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13 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Margot Robbie

13 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Margot Robbie

Hollywood and the movie industry as a whole has had thousands of actors appear on the silver screen, of both genders and of all ethnicities. For quite a while, it was extremely important for a movie to have a very well known male lead in order for it to be marketable and economically successful, and this trend still continues in Hollywood today, but to a much smaller degree. In 2016, there are more and more movies that center around one or multiple female characters who are played primarily by well known actresses. Many times, an actress was given a movie role based on her appearance because of the fact that s*x appeal still sells, but now actresses are given roles more often due to their acting skills.

Margot Robbie is one such actress, who has become incredibly sought after ever since appearing in her breakthrough movie role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Her performance in that movie was exemplary, and ever since then she has received offers to appear in multiple leading roles. She still has several movies releasing this year, including The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad, which are quickly approaching; and because of this, it is worthwhile for people to learn some things they might not have known about the actress who will be playing Jane Porter and Harley Quinn, respectively. Here is a list of 13 things you didn’t know about Margot Robbie.

13. She’s Been Accused Of Lying About Her Age


One of the worst things you can say to a woman is that she is lying about how old she is, and that is exactly what Margot Robbie has been accused of doing more than once. As of right now, Margot is twenty-five years old, but some people have been suspicious about that number because of a 2008 interview which stated that she was twenty-three. If the interview was right, then she would be over thirty right now, but that claim has been considered to be a journalistic error. That interview was just one example, and based on another separate interview from last year, this age issue has accompanied her for quite some time, as she has stated that people still believe that she is older than she claims.

12. She Attended Circus School



There are times when parents sometimes enroll their kids into classes or schools that are not part of any actual educational system. These extra curricular activities include things such as karate, ballet, and believe it or not, circus school. When she was eight years old, Margot Robbie was sent by her mother to a circus school to attend a trapeze program. She may have been young, but Margot was still able to earn her “trapeze certificate”, and it looks like she’s putting those skills to good use (above) in Suicide Squad, and maybe she will again in The Legend of Tarzan.

11. She Is A Tomboy

There is no doubt that Margot Robbie exudes some massive physical appeal, but there are more things that make her an interesting and awesome person besides her acting skills and looks. Margot has said herself that she is happiest when surfing, riding motorcycles, building things, and even hunting wild pigs on the farm. When not doing any of those things, she really enjoys doing other activities like sky-diving, snowboarding, and skiing; she is also a big sports fan who actively participates by playing on teams even today, but more on that later.

10. She Is Not A Healthy Eater

People think that actors, actresses specifically, have to eat very little, or purely only healthy foods in order to maintain their jaw dropping bodies, but for some, that is not really the case, and Margot Robbie is one of those cases. She has stated in an interview that she does not have a good diet whatsoever, and that she loves drinking beer and eating fries and burgers. She also admits, that she is not good at food moderation, that she gets upset when she does not eat, and that she cannot just eat a salad with a glass of wine. She does profess however, that when the time comes that she wants to wear a bikini, she will mainly eat carrot sticks for three straight days.

9. She Got Her Start On Soaps



Many people believe that The Wolf of Wall Street was Margot Robbie’s breakthrough role, and it was, in terms of big budget movies, but what many people might not know, is that she actually got her breakthrough acting job on a television show in her native Australia. She played the character of Donna Freedman in the soap-opera known as Neighbors, a soap-opera that has helped launched the acting careers of other Aussie born individuals like Kylie Minogue, the Hemsworths, and Russell Crowe. Her character started off as a guest role on the show, but the show producers were so impressed by her acting abilities that they made her a regular who would spend over three years on the show.

8. She Mistook Prince Harry For Ed Sheeran



The Aussie born actress lived in Britain for a time, and while there last December, she attended a housewarming party for her friend and fellow actress Suki Waterhouse. This party was allegedly attended by many celebrities, including Prince Harry himself, whose appearance at the time did not resemble the traditional look associated with the famous British royal. Margot Robbie met Prince Harry and followed him into a photobooth with a few other people, except she believed that she was going into the booth with musician Ed Sheeran. While on The Tonight Show, she admitted to making this mistake, and it was quite the blunder, as British tabloids ignited rumors suggesting that the two were romantically involved once the photos from the booth were released.

7. She Got Drunk During Wolf



As we all know by now, Margot Robbie’s role in The Wolf of Wall Street was a career defining moment for her, and her acting in the movie was impeccable, but what many people, particularly the men, remember the most in regards to her screen time, is the scene in which she appears completely in the buff. The scene in question, is one of the more risque parts of the movie, and it even received scrutiny from the media. For Margot, this was the first time in her career that she was going to appear fully exposed on camera for a major movie, so she was understandably nervous. Right before she shot the scene, a member of the crew saw just how nervous she was and offered her a little alcohol to calm her nerves. She accepted the offer and took three quick shots of tequila, which she admits helped to raise her confidence and stopped her from shaking.

6. She Loves And Even Plays Ice Hockey

When Margot Robbie moved to the United States, she was able to finally enjoy one of her favorite sports to the fullest degree, and that sport is ice hockey. She has said that she has always liked ice hockey and wanted to play it ever since she was young, but because of the heat in Australia, she was only able to play field hockey. Now that she moved to the States, however, she is an avid fan of the NHL’s New York Rangers, and she has realized her childhood dream of playing the game on ice as she plays right wing on an amateur team. She has said that she enjoys the hockey, but also admits that she needs to work on her ice skating.

5. She Was Almost A Marvel Superhero



Ever since appearing in The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie has been offered many movie roles, including the role of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, but Harley Quinn was not the only comic book character that she could have played. Before actress Kate Mara was cast as Sue Storm in the recent Fantastic Four reboot, Margot was being lined up for the role, but due to conflicting issues things did not work out and the part went to Mara instead. As it turns out, it was quite fortuitous that Margot did not get the part, as the entire Fantastic Four reboot was a terrible mess of a comic book movie adaptation.

4. Her First Movie Flopped



Before appearing in The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie starred in some lesser known “B-movies” that were both weird and terrible. The first of these movies was a 2008 film called Vigilante, where she plays the fiancee of the main character who becomes a vigilante after she is brutally assaulted and murdered. This movie turned out to be a huge flop, and still possesses an IMDb rating of under 3.5. Vigilante may have been a terrible movie, but it still gave Margot more acting experience and exposure, which would eventually help her to land multiple leading roles in big Hollywood movies.

3. She Punched DiCaprio During Auditions

Before landing her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie had to do what many actors do, and auditioned for the part multiple times. On her final audition, Margot was in a room with director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, where she was getting nervous with Leo when he was ad-libbing and improvising; so it was then that she decided she needed to do something that would leave an impression. What she chose to do was hit Leo in the face instead of kissing him like it said in the script. After she did that, she immediately thought that she had made a career ending mistake, and feared that she would be arrested for assault. Fortunately, both Scorsese and DiCaprio loved what she did, and instead of her acting career going up in flames, she landed her breakthrough role.

2. People Called Her Maggot


At some point or another, many people get some kind of nickname assigned to them when they are kids, either from their family, friends, or classmates; and Margot Robbie had one such nickname when she was a kid. When she was five years old, Margot was given the nickname “Maggot” by her classmates, and unfortunately for her, that name stuck with her for years. She admits that she hated the name, but she also says that by the time she was eight, she decided to simply accept it since, “it wasn’t going anywhere”. That nickname even followed her when she moved to another city. Luckily though, Margot has grown up and become a coveted leading lady in the movie industry, so even if people still call her by that name, it is likely that she could care less about it.

1. She Was Not Thrilled To Play Harley Quinn



Many people are excited for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, primarily because it looks like it will be more enjoyable than DC’s Batman vs Superman, which released earlier this year, but also because the cast includes Margot Robbie, who will be playing the Joker’s right hand girl Harley Quinn. What people may not know however, is that Margot did not like Harley Quinn, in fact she hated her. When she first read the script for the movie, she saw that Harley was the Joker’s girlfriend, as well as a psychopath, a character profile that she was not too thrilled with, as she was quoted in an interview saying: “I thought, I have nothing in common with her. I hate her. It was a really tricky one to get my head around.” It would appear though, that Harley Quinn did manage to grow on her, as she went through with portraying the character, much to the satisfaction of DC fans.

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