13 Celebrity Pairs You Wouldn't Believe Are The Same Age

Famous people tend to look way younger than they are. Big lighting, TV screens and a lot of makeup will make us think that they age slower. Of course, that is not true, and they put a lot of effort to make us believe that in their case, the clock has stopped. When you see them next to their same-age colleagues, you may be shocked for so many reasons. Sometimes we think that some celebs are younger or older because of their roles. Not just their movie or TV series characters, but because of the public performance. For example, you would never believe how young some new MTV star is if she is dressed up like her full-grown up colleagues, right?

Some of them presented themselves a lot more serious than you assume the person their age would be. For example, who would guess that Adele is only 27 years old? Weird, right? Some of them are present in the public life since they were kids and you can think as they are here forever but we still see them being a child, and the truth is that they are way older than we assume. The odd thing is when you mix all of your prejudices, and see how they look compared to their same-age celeb colleagues, you can get overwhelmed. There will be some shocking info here, brace yourself!


13 Jim Parsons and Andrew Lincoln - 43


No way! There is no chance that these two actors are the same age?!

First of all, Jim Parsons looks way younger than 40, maybe because of the role that made him planetary popular, perhaps because of his innocent smile, but come on! Andrew Lincoln looks manly and way older than Jim. The star of Walking Dead has some gray hair, first wrinkles and we all could have guessed that he is around forty. Compared to Sheldon with his geeky look and baby face, you would never assume that the age difference between these two actors is only a couple of months.

12 Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson - 27


What? It can't be right that Dakota Johnson and Taylor Swift are the same age. That's what I thought first. They both have successful careers, but at the same time, they look very different. Taylor looks like a high school sweetheart singing about her boyfriends’ new girlfriend. On the other side, we all think about Dakota like a way more serious actress since 50 Shades of Grey. When you see the teenage star Taylor Swift next to this movie star, you may think that she is her older sister. Taylor looks like she is still about to grow up, and Dakota needs to lose the serious face a little bit to look her age.

11 Chris Evans and Elijah Wood - 35

Elijah Wood, that cute kid from Lord of the Rings is 35 years old?!

No way, he looks like he just finished high school. He has that sweet baby face and those big innocent eyes that just tell you there is no way he could be more than 22. On the other side, we have Chris Evans, who has that full manly style that all girls dream about. When Evans has a beard, he looks older and more serious, but you would never guess that he is the same age as Elijah Wood. Maybe Elijah got a little bit of Hobbit blood in his veins (they age slower than humans).

10 Tara Reid and Drew Barrymore - 41


Tara Reid was the "it" girl in the late ‘90s, and she still has that spirit. She looks rebellious, and perhaps we would never think that she could be in her forties. Drew Barrymore is one of these actors that has grown up in front of us, and her familiar face looks like it can never age. Drew now looks better than ever; she is taking care of herself, and you wouldn't even think that she is a day older than 30. Even so, compared with Reid, you can believe that she is younger because she looks a little bit better than her same-age colleague, don't you think?

9 Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Seth Green - 42

Mark-Paul Gosselaar looks almost the same since his Saved by the Bell, so it is very hard to put these age numbers next to his name. He is still a Hollywood cutie that looks like he is in his middle ‘20s. On the other hand, Seth Green looks like he is still a high school student. Probably because of his comedian look alike and his cute red hair, we can think that this actor is way younger. Time stopped for these two actors, and we can only say that whatever crème they are using, we should all get some of those. That’s the only solution.

8 Jason Segel and Jake Gyllenhaal - 36


Jake Gyllenhaal, the star of The Day After Tomorrow, Donnie Darko and October Sky looks like a teenager, and you would never guess that Jason Segel is the same age as him. They are both 34, but let's be honest, Jason Segel looks way older. They are both good-looking men; no one can’t deny that fact, but the star of How I Met Your Mother looks way older standing next to Gyllenhaal in our image. Segel seems like he has more life experience than youngish Gyllenhaal, but they are both cuties.

7 Jared Leto and Martin Freeman - 45

What? The Hobbit and the Joker are the same age? No way! Martin Freeman, recently Dr. Watson, looks like Jared's uncle! Probably because of the roles, or maybe because of Freeman's gray hair, or Leto’s free spirit, I'm not sure. It is so hard to believe that these two could be born in the same decade. Leto has that rock and roll look and behavior that makes you shocked to think he's 45 years old. These two look like ten years apart, and we could never put them in the same era, judged just by their looks.


6 Rob Lowe and Nicolas Cage - 52


Rob Lowe is here for ages you would say, but his looks say a rather different story. It is pretty hard to imagine that Lowe and Cage are the same age. Lowe starred in several TV series and films while Cage starred in movies only, so you didn’t get the chance to see him on the TV every day. Therefore, you could be confused as we all were. They are both in their early ‘50s, and they do still look great - who cares about the age anyway?

5 Matthew Perry and Matthew McConaughey - 47

We never allow our favorite TV stars to age, but unfortunately, they do. Besides the same first name, Perry and McConaughey also share the same age. Our favorite Chandler is not doing the best job hiding his real age. McConaughey looks way younger, and that’s maybe because we saw Perry over and over again in the series. Perry is not so present in the media nowadays, so whenever we see him, we are surprised how has he aged. McConaughey is present in some new series like True Detective, so his look and aging is not so much of a surprise to us.

4 Kylie Jenner and Maisie Williams - 19


Who would have guessed that sexy member of the Kardashian kingdom is only 19 years old? Yeah, she is present in the media since forever, and especially now, by the social networks. We see her selfies and outfits every single day, and who would have thought that she was born in 1997, the same year as Maisie Williams? This young actress does look like she is 19. She looks all cute and innocent, and when you see her standing next to Kylie Jenner you may think that something is wrong because it seems almost impossible that these two girls are the same age. You know what they say, some of them mature early, and some of them stay young forever.

3 Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino - 53

Surprise! What do we have here? Handsome and still a real hottie Brad Pitt, shares the age with Quentin Tarantino. Girls would certainly agree with me: who gave Brad the permission to age?

Tarantino and Pitt are both born in ’63, who would have guessed?! Maybe it’s because Tarantino has that bad boy look, or maybe because no man will look old standing next to a beauty named Angelina Jolie, but Tarantino definitely looks way older that Brad Pitt.

2 Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Lawrence - 26


Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous, but we have to admit that she looks older than 24. She has that serious look, and you would never guess that she is that young. On the other hand, cute Sarah Hyland, Modern Family star, looks like she is still 16. We got used to sweet little Hailey that is always making problems with her family, but we could never guess that she is 24. Her character is different and girly, so when you look at these two gorgeous actresses standing next to each other, you may wonder if your mathematical skills are bad and that they can’t be born in the same year.

1 John Cho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - 44

Okay, they both look younger than forty. Especially John Cho that ages so well that any girl would envy him. When you see these numbers written next to Cho’s name you may think that he found the ultimate youth serum, as there is no other explanation how this Harold and Kumar star can look this young.

On the other side, Johnson is also a good looking man and it is hard to believe that he in his forties. Johnson aged so well, but in this competition we all need to admit that Cho took the “young throne.”


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