13 Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About Lexy Panterra

There's more to Lexy Panterra than her sexy twerking, beautiful modeling, and hardcore workout program.

The girl is hot, in every sense of the word. Her twerking is legendary and the stuff of viral videos galore. Her "baby", the booty shaking workout dubbed "Lex TwerkOut" attracts fans, celebrities like former Spice Girl Mel B and Christina Milian, and workout fiends to her videos (40 million views and climbing) and live classes.

Coming up to her 27th birthday (May 22, 2016), Lexy seems to have the world at her feet. Although, as she has admitted herself on her Facebook page, it was not always so. Part of her early life was lived in a dodgy Sacramento neighborhood, where drug dealing and SWAT teams were a familiar sight. But, our Lex was made of tough stuff.  Both her father and her uncle were successful racers. Her paternal grandmother was a noted Persian lyricist and poet who moved to the States after the Iranian Revolution in the 70s. And there was (and is) reportedly much love between Lexy and her mother Elizabeth, her step-dad, and her step-brothers. Lexy learned racing and daredevil riding from her father, and according to IMDb, her mother nurtured her love of music and dancing. She learned twerking from her step-cousins when she was 12. And the result? One hot twerking, singing, songwriter phenomena who totally loves and appreciates both sides of her family; they clearly feel the same way about her. Here are 13 things about Lexy Panterra that you probably didn't know.

13 Lex Luther - The Young Lexy

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12 That Controversial Billboard

11 Twerking Through History with Playboy

10 The Little Girl's Passion - Singing and Dancing

9 The TwerkOut is Born - That Aha Moment

8 Love Me Love My Dog and My Merc

7 The Secret of the Good Looks and Daredevil Genes

6 The Persian Connection

5 Before They Were Famous - The YouTube Lexy Panterra

4 Booty Clothes Lexy Style

3 The "L" Word

2 The Savvy Businesswoman

1 A Really, Really Nice Girl?

Her social media is full of praise for her family. She writes of how much her family have given her; her mother, her father and her brothers. There are special Mother's Day messages, and Tweets of praise when a brother graduates from high school. There are pictures of her and her dad, and she has spoken of inheriting her mother's heart and the drive of her dad's side of the family. And they return the love. While some of her childhood may have been spent in relatively poor surroundings, you get the very distinct idea that it was rich in love and support. She can be proud of them and they of her.

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13 Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About Lexy Panterra