13 Celebrities Who Publicly Humiliated Their Exes

When celebrity love and passion turns to hate, loathing and more, then the world is their revenge stage. If you are a singer/songwriter like Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake, you might write the odd

When celebrity love and passion turns to hate, loathing and more, then the world is their revenge stage. If you are a singer/songwriter like Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake, you might write the odd insult into the lyrics of a song. Sometimes, revenge is very intentional, like when a Daniel Craig ex reportedly ran up his credit cards in her version of retail therapy. Celebrities take to Twitter and Instagram with not so subtle digs. And we love following the battles, maneuvers, and mud slinging that celebrity exes inflict on one another.

As one star of the Golden Era of Hollywood said, the only bad publicity is no publicity.  But, sometimes the revelations are so damning, that reputations and careers can be ruined. So, here is our list of the top 13 most embarrassing acts of celebrity revenge.

13 Katy Perry and Russell Brand

He is an English stand up comic; so, what better way could there be of publicly humiliating an ex than working her into his routine? That's just what singer Katy Perry's ex, Russell Brand did. He and Perry married and separated after only 14 months together.  Reportedly, he texted her to announce the news. He joked that being with her was like being with a monk, but the main shade came when he threw in that he had to think of other women when they did the deed. He has since called her vapid. Well, in reality, this kind of gracelessness probably caused him more grief than it caused Perry embarrassment.

12 Jason DeRulo and Jordin Sparks

He was already a mega-star singer/songwriter. And Jordin was the youngest winner ever of Idol. For three years, they looked all loved up. Then, late in 2015, came the nasty split.  She hit back, saying publicly that a BMW he gifted her was leased. Some cheapskate you say? He was so burned, that he responded by posting the bill of sale. He claims to be moving on and enjoying the single life. But, in his song "Naked", he sings he only needs Sparks to light his spliffs. In other words, "I'm so totally over you it's funny, girl".

11 Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell

The 40-something star of the James Bond franchise and Satsuki, were an item for six years. They lived together and she scored a Cartier engagement ring. But he unceremoniously dumped her for actress and Mummy star Rachel Weisz. Apparently, the first Mitchell knew of his wedding was when she read it in the newspaper. According to Perez Hilton she got her revenge in a very costly, financially embarrassing way.  Reportedly, she racked up a cool $1 million in charges on his credit cards. For some bizarre reason she had permission to use them. Pretty dumb thing for a super-spy to do, we think.

10 Stephen Collins and Faye Grant

He was an established TV star, famous for appearing in the long-running series 7th Heaven. But, in 2014, in the midst of a nasty, nasty divorce battle with his wife, actress Faye Grant, it was revealed that he had admitted to having under age sex with three girls, beginning in the 1970s and extending into the 1990s. Grant had taped him saying so, without his knowledge, during a therapy session. Not many believed it when she denied leaking the tapes, but the damage was done. He had no choice but to come clean and do the confessional interview with Katie Couric. While doing his best to contain the damage, his career probably won't recover for a long time, if ever.

9 Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather

She is an "actress" (well, IMDb list one movie and three shorts since 2012). He was a pro boxer extraordinaire. Now retired, he was undefeated as a professional and worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and supposedly they were engaged. Then he dumped her saying she had aborted their twins. He then posted his claims on social media. She hit back, slapping him with a law suit for defamation, assault, and on and on. There are texts, accusations of domestic violence, dirty pictures, maybe some nasty videos, floating around and it's not entirely clear which of them is being the nastiest. We would call it mutual embarrassment. Shantel is moving on with rapper Nelly.

8 Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran

Thanks to Twitter, Instagram and the like, insults and embarrassment can be experienced in real time. That's so the case with battling singers Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. He disses her and her "talent".  She rants, using the "f" word and tells him to man up. It reminds us of two toddlers at war. Reportedly, the battle royal began when Karrueche discovered Brown had fathered a daughter, dubbed Royalty, with another girl while they were together. Brown is no stranger to embarrassing public humiliation though, his 2009 "assault" on then girlfriend Rihanna landed him a felony conviction and a loss of some lucrative ad income.

7 Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

The people who said it wouldn't work were right. When they married in 2005, she was in her 40s, and he a couple of years shy of 30. There were cheating rumors, off and on, but the whole thing split wide open when his 2011 romp in a San Diego hot tub with a couple of twenty-somethings went viral. By then, Demi was pushing 50. Reportedly embarrassed, hurt and humiliated, she filed for divorce. She was so traumatized that she entered a rehab center in Utah. Ashton went on to Two and a Half Men and fatherhood with Mila Kunis.  Demi, at last report, had yet to learn, and has been seen with a string of toy boys.

6 Kristin Stewart and Rob Pattinson

They starred in the Twilight movies together, and they radiated chemistry on and off the screen. Rob Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart had been together for a while when, in 2012, Kristen made Snow White and the Huntsman with director Rupert Sanders. Then the cozy pictures of Stewart and Sanders began appearing in the tabloids. It was clear what was going on between the two. The Daily Mail reported that Stewart said the business had lit her universe on fire. She was humiliated, as was Pattinson. He has since moved on to English singer FKA Twigs. Reportedly, Stewart has found consolation in the arms of French girl singer, SoKo.

5 Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson

The Real Housewives of Atlanta ain't so real according to Walter Jackson. The show made you believe that Jackson and Kenya were real life boyfriend and girlfriend. Ain't so, says Jackson. He claims Kenya more or less "recruited" him for the role because she was so desperate to get on the show. She has called him some pretty good names as a result. In fact, he goes on to say that nothing about her is real. Reportedly, she has claimed to have a Nigerian prince in tow. According to The Daily Mail, Jackson thinks that is fake too and that she may have paid someone to play prince.

4 Iggy Azalea and Hefe Wine

How can you possibly side with somebody who chooses a stage name like "Hefe Wine"?  The African-American rapper and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, were a couple and then came the split. She accused him of stealing her lap top and forgery. Hefe, who has been called a gold-digger, embarrassed Iggy, by publicly claiming she had given him an STD.  And he tried to claim rights over her music. The whole thing ended up as a messy court battle that ended in 2015 with a closed door secret agreement. According to some reports Hefe was perhaps not as successful as he had hoped. Roll on Iggy.

3 Hulk and Linda Hogan

Pictures of the happy couple belied the facts; the marriage of Hulk and Linda was reportedly a battle ground, and the divorce was Nasty. There was mutual public humiliation with Hulk calling her delusional and that she was dining out on his fame. Not to be outdone, Linda has called him a pathological liar. She has also claimed he had been unfaithful and abusive. Hulk seems happy enough with his much younger wife, but Linda still claims she has never gotten over him. Well, there have been a toy boy or two since Hulk.

2 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Taylor Swift has done it, and so has Chris Brown. When singer/song writers break up they may do the Twitter/Instagram thing. But, they channel the hurt and come up with sometimes downright embarrassing song lyrics detailing the supposed faults of their exes.  The perfect revenge. Embarrass the ex and sell records. Such was the case with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. After the two split, Timberlake made a music video of "Cry Me a River" with, wait for it, a Britney look-alike. Cry Me a River indeed. Apparently Britney responded with a song on Original Doll, an album that was shelved and never released.

1 Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels

Rappers Nicki and Safaree had dated for eleven years when they split in 2014. In 2015, a day or two before what would have been their anniversary, she Tweeted that most people only think about themselves and that if you meet someone who cares for you as much as you care for them, hold onto them. Subtle reference there, Nicki, that everyone understood completely. Then on to what would have been their twelfth anniversary on March 7th, she posted a cryptic Tweet: "love you forever". When he got the message and Tweeted back: "luv you 4ever. no love lost",  she slapped him down with two words: "Please stop". Soon, all but the last surprising Tweet were deleted. Nicki has moved on to Philly rapper Meek Mill.


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13 Celebrities Who Publicly Humiliated Their Exes