13 Behind The Scenes Pictures That Ruin Your Favorite Movies

Here’s an activity: imagine you’re home, bored out of your mind, everyone seems to have plans except for you, and you just can’t seem to figure out how to spend your day/evening. In today’s day and age, 98.76% of people in this situation would reach for their favourite movie or TV show and spend their time potato-ing on their bed or couch (statistic pulled from the National American Institute of Couch Potatoes Research Centre; also known as the NAICPRC). According to the NAICPRC, people just love their movie box.

There are many reasons to explain why movies are such a popular pastime. It can be the storyline, the visual effects, the actors, or even the mystery in the making of these cinematic wonders we love so much. There’s something special and absolutely magical in watching your favorite stories and characters come to life on the big screen. With that in mind, it can be pretty cool to see just how the makers developed the film. However, many times, seeing shots from behind the scenes can completely ruin a movie for you. There are some things you just can’t ‘unsee’, and when it comes to movies, behind the scenes images can be spoilers in themselves. So, in the spirit of getting you off of that couch, here are 15 behind the scenes pictures that will ruin your favorite movies, thus taking you away from the TV, and making you more productive; so we’re actually helping you by ruining your favorite movies. Now start reading!

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13 Nightmare on Elm Street

via nymag.com

As the title would suggest, this is not a happy movie. With a twisted Freddy Krueger terrorizing people in their dreams, it’s no wonder this picture isn’t exactly something a fan would want to see. No self-respected horror movie fan would actually want to see Freddy chilling and listening to some beats with his would-be victims. The success and thrill of a horror movie typically lies in its ability to scare its audience. With that in mind, this picture definitely lowers Freddy’s score on the fright scale. Everyone knows movies aren’t real, but they can still scare the bejesus out of you (if done right). Though Freddy could probably still keep you awake at night, all you need is to think of him with his headphones on and all effect is lost.

12 Titanic

via heyuguys.com

Titanic, the epic love story, historical wonder, and Hollywood classic. The first major cruise ship set to sail the great big ocean, filled with excited rich people (and some poorer people, but they don’t matter; except Jack, of course). Devastating tragedy strikes when the ship hits an iceberg causing it to eventually sink, leaving its passengers to float around in the ice-cold waters. One of the most famous moments in this movie is when Rose yells for Jack to “come back”. BUT, it isn’t remembered for its dramatic nature, rather for how ridiculous it is. It’s already hard to take Rose seriously when she’s yelling into the water for Jack to come back from his hypothermic death, but when we see a picture like this, the scene just loses all hope for dramatic flair. Our favourite poor person just died and now all we can imagine is Leo holding his breath and swimming out of camera range in a Hollywood pool.

11 Jaws

via vintag.es

Ta na……… Ta na……… Ta na …… Ta na ….. Ta na …. Ta na … Ta na … TA NA!

Everyone knows you can’t talk about Jaws and not do the theme song. Moving on… Originally released in 1975, Jaws was the first of its kind and set the stage for aquatic monster thrillers for years to come. What was especially unique in Jaws, though, was the camera angle. The shark attacks were (mostly) filmed from the shark’s point of view. The audience got a front row seat to the terrified look of every victim as they realized they were about to become shark bait. However, what many people don’t know is that the reasoning behind this camera trick was not for increased thrill, but rather a lack of alternatives since the crew had so much trouble with the mechanical shark. That’s right, mechanical. Obviously it wasn’t filmed with a real shark, but we don’t need to actually see the plastic beast.

10 The Shining

via imgur.com

Wait, those girls look familiar. Aren’t those the two freaky ghost girls from The Shining? It would appear so. Except something’s different. They’re … smiling? They look like regular little girls. The mere site of these girls should send chills down your spine, and you know exactly why. One specific scene from this movie has become so renowned that people recognize it regardless of whether or not they’ve actually seen The Shining. Everyone knows what scene these girls are famous for, and most people probably couldn’t even name which movie it was referencing. Yes, they’re just kids, and yes, they’re just actors, but seeing them in this light is an image that fans just don’t want to see.

9 The Avengers

via archonia.com

From a technological standpoint, seeing how CGI works behind the scenes is pretty cool, but that’s as far as it goes. No one wants to see Mark Ruffalo making that face– ever. Hulk is your childhood Marvel buddy; he gets big and green, wears ripped shorts that magically still fit him after growing 3 times his size, and best of all, he smashes things! As long as he looks good on screen, no one wants to be reminded that he isn’t real, nor do they want to be reminded that beneath all that green goodness lies a puny God– err, puny actor* playing make-believe.

8 Jurassic Park

via imgur.com

Almost kid has a dinosaur-loving phase at some point in his or her childhood. When Jurassic Park was finally released in 1993, kids and grown-ups alike flocked to movie theatres to get a taste of a world they’d only seen in books (and boring Nat. Geo. documentaries). Filled with memorable scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat, Jurassic Park is plain old unforgettable. Who remembers the crippling clicking of the raptors’ claw on the kitchen floor? Even better, how about the scene above when the kids were trapped in the Jeep while Mr. Rex used his head to try and tip it over (you know, because his arms are too short)? Try re-watching that scene now that you’ve seen our beloved T-Rex was just a big toy. Again, no one was expecting a real T-Rex, but come on.

7 Avatar

via starcentralmagazine.com

Avatar happens to be one of James Cameron’s most recent ‘babies’ and it totally shook the world back in 2009. This movie is incredible for various reasons; among them are extraordinary scenery, beautiful story line, and an appeal to imagination that movies haven’t achieved in a very long time. As mentioned, one of the most amazing things about this movie is its ability to pull you into its fictional world. Like any science fiction film, you need to forget the fact that it’s pretend, and just enjoy the movie. Now, how can you do that when you have an image of Zoe Saldana wearing a CGI helmet stuck in your head? You just can’t.

6 The Dark Knight Rises

via moviepilot.com

One of the most successful of the Batman movies was The Dark Knight Rises. We got to see Anne Hathaway as a surprisingly good Catwoman, Tom Hardy showed us how Bane was always supposed to be played, and Christian Bale was… well, he was Christian Bale. The rivalry between Batman and Bane will forever remain in the history books, and we must acknowledge the actors’ great performances for their portrayal of the characters’ hate for one another. One faux pas, however, is capturing this picture of Batman and Bane hugging it out as if they’re the best of friends. Now, had it been Christian Bale and Tom Hardy there would not have been a problem, but Batman and Bane… no, just no.

5 Deadpool

via 7huesmag.com

With every new comic movie, a big part of the excitement is getting to meet new characters, and in Deadpool, we’re introduced to Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead; both are pretty cool, and fun to watch… no issue there. But let’s ignore the giant onesie for a moment (and silently laugh nonetheless), how are we supposed to take Colossus seriously when we see him wearing platforms as if he’s coming straight out of the 70s? Fine, he needs to be tall, it’s for effect, but no one wants to see him like that. Colossus: gentle giant, respectable gentleman, and closet disco dancer?

4 Planet of the Apes

via tumblr.com

This behind the scenes picture is just plain silly, and the reason this pic made it on our list is probably a bit repetitive, but it’s important. There are some things you just can’t ‘unsee’, and everyone knows it. It’s the sad reality of how our memories work. After seeing a bunch of adults on all fours acting like gorillas, will Planet of the Apes have the same effect on us as it did before seeing this image? The answer: doubtful. So which of these monkeys is your favorite? The one bending awkwardly in the back is the winner… right?

3 Gladiator

via cdn.rsvlts.com

Why isn’t Russell Crowe wrestling a real tiger? This is absolutely unacceptable! In case the sarcasm wasn’t obvious enough, that statement was sarcastic. There isn’t a lot of explaining needed for why this behind the scenes picture is a buzz kill. No one expects our beloved Mr. Crowe to roll around on the floor with a real tiger, nor do we expect a stunt double to do so. Despite this being the most realistic looking stuffed animal we’ve ever seen, it still completely ruins the moment.

2 Child's Play

via aintitcool.com

There’s a whole generation of people who will forever be scarred by this doll. Their poor children will probably never know what it’s like to own one. Chucky: the most sadistic and creepiest little sh*t you’ll ever meet. Just hearing the phrase “wanna play?” is guaranteed to send chills down your spine. After seeing this picture, the only think you’ll have on your mind is “why is Chucky pooping out wires?” Moreover, did anyone ever notice how big his head is compared to his body? How is he not toppling over? Right, Chucky is a just a little robot, thanks for reminding us.

1 Alien

via cdn.emgn.com

“Why did I do it? I just couldn’t stop! I don’t know what came over me. All those people…” creature sobs and whimpers, “I don’t even recognize myself anymore!” Yeah, this is the type of thought process that comes to mind with an image like this one. The big bad alien monster has emotions, just like you. Here he is pondering his life’s regrets while sitting on the can. See? There’s nothing to be afraid of, and don’t worry, you’ll be just as thrilled watching the movie after this– not!


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