The 13 Best Christmas Skits In SNL History

Saturday Night Live has brought laughter into the homes of people around the world for decades. With each year that passes a new set of actors and actresses step onto the live stage, bringing with them a fresh wave of humor.

While Saturday Night Live maintains a high level of humor throughout the year, the comedy gets taken to a whole new level when Christmas time comes around. The cast members of Saturday Night Live are at their best and have been since the first SNL Christmas skit in 1975 when Chevy Chase performed "Christmas Eve at the White House."

Since the original Saturday Night Live Christmas skit, SNL actors and actresses have always brought fresh characters and brand new ways to make us laugh. Whether they are animated or acted, the very best Saturday Night Live Christmas skits are a perfect mix of sarcasm, satire, and insanely funny acting.

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13 Mark Wahlberg Talks to Christmas Animals

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Seems like a ridiculous idea right? Someone walking around just talking to Christmas animals. But the sheer ridiculousness of this skit is what makes it so hilarious. Andy Samberg's impression of Mark Wahlberg is spot on and his conversations with holiday animals are just as random and weird as the title implies. From talking to a reindeer to having a laugh with a snowman, Samberg infuses his skit with classic Mark Wahlberg lines like, "Say hello to your mother for me."

12 Happy Holidays from the Kardashians

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Pretty much anything Kardashian-related is filled with not much more than a whole bunch of fake smiles and some very high pitched voices. But, when the cast of Saturday Night Live devotes an entire Christmas skit to Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian you know they're going to overplay the three sisters' vapid personalities and privileged lifestyle. The December 2010 skit featured Abby Elliott, Nasim Pedrad, and Vanessa Bayer.

11 Drunk Uncle on Christmas

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There's one in every family. The relative that is constantly drunk and ranting loudly at family gatherings. Saturday Night Live's in house "Drunk Uncle" is played by Bobby Moynihan and makes his appearances during Weekend Update. In his Christmas skit "Drunk Uncle" gives viewers a piece of his mind about 'kids these days' and their overuse of technology and a few national issues.

10 Christmas for the Jews

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With Darlene Love herself singing the hilarious song, Christmas Time for the Jews is a classic Saturday Night Live digital short. The 2005 short is based around the idea that Christmas Day, while a special day for Christians, is the day that Jews are able to reign over towns everywhere. From eating at Chinese food restaurants to hanging out in bars, Jewish people run free throughout the town, delighting in their day of freedom...

9 Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party (Christmas)

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We've all met her. The girl at a party that you start talking to but within minutes wish you hadn't. Cecily Strong, who has gotten rave reviews for this SNL character, takes the annoying girl at the party to all new level.

With at least a dozen pseudo-political diatribes and even more barely understandable rants, the girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at party Christmas edition is side-splittingly cringey.

8 Steve Martin's Holiday Wish

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Steve Martin has hosted Saturday Night Live a total of fifteen times. His record is beaten only by Alec Baldwin, making him a classic Saturday Night Live icon.

Martin's "A Holiday Wish" starts with a classic wish of children singing in harmony, then moving to $30 million dollars of tax free money a month delivered to him. It ends with his wish that his enemies die like pigs in hell, making his Christmas wishes a clever and absurd play on the selfishness of the festive season.

7 The Night Before Christmas Monologue / John Malkovich

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Twas the Night Before Christmas is the most well-loved Christmas book. It's read year after year to children of all ages and has been recreated in thousands of ways. However, no recreation is quite as memorable as John Malkovich's reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas on Saturday Night Live.

As he reads the classic tale to a small group of children he infuses the story with his own facts and quips.

When the tale tells of Santa's sleigh, Malkovich breaks from the reading and likens the weight of Santa's sleigh to a flaming meteor as it enters Earth's atmosphere. And when his treat of Halls cough drops are not well received by any of the children he tells them about how he used to suck on pennies as a child. Delightful.

6 Motivational Santa

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The late Chris Farley was long a fixture of the SNL crew. And when you think of Chris Farley your mind probably wanders to one of his most famous characters, Matt Foley, a motivational speaker who takes his job to the extreme.

For a December episode of Saturday Night Live, Farley turned his Matt Foley character into a Christmas hit with "Motivational Santa."

Dressed in a Santa costume and working alongside David Spade, who played a mall elf, motivational Santa comes to the mall to give kids a dose of reality. Of course he does this in a way that only Farley can do, by reminding them that he 'lives in a van down by the river'.

5 Glengarry Glen Christmas

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Another Alec Baldwin classic, this time he's dressed as an elf. "Glengarry Glen Christmas" is just one of the many Glengarry Glen Ross parodies that Baldwin brought to Saturday Night Live. The original Glengarry Glen Ross movie hit theaters over 22 years ago.

Baldwin has been able to take the most memorable part of the movie and turn it into a ridiculous Christmas skit. With Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, and Amy Poehler posing as hard working elves, Baldwin brings the hard core businessman style to Santa's workshop.

Starring as Winters Breath, Baldwin delivers the memorable 'Always Be Cobbling' line and makes Glengarry Glen Christmas an SNL hit.

4 I Wish It Was Christmas Today

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Christmas songs can be dull, but not when they are created and performed by Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan, and Horatio Sanz. In the 2000 Saturday Night Live Christmas skit, the four comedians performed "I Wish It Was Christmas Today" in a style that only SNL can.

With an odd mix of maroon sweaters, the four men dance in place and sing slightly off key while Chris Kattan holds a large keyboard that is played by Jimmy Fallon. With mounds of fake snow falling around the men, or mostly on Fallon's head, the whole ridiculous scenario is endearing.

3 Delicious Dish

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Alec Baldwin is a regular favourite on SNL, but his most famously remembered Christmas skit has to be 'Delicious Dish' or as many call it, "Schweddy Balls" which aired in Season 24. Along side Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon, who pose as hosts of an NPR style talk show, Alec Baldwin is hillarious as guest Pete Schweddy.

Schweddy comes onto the radio show to share a few of his family holiday recipes. The "Schweddy balls" are discusses in so many perverse and hilarious ways that the most comical part of the skit is watching Baldwin, Gasteyer, and Shannon keep a straight face during their dialogue.

2 Hanukkah Song

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Christmas time is filled with songs, all of which seem to have the same melody and rhythm. But when Adam Sandler performed the Hanukkah Song during Season 20 of Saturday Night Live in 1994, festive songs got a whole lot better and a whole lot funnier.

Sung acoustic on the Weekend Update portion of SNL, Sandler basically belts out a list of celebrities who are Jewish (and a few who aren't). The Hanukkah Song catapulted Sandler to stardom and continues to be a part of his albums and live skits.

1 Christmas Eve at the White House

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Chevy Chase was part of the original Saturday Night Live crew. He is by far one of the most beloved parts of the show, which makes his "Christmas Eve at the White House" one of the most iconic and best SNL skits of all time.

Playing Gerald Ford on Christmas Eve as he 'trims' the White House Christmas tree, Chase is hysterical. With his many clumsy mishaps, this skit uses not just great acting but also great stunts.

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