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13 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Lexy Panterra

13 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Lexy Panterra

The girl is hot, in every sense of the word. Her twerking is legendary and the stuff of viral videos galore. Her “baby”, the booty shaking workout dubbed “Lex TwerkOut” attracts fans, celebrities like former Spice Girl Mel B and Christina Milian, and workout fiends to her videos (40 million views and climbing) and live classes.

Coming up to her 27th birthday (May 22, 2016), Lexy seems to have the world at her feet. Although, as she has admitted herself on her Facebook page, it was not always so. Part of her early life was lived in a dodgy Sacramento neighborhood, where drug dealing and SWAT teams were a familiar sight. But, our Lex was made of tough stuff.  Both her father and her uncle were successful racers. Her paternal grandmother was a noted Persian lyricist and poet who moved to the States after the Iranian Revolution in the 70s. And there was (and is) reportedly much love between Lexy and her mother Elizabeth, her step-dad, and her step-brothers. Lexy learned racing and daredevil riding from her father, and according to IMDb, her mother nurtured her love of music and dancing. She learned twerking from her step-cousins when she was 12. And the result? One hot twerking, singing, songwriter phenomena who totally loves and appreciates both sides of her family; they clearly feel the same way about her. Here are 13 things about Lexy Panterra that you probably didn’t know.

13. Lex Luther – The Young Lexy

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barcroft usa

The IMDb biography states that Lexy was conceived in the back of a ’69 Cutlass. This was clearly before compact cars. Fair of face and strong in character, she used her assets to her best advantage. So much so that her father dubbed her “Lex Luther” when she was around 2 years old. Reportedly, she won her first beauty contest at the age of 5 and entered her first motorcycle race at the ripe old age of 8. Her early years were lived moving in between her father in Los Angeles, and her mother in Sacramento. Her father’s family had come to the U.S. from Iran. And it’s no coincidence that dad is President of Lex Luther, Inc. that holds the rights to LexTwerkout.

12. That Controversial Billboard

This billboard caused an uproar in 2013-2014, when it appeared in Times Square, New York. It was, innocently enough, an ad for a snoring remedy. It depicted an American soldier embracing a Muslim girl who was clearly his wife, and the girl behind the veil is none other than Lexy Panterra. Both sides of the equation, Muslims and Non-Muslims, decried it as insulting. When interviewed at the time, Lexy commented on the fact that at school students had told her she looked like a terrorist. Her father Tony, talked about how he changed his name from Abshar to Panterra, as his Iranian past seemed to raise red flags. While clearly loving the American Dream, they knew the challenges they faced. In the best American fashion, they kept on keeping on.

11. Twerking Through History with Playboy

You’ve got to love the idea. In 2015, Lexy Panterra teamed up with Playboy to bring us Twerking Through History. Lexy starts as a cave girl, then advances through various modes of dress and undress to bring the history of twerking up to date. Personally, we like the cave girl and the 1920s Flapper. All that booty and scanty dress. Lexy fans everywhere said it was about time that Playboy noticed the sensation that Lexy has become. The video went global and viral pretty quickly.

10. The Little Girl’s Passion – Singing and Dancing

Once she moved on from motorcycle racing at 11, singing and dancing became her passion. At school, she was the kid who sang “The Star Spangled Banner” at assemblies.  And she took dancing lessons. She immersed herself in Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. In high school, she participated in cheerleading and school musical productions.  Singing and dancing were certainly in her soul. She later moved to L.A. to live with her dad and pursue her dreams. In 2012, she shot a house/trance/pop album with an Eastern European group. It had some success. Then, her dancing began to gain her a following on YouTube and she was poised to be the next big thing. Lexy continues to make beautiful music. Check her song “Lit” on YouTube.

9. The TwerkOut is Born – That Aha Moment

Miley Cyrus twerked at the VMA’s in 2013. Lexy herself has told Rana Campbell that she was cruising YouTube and saw some videos of twerking and thought what a great exercise it would be. So, she took the plunge in January of 2014, and held her first TwerkOut class. Soon, celebrities like Tiny Harris, Mel B., Tamar Braxton and Christina Milian, were sweating like mad and singing her praises. She got flack as a “white girl” who was teaching twerking. But, as she pointed out on her Facebook page, she doesn’t see color and she learned twerking early on from her black step-cousins. And, what’s more, she is proud of her Persian “flavor” and heritage. Next? She wants to get TwerkOut Certified so others can teach it.

8. Love Me Love My Dog and My Merc


Let’s do the math. She’s gone viral with her twerking and TwerkOut videos. Her main Instagram page has around 1.5 million followers, and her TwerkOut Instagram account has nearly 600K followers. Some reports say that Lexy is on her way to making her first million. Time to enjoy a little? TMZ reported that she had paid Betty’s Teacup Yorkies $4,500 for a Yorkie named Lila. Apparently, Paris Hilton buys from the shop. Seems Lexy’s old dog died and she wanted some company. Then there is the shot of the “LEXBNZ” Merc that she bought in Encino. Bet Lexy and Lila look great in the front seat of the sleek white car. Go girl.

7. The Secret of the Good Looks and Daredevil Genes

Talent, physical prowess, daring, and all out good looks abound in Lexy’s family. Lexy’s Uncle Ali Afshar (who also works as Alex Dodd), is a race car driver, actor and producer. He is the founder of the record holding auto racing team, Easy Street Motorsports (ESX). As an actor, he’s been in TV shows such as JAG and movies like He’s Just Not That Into You. Dad Tony Panterra, was a movie stuntman and world class motocross driver before an injury sidelined him when Lexy was 11. He’s also a dabbled in designing and building hot rods, and he now runs a well respected contracting company in La Crescenta, California. Her step-brother Elijah, caused a recruitment frenzy when he played high school football and is now a standout defensive tackle at the University of Washington.

6. The Persian Connection

Leila Kasra Afshar was a famous, prolific Iranian lyricist and poet who studied at King’s College London and then came to the U.S. in the wake of the upheaval that was the Iranian Revolution, and she was Lexy’s grandmother. After the Revolution, her family settled in California and she wrote under the name Hedieh. When Lexy was born on May 22, 1989, she was named Alexis Liela Afshar, presumably in honor of her paternal grandmother. Leila died from breast cancer in California in 1989, and is laid to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

5. Before They Were Famous – The YouTube Lexy Panterra

If you see things that talk about you “before you were famous”, you clearly have arrived.  Such is the case with Lexy. She has her own Michael McCruddon YouTube video outlining her background and her meteoric rise to fame. Clearly enjoying his time researching Lexy’s twerking videos, McCruddon is, together with much of the rest of the world, a real fan. The piece includes some great twerking clips and shots of Lexy with fans and celebrities alike. It provides some great background on Lexy.

4. Booty Clothes Lexy Style

Stocks of Lexy’s LexTwerkOut leggings have been, to say the least, brisk. She wears them in some of her TwerkOut videos. Great advertising. CuteBootyLounge shows the range as sold out and currently unavailable. Reportedly, Lexy also has a range of booty shorts. So, you can role up to one of her live class or buy a class ticket online and TwerkOut to your heart’s content in the privacy of your own home. We think the little bow on the shorts is a nice touch.

3. The “L” Word

Back last year, Lexy was seen on the arm of MTV’s Catfish star, Nev Shulman. There was some speculation, but it was not to be. Both appear to have moved on. Lexy has said that she would like to get married, perhaps have a family. Some of her music has talked of love and troubles. Perhaps, for now, we can say that she is in love with twerking and the idea of converting the world to the TwerkOut. But, keep an eye on her Facebook and Instagram accounts; you never know when the “L” word will hit you.

2. The Savvy Businesswoman

So many times, the next best thing comes and goes. Usually, it’s a great idea, but pity about the business side of things. But Lexy has demonstrated that she knows a thing or two about building a business. She has talked with Rana Campbell about the importance of positioning LexWorkOut in a way that includes just about everyone. She has also talked about not getting overly raunchy in videos, which could be off putting to some. Last year she and friend/client Christina Milian, became business partners when they put out a LexTwerkOut app. Everything you need to facilitate your TwerkOut experience.

1. A Really, Really Nice Girl?

Her social media is full of praise for her family. She writes of how much her family have given her; her mother, her father and her brothers. There are special Mother’s Day messages, and Tweets of praise when a brother graduates from high school. There are pictures of her and her dad, and she has spoken of inheriting her mother’s heart and the drive of her dad’s side of the family. And they return the love. While some of her childhood may have been spent in relatively poor surroundings, you get the very distinct idea that it was rich in love and support. She can be proud of them and they of her.

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