13 Celebrities Who Are Basically Plastic

In a world where staying young, sexy, and relevant is what is basically more important than the skills you hold, it is no surprise that many of our favorite celebrities have gone under the knife more than just a few times. Hollywood is cut throat (no pun intended), and a little nip and tuck is nothing new. While getting some work done is far from being one of the worst things, there are those celebrities who have taken it a little too far.

From facelifts, to back scooping, to undergoing ten surgeries in one day, there’s no knowing what it is these celebrities will do next. We’ve put together a list of celebrities we think took it a little too far with getting some work done, making them basically, almost entirely plastic.

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13 Gene Simmons

via beforeandafterceleb.com

Maybe you don’t recognize Gene Simmons because he isn’t wearing his usual full face of makeup and you’re not too fixated on his very famous tongue. Or maybe you think he looks a little different because his face looks tighter and he is looking younger. Openly sharing with his fans that he has gotten plastic surgery, mainly because he broadcasted going under the knife on his reality television show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. The KISS front man has undergone a facelift, making his appearance more youthful. Although subtle, he is one of many celebrities who are trying to cheat aging.

12 Dolly Parton

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Definitely not a stranger to plastic surgery, and not shy to admit she’s gotten some work done, Dolly Parton is basically plastic. The famous country music star has gone under the knife a few times over the years, changing her natural appearance for enhancements we don’t really think are for the better. At 69 years old, Parton does in fact look youthful, with a tight face, synced in waist, and a very large chest. She’s admitted to having her eyes, lips, and breasts done, but we are sure there is a little more to it.

11 Farrah Abraham


Most of you might know her from her time on the MTV reality television show Teen Mom. If you haven’t seen her on the show, then you definitely know her from all the buzz that has been around her for her ridiculous plastic surgeries, or for the ridiculous things she’s done or said. Farrah Abraham is a teen mom, turned adult star, turned erotic novel author. She’s also been made famous for Tweeting a picture of her botched lip implant surgery. No stranger to the plastic surgery table, Abraham has also gotten a nose job, chin implants, and two boob jobs.

10 Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson


Plastic surgery among celebrities is not limited to female stars. There are a lot of celebrity men who have undergone plastic surgery to keep up with looking youthful, and many of them have been made famous for their surgeries gone wrong. Scott ‘Carrot Top” Thompson is no stranger for making “Top 10” lists of bad plastic surgery. The red-haired comedian is said to have undergone surgeries for an eyebrow lift, Botox injections, lip plumping, and laser peels, which is a sure thing due to his sudden lack of freckles. While the comedian already had a strange face to begin with, you can’t help but react to a photo of his face changes.

9 Meg Ryan

via thecelebritysurgery.com

Sometimes it’s a little difficult to tell if celebrities have undergone plastic surgery, if they’re trying out the new natural method, or if they have good genes. Famous actress Meg Ryan looks like she indulged in a little help with aging. Although subtle, the star’s face looks like she did something different to it. The When Harry Met Sally star is under speculation about whether she added some plump to her lips, and her face seems to be looking a lot tighter than it used to. While many people are gifted with anti-aging genes, it becomes hard to believe that at 53 years old the star is now wrinkle-free.

8 La Toya Jackson

via anninvitation.com

The Jackson family is no stranger to plastic surgery. La Toya Jackson, fifth child of the Jackson family has undergone a few surgeries of her own that make it difficult to deny. The famous songwriter-businesswoman is known for her surgeries gone wrong, and we don’t disagree. Looking back at earlier photos of La Toya, she was better off keeping her natural looks. It is said that she’s a frequent visitor of plastic surgeries, having undergone rhinoplasty, breast implants, chin implants, cheek implants, lip injections, liposuction on her stomach, facial fillers, and many more procedures that we probably don’t know about.

7 Cher

via thecelebritysurgery.com

Famous musician, Cher, looks pretty good for her age. At 69 years old, the singer has an unusually youthful face. Cher has admitted to going under the knife, especially in a business where being young and relevant is important, it’s almost a requirement to freshen up your look. The singer has undergone two surgeries on both her nose and her breasts. We might even think she got some work done to enhance her cheekbones, because they aren’t as pronounced in earlier pictures. Also by the look of her wrinkle-free skin, there must have been also some skin treatment to smooth out her face.

6 Renée Zellweger


It’s kind of hard to forget that time Renée Zellweger stepped out looking completely unrecognizable. The actress denies undergoing surgeries (obviously) but there are some clear differences in her face. When Zellweger walked the red carpet many reporters did not recognize her, and the star says it is her new lifestyle that has caused her to look “happier.” We don’t buy it, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little work done in order to enhance your looks. While Zellweger does look much different than earlier pictures of herself, we will never know the truth. One thing is for sure, a happier life doesn’t result in a new face!

5 Donatella Versace

via celebbotox.com

4 Pamela Anderson

via celebplasticsurgeryonline.com

Famous for her role in Baywatch, it is obvious by looking at pictures of the famous actress just how much she’s changed throughout the years. The very obvious changes in Pamela Anderson are her breast size. The actress underwent breast augmentation surgery, which makes it hard to believe that she wasn’t satisfied with her natural size, considering her sexy role in Baywatch. Eventually, the star decided to go under the knife again because she was no longer satisfied with the enhancement. At 48 years old, and looking as good as she does, especially in Hollywood usually means you’ve got some work done. Besides her implants, Anderson also gets regular Botox injections, has added some fillers to her lips, and has also gotten a nose job. It’s such a shame to see someone who was known for her natural beauty, to have gone through all that trouble to enhance her looks, and not entirely for the better.

3 Janice Dickinson

via celebrityplasticsurgeryxp.com

2 Lil Kim


Whether she likes to admit it or not, Lil Kim has gotten plastic surgery. She’s been under a lot of speculation about whether she’s really been under the knife over the last few years, but there’s no denying the obvious changes in her face! From the looks of it, and from what we can tell, she's definitely gotten herself a nose job, cheekbone injections, and a facelift. The famous rapper is unrecognizable and it’s becoming very hard to believe her denying any surgeries, especially when you compare pictures of her in the last 10 years.

1 Heidi Montag

via imgarcade.com

If it isn’t obvious, it should be that Heidi Montag deserves the number one spot on our list! In case you’ve forgotten, Heidi Montag, reality television star, did a one day surgery for 10 different plastic surgery procedures. In 2010, Montag underwent the following surgeries: brow lift, nose job, ears pinned back, chin shaved, two breast enlargements, back scooped out, fat injected into her cheekbones, and liposuction on her inner and outer thighs. Back scooped out? Who even knew that was possible? Looks like when it comes to the world of plastics, anything goes.

sources: huffingtonpost.com, radaronline.com

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