question: “Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?” It seemed the question was just too loaded for her and her response was storming off the stage. We guess someone hurt the poor little rich girl’s feelings.

4 Chris Christie- Brash attitude 


The Governor of New Jersey might just be the rudest politician in the United States. New Jersey natives in general are known for having a brash attitude and no-nonsense character, but Christie takes this rash persona to an entirely new level. It’s not rare for him to tell reporters to shut up or say right to their face that they are asking stupid questions. It’s been rumored that he’ll be running for president in 2016. If he does win the highest political position in the country, he might just be the most impolite president the United States has ever had.

3  3. Damon Dash- Belittles interviewers


It’s a rare occurrence but sometimes intelligence can be a curse - especially when it gets to the point that this intelligence turns into obnoxious condescendence. That’s exactly the case with former Hip-Hop mogul Damon Dash. No one denies the fact that he’s a gifted entrepreneur and business hustler, but whenever he’s being interviewed, he always finds a way to belittle the interviewer and act like he’s above everyone else. This is actually the reason for his former partner Jay-Z is ascending to the top of the entertainment totem pole, and Dash is not achieving half that success. Sometimes a little humility goes a long way.

2 Marion Cotillard- Eats while being interviewed 

1 Jon Stewart- Prefers the control

Jon Stewart is one of the smartest comedians in the country, and what sets him apart is that he has a very sharp political and analytical mind. On his show, The Daily Show, he is able to use humor to deliver some very salient and insightful points. He’s great at interviewing guests on his show and subtly ridiculing them, but when people try and do the same to him it often backfires against them. A perfect example is what happened in 2004 when he went on the CNN show Crossfire with hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala. For almost fifteen minutes, Stewart proceeded to dismantle the entire partisan premise of the show and what was supposed to be an interview turned into a truly uncomfortable session for the aforementioned hosts.

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