13 Celeb Transformation Looks That Shocked The World

Every now and then, Hollywood stars love to shock us with their extreme transformations. This usually varies from each and every single celebrity, but drastic changes that these stars usually undergo are anything from extreme weight loss programs, men who buffed up for movie roles, former childhood stars who are now showing off a sexier side, and so much more. In the last couple of years, these shocking transformation looks started happening more and more, to the point where people are already bracing themselves to see the shocking new look of the next celebrity. And while shocking is often used in negative terms, the word can also be applied in a positive manner for some of these celebs in this list, who famously lost weight after being told by doctors they would die if they didn't start following a healthy diet. It goes without saying that the majority of celebs in this list have/or had transformed for the worst, but of course, you get to be the judge of that. See the list of the 13 celebs with the most shocking transformation looks below.


14 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande really knows how to stun people when it comes to offering them a completely new image of herself. Having gotten rid of the red hair she infamously colored for her show on Nickelodeon, the singer went back to her iconic ponytail hairstyle, followed with the adorable cat ears and the extremely big stilettos. It seemed as if a lot of people were struggling to deal with the fact that Ariana had changed up her image since everybody only knew her as the red-haired girl from Nickelodeon who was innocent and sweet, and now, she is more grown up, sexy and provocative at the same time.

13 Miley Cyrus

2013 was Miley Cyrus’ year. Whether you love her or hate her, nobody can deny the simple fact that this girl knew how to draw all eyes on her, and what better way to have done that than to completely reinvent yourself? Miley made her infamous comeback with a new haircut, a new style, a new sound, a new attitude, and the most outrageous dance moves, most notably her awful twerking skills. While they may have been embarrassing to look at, Miley wasn’t joking when she had told fans she was finally being herself, having literally changed everything about herself.

12 Snooki

Snooki made a huge transformation for herself after Jersey Shore wrapped its final season in 2012. The reality star, who currently runs her own podcast, had remained on the heavier side throughout her time on the show, mainly because of her wild drinking habits and unhealthy diet. So when the show came to an end and Snooki had bagged millions through her contribution on the program, she hired a pricey personal trainer and made sure she got her body looking right. These days, Snooki looks absolutely incredible in almost any outfit she wears.

11 Taylor Lautner



Taylor Lautner made a massive transformation when he decided he wanted to come back for the New Moon film, part of the Twilight series. Producers had told Lautner that the only way he could come back to the franchise was if he was to pack on a serious amount of muscle, which is exactly what he did. The 23-year-old made a drastic change in his appearance all for the sake of a movie role, which has now been named one of the biggest film franchise in history, alongside Harry Potter and The Avengers.

9 Heidi Montag

When Heidi Montag first appeared on our television screen in season 1 of The Hills, she appeared to be an ordinary girl who was best friends with co-star Lauren Conrad. But by the time the show came to an end, Heidi would go on to admit that she became obsessed with plastic surgery, and consequently spent a huge chunk of her earnings on all kinds of procedures that included a nose job, a boob job and endless facial fillers. She suddenly turned plastic right before our eyes and her procedures made her look very unnatural. Montag, who regrets doing plastic surgery to begin with, knows that her natural features are no longer visible.

8 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian has openly stressed in recent years that she had always been singled out when it came to her sisters, Kourtney and Kim. Khloe says she used to get teased in schools because she didn’t have the petite frame that Kim and Kourt had at the time; instead, people would make fun of her body. Well, I wonder how those haters feel now when they look at the reality star’s body. Granted, with a little help from her cosmetic surgeon, Khloe has really turned her life around, having devoted most of her time to the gym, and she looks great.


7 Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson was always known as the fuller framed woman on American Idol during her time on the singing show. Many even felt that with the songstress being overweight, it ended up hurting her chances of winning the program, which sounds cruel but could quite possibly be true. But it wasn’t long before Hudson would start focusing more on her diet, especially after the birth of her son. She partnered with WeightWatchers to start losing the weight before she started working out regularly. Within a year, the Grammy award-winning singer had completely transformed herself for the better.

6 Jonah Hill

It seems as if Jonah Hill has been struggling with his own weight problems, having famously lost the extra pounds before eventually packing them on again. Hill, who was so proud of himself to have gotten in shape following his huge weight gain, seemed to have relapsed at the beginning of 2015, having shown a much fuller figure as of late. Some outlets claim that Jonah hasn’t been happy with himself, subsequently leading to his binge eating, but by the look of things, Hill is transitioning back into his former self.

5 Whitney Houston


Whitney Houston probably had one of the most disturbing transformations one has ever seen in Hollywood. Following years of talk about drug abuse with husband Bobby Brown, Houston finally showed off the side effects to those substances when she performed at Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary televised event. She looked incredibly skinny, frowns beyond belief, and exhausted to say the least. It was the first time fans actually believed news reports that Whitney and Bobby were losing the plot in their home; they were allegedly consuming so many drugs, they were losing their minds.

4 50 Cent

50 Cent didn’t win an Oscar for his role in All Things Fall Apart, and neither did the film ever make it to the big screen, but there’s no denying that the rapper really takes his craft seriously. Having opted to star in the movie after being approached with a proposal in 2012, the Many Men artist famously lost 54 pounds to look gaunt for one of his most challenging roles to date. It was just very unfortunate that the film went straight to DVD — the distributors clearly weren’t feeling the movie as much as 50 did when he began filming it.

3 Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes really transformed herself for the better following her rise to fame on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Leakes, who recently launched her own clothing line and plans on continuing a career in acting, has not been shy about her own change in appearance. Apart from the iconic blonde wig she is so well known for these days, Leakes is said to have had quite a bit of cosmetic work done herself. If one was to look at before and after pictures, one could easily spot the massive difference. Nonetheless, the work she has had done seems to look great on her.

2 Kylie Jenner

18-year-old Kylie Jenner has made it clear over the years that one of her biggest influences in life is her sister Kim Kardashian. So it would make sense that the socialite would want to look like her sibling by wearing the same clothes and bikinis. But Kylie seems to have taken things too far now that she has started injecting herself with lip fillers. Well, Kylie actually started the lip filler craze at 16, admitting that she hated her thin lips — it made her feel “insecure” about herself. Furthermore, recent reports have alleged that Jenner has most definitely had some work done to her breasts and her butt but will not admit to it knowing that there would be a massive backlash from the public. Why does an 18-year-old need so much work done? It’s puzzling and evident to see the drastic transformation Kylie has made over the years.

1 Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger shocked the world last year when she showed up to a red carpet event in Los Angeles completely unrecognizable. There was not one facial feature that would give away that the person you were looking at was Renee, sparking a huge outrage as to why a stunning woman like Renee would go on to ruin her entire face. Plastic surgeons had told outlets that the actress would have most likely underwent several facelifts over the years, potential lip fillers, cheek bones reworked, and an awful lot of botox on top of that. It was a transformation that took everybody by surprise — and certainly not in a good way.


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