13 Celebrity Couples That Could Pass For Brother And Sister

Hollywood couples have always been a source of fascination for the general public. When your favorite singer or actor makes a love connection with another celebrity, the entertainment news coverage is sometimes excess to the point of insanity. While fans of the celebrities likely love to see pictures of the couple strutting on the red carpet, going to the nearest coffee shop in pajamas, or anything in between, it’s probably a little daunting to feel like there’s no privacy anywhere.

While it’s true that celebrity couples make the news for a variety of reasons (some of those reasons are not so great), there are also times when a pair of Hollywood lovers gets attention for endearing—or random reasons. For instance, some celebrity couples actually look alike. They say if you stay with a person long enough, you could start to look like him/her. And, as we know, having a long-lasting relationship in Hollywood is an admirable feat. Or, it could be that famous people are so enamored with themselves that they find someone with similar features attractive. There has even been research (based on findings from Find Your Facemate), that couples who look alike stay together longer. At any rate, it’s fun to see how many Hollywood couples bear an uncanny resemblance to each other. Here are 13 celebrity couples who could pass for brother and sister.


13 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Actress Jessica Biel and her singer/dancer/actor husband Justin Timberlake, were destined to be together. After all, aside from what looks like great chemistry, the two have similar hair colors, face shapes, smiles and eye shapes. Even though we don’t see them out together much, there’s a good chance that life at home is pretty sweet, since the couple recently welcomed a son. They even went through a period when they were dating when they broke up and weren’t sure if their love would go the distance, but that’s all over now. However, they do speak very highly of each other in interviews, and when they take pictures together, it’s pretty easy to see the resemblance.

12 Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler

The former Mickey Mouse club member, singer and former host of The Voice seems to have found her match with fiance Matt Rutler. Matt is the guitarist for the Nate Mott Band. Both celebrities have round/heart-shaped faces and wide-set eyes, and form their mouths the same way when they smile. Aguilera was previously married to Jordan Bratman, and if you believe in “face-matching,” you can conclude that the marriage didn’t work out because Jordan and Christina don’t look similar enough to each other. Aguilera has a son with Bratman, and recently welcomed a daughter named Summer Rain with Rutler.

11 Mario and Courtney Lopez

Saved By the Bell alum and entertainment reporter Mario Lopez and his dancer wife Courtney Mazza-Lopez look like a match made in heaven. They’ve both got the most adorable dimples, along with the same smile and hair color. Even though she’s Italian and he’s Mexican, there’s no denying that the king and queen of the Lopez castle are pretty similar in beauty. They’ve also got two children who have inherited their attractive features, including the dimples, full faces and dark hair. It’s almost not fair for one family to be that beautiful.

10 Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady


Football star Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Giselle Bundchen could easily be one of the best looking Hollywood couples. They’ve both got defined cheekbones and chins, and their mouths are shaped the same. Both celebrities are also in the news often for their svelte figures, which makes them look even better together. Tom and Giselle also have similar hair colors. Even after the whole Deflate Gate scandal (which we got so sick of hearing about), Bundchen stood by her man, which makes the couple even more attractive in the eyes of their fans. Of course, they’re also pretty stunning separately as well.

9 Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren bear a striking resemblance to each other. Alba is of Hispanic and French descent, while Warren is of African-American and Caucasian descent. The two look great together, and their marriage has been going strong for over a decade. Aside from sharing the same smile, face shape and eye shape, the pair also have two beautiful daughters together (one looks more like Alba; the other one gets her looks from Warren). The couple met on the set of Fantastic Four, when Warren was a production assistant and Jessica played one of the lead characters.

8 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are actors, musicians and businesspeople. They also happen to be one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood. As the years have progressed, Will and Jada have started to look more and more alike, and have similar face shapes and smiles. They might be sharing the same skin routine as well, since they’re always glowing on the red carpet. The fact that they have similar features is even more evident in their children, Jaden and Willow (Will also has a son from his first marriage). It’s hard to distinguish who the Smith children look like, since they’ve got eyes like their mom, a smile like their dad, and a charisma that is indicative of both their entertaining parents.

7 LeeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

Rimes and Cibrian both have small, slightly slanted eyes, square-shaped faces and defined cheekbones. Maybe that’s why they’re so in love. Apparently, they couldn’t control their attraction to each other while filming a Lifetime movie together. They played romantic interests in the movie, then divorced their significant others and decided to get married. While Rimes’ ex husband hasn’t spoken much about the incident since it happened, Brandi Glanville (of the Real Housewives franchise) has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t appreciate what Cibrian did to her and their two sons. While we’re sure there were other problems in their marriage, it’s also pretty clear that Eddie and Brandi look nothing alike.


6 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds


Actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have only been married a few years, and it’s easy to see that they are very much in love with each other. They recently welcomed a baby girl named James, and are often seen on the red carpet flashing similar smiles. Lively and Reynolds also have similar face and eye shapes, which may have a lot to do with why it seems they have great chemistry. Blake is best known for her role in Gossip Girl, and previously dated her co-star Penn Badgley. Reynolds is known for his roles in movies such as Definitely, Maybe, The Amityville Horror and Safe House. Before meeting his match in Blake, Reynolds had a short marriage to Scarlett Johansson.

5 Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling is every lovesick girl’s romantic movie crush. He is perhaps best known for his role in The Notebook, but was previously a member of the Mickey Mouse club and was in a singing group for a while. He and his gorgeous partner Eva Mendes (known for movies like Training Day and Hitch), have a daughter together, who is likely gorgeous (they don’t like showing pictures of her). They have rounded chins, similar face and shapes. Eva is also a fashion designer and has created a line of clothing for curvy women that is available at NY and Co. Since we don’t hear much from the pair in the media, that probably means they’re going to be together for quite some time.

4 Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson


Even though they’re no longer a couple, no one can forget what a “match” these two Twilight stars were. After Stewart cheated on Pattinson with the director of Snow White and The Huntsman, things pretty much went downhill for one of Hollywood’s favorite young couples. However, it’s easy to see that Kristen and Robert have face shapes that are similar. Their eyes are also set the same way, and they have similar smiles (during the rare times they decide to smile). No matter what “team” you were on when it came to the Twilight movie franchise, most fans were rooting for Kristen and Robert in real life.

3 Heidi Klum and Martin Kirsten

After model, businesswoman and TV host Heidi Klum, made a surprising split from singer husband Seal, she started dating Martin Kirsten, the family’s bodyguard. The timing of her new relationship wasn’t exactly ideal, however. Seal accused Heidi of not even waiting until they were officially divorced to get into a new relationship. Seal also stated that he would expect behavior like this from Kirsten. Controversy aside, Klum and Kirsten do look very similar to each other. They have similar face shapes and cheekbones, which is obviously something Klum goes for, since she and Seal have the same face shape as well. According to reports, Klum and Kirsten called it quits in 2014. There’s a good chance Heidi’s future beau will likely have the same facial features.

2 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Even though it’s clear that there are some stark differences when it comes to the faces of Kim Kardashian and her rapper/designer husband Kanye West, the pair does have some similar facial features. They both have long faces, as well as prominent eyebrows and eyes that stand out. Full cheeks are also pretty prominent with this couple, and their proportion of their features is also similar. This has a lot to do with why their daughter North is so adorable. We have yet to see their newest addition to the family (Kim recently had a son, whom the couple named Saint), but we’re pretty sure he’s a cutie, too.

1 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

While both of these actors are gorgeous in their own right, they’ve started to look more like each other over the years, especially when Brad grows out his hair. They both have chiseled features, have perfected the smoldering look, and know how to flash a winning smile. Pitt and Jolie also have defined cheekbones and similar chin shapes. After a long dating period, the couple got married a few years ago, and have three biological children together. They also have three adopted children, and are often in the news because of their large family. This is mostly because people can’t believe they can successfully raise so many children and still look like fabulous on a regular basis. Perhaps their teamwork and evident love for each other is what continues to make them two of the best looking people in Hollywood.


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