13 Celebrities Who Really Shouldn't Be Famous

There are a lot of people who say celebrities such as the Kardashians or Paris Hilton, shouldn't be famous. But, that’s not true. Despite being born into situations with money, many celebutantes so to say, have worked hard to achieve their own success. Think about all the people who could dream of leading a life of being famous for being famous, but don’t for one reason or another. You probably can’t name them because you don’t know who they are. Try to even name one.

Who decides who gets to be famous? Most people who are famous become famous because they have a specific talent like acting, singing, dancing, being funny or creating something no one else has thought of before. You see those people across the screen, both big and small, and see their pictures on the covers of newspapers and magazines. The world reveres them for their contributions to society. But, not any of the 13 people about to be discussed below. Not. A. One.

Here are 13 people who are famous but probably shouldn't be. While each has achieved their own level of fame and often infamy for one reason or another, all of them have one thing in common; they have aligned themselves with the kind of people discussed in the first paragraph. They hang on, have children with and ride the coattails of people who have the right to say they've accomplished something. To be fair, all of these people have accomplished something, they’re not total deadbeats, but certainly not to the level of the people they align themselves with.

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13 Robert Kardashian


Make fun of the Kardashian sisters if you will, but they are hard working ladies. Between their boutiques, reality shows, clothing lines and other endorsements, they might have been handed opportunities (albeit as the result of a murder trial and a subsequent sex tape), but at least they work for it. Robert does have a sock line, but it’s nowhere near as successful as the rest of Kardashian Kouture. He's also on their reality shows, but the main storyline never really keeps up with him. And tabloids cover him sometimes, but the sisters create enough Kardashian news on their own. There's only so much Kardashian the world can handle. The last time the press really cared about Robert was when he left Kim’s wedding abruptly, because he allegedly didn't want to be photographed. It seems like he doesn't even want to be famous…

12 The Cast of Vanderpump Rules


Let’s be honest, Vanderpump Rules is nothing more than a reality soap opera. And while Lisa Vanderpump was a local celebrity even before Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the rest of the cast probably could not have been picked out from a police lineup. While the ensemble drama is fun and campy, the individuals involved just aren't important because quite frankly, their lives are fake, completely orchestrated by the show and if not for the camera, completely uninteresting. They reportedly aren't even paid as much as most Bravoleberties. The show needs more Vanderpump and less rules.

11 Angelyne


If you live in Los Angeles, you might never see Angelyne herself. But, you've probably driven past her and did a double take- looking at her Pink Corvette with an AngelNN license plate and thought “who drives that?” Angelyne has been in movies, on television, recorded albums and graced billboards. But the question is why? Like a unicorn or any sort of mythological creature, no one really knows where Angelyne came from or even how old she is. Why does she sell t-shirts with her likeness on them for $20 out of the trunk of her car? Yet, this woman is mentioned everywhere in the press, from TMZ to the LA Times. Huh? What did she do? What does she do now? Why do we care?

10 Puck From The Real World


David “Puck” Rainey has been just about as delightful as a hurricane, since his debut on MTV’s Real World San Francisco, in 1993. Puck was the first Real World cast member to be evicted. He couldn't get along with his housemates, especially the late Pedro Zamora, who was open about this HIV positive status and being gay. In recent years, the only positive thing Puck has done is earn a place on TV Guide’s “60 Nastiest Villains of All Time” list. Other than that, he’s been in and out of prison and jail for stalking and domestic violence charges.

9 Kevin Federline


8 Scott Disick


7 Jason Wahler


To be fair, Jason Wahler was at a certain point in his life, a celebrity. While only in high school, he was a cast member on the hit MTV reality show, Laguna Beach. But, after the show ended, his life was anything but a day at the beach. After multiple drug arrests, he cleaned up his act and landed on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. He has reportedly been sober ever since. He currently works for Northbound Treatment Center in Orange County, not far from Laguna Beach, but while he still gets news coverage every now and then, his life couldn't be farther from his reality show days.

6 The Napolitanto Twins from Real Housewives of New Jersey


Bravo has been trying to recast Real Housewives of New Jersey ever since their main draw, Teresa Giudice has been incarcerated. But, really, they ought to think about recasting the twins. What should have been double trouble, ended up being doubly annoying. Nicole and Teresa Napolitano aren't at all interesting. This season, their story lines were more filler than anything else. While being on Bravo obviously makes someone a celebrity of sorts, the Napolitano Twins are more worthy of nap-time than airtime. Rumors are circulating that they've quit the show- we can only dream....

5 Courtney Stodden


In 2011, when Courtney Stodden was only 16, but already looking like she was 40, she married working actor Doug Hutchison, who at the time, was best known for his role in the movie Forrest Gump. Old enough to be her grandfather at age 51, the two set off to become famous for being famous. They were interviewed everywhere for their relationship from E! to Fox News, because the world was fascinated by its creepiness. But, honestly, who really cares (perhaps other than fans of Couples Therapy, the VH1 show they painfully appeared on together)? Whenever she is mentioned on the news, it's a very slow news day. Seriously, can’t these people go away?

4 The Davis Brothers

Oil heir Brandon Davis achieved a certain level of infamy when he told paparazzi in 2006 that Lindsay Lohan was a fire crotch. He was also friends with Paris Hilton, but why should we care what he has to say? At least his brother Jason Davis, was on the show Celebrity Rehab. While Jason wasn't on the show because he was a celebrity per se, being open about his struggles with drugs kind of made him one. But, since their brushes with fame, other than getting coverage on TMZ, we haven’t heard of anything they've really done with their lives since.

3 Michael Lohan

Other than being Lindsay Lohan’s father- what has this man done in his own right? But yet, whenever his life even remotely resembles an episode of Cops, the paps are on it. Lohan’s current wife and mother of two of his children, Kate Major ironically used to be a reporter for Star, but just because she used to interview celebrities, doesn't mean she is one. But, now she’s on the news for getting arrested for driving drunk and being in and out of court and jail. Despite a stint on Celebrity RehabMichael Lohan's only contribution to the world is spilling the beans about his daughter. None of these people should ever have children.

2 Brandi Glanville


Why does anyone care about Brandi Glanville? Why is she on Real Housewives? Why does she have that boob job? Glanville used to be married to LeAnn Rimes’ current husband, Eddie Cibrian. Cibrian isn’t a celebrity, but he is an accomplished working actor. Rimes has sold millions of albums and won Grammy awards. Other than being a model and winning a few pageants years ago, what has Glanville done, other than start drama on Twitter with the stepmother of her children? To be fair, in the past few years she has started a podcast and written two books, but even as a Real Housewife, she’s not really all that interesting.

1 Maci Bookout


Maci Bookout is the least dramatic Teen Mom ever. Perhaps the most interesting thing about her is that she named her child after a car she probably can’t afford, Bentley. While every other Teen Mom has a whole lot of drama, Maci seems as normal as she can be, given her circumstances. Sure, she's not with her baby daddy anymore, but none of the cast members are (with the exception of Catelynn and Tyler who gave up their daughter for adoption). This is good for real life, but not good at all for reality television. In fact, while during the off-season, while the news is all over the rest of the current and former cast members, the only thing recently said about Maci is that her and Bentley almost died in a car accident. Don’t worry; they’re okay.

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