12 Ways The Entertainment Industry Has Us Fooled

By now, most people know that certain parts of Hollywood are an illusion. Most of the special effects and animals used in movies are a product of CGI technology. Stars literally look like a million bucks on the red carpet, but aren’t always that glammed up in real life. Celebrities pretend to be happy with their jobs, financial status and personal relationships in public, but their private lives often tell a different story.

Of course, Hollywood also has the public thoroughly entertained with reality shows. This concept is still fairly new when it comes to television, but it has taken the entertainment world by storm. Some people only watch these shows to have a laugh and get a dose of weekly drama. However, there are some people who truly believe everything they see on reality shows. Yes, the label “reality” can be misleading, and some members of the public volunteer to be misled in the name of “good” TV. Then again, you’ve got to admit that some reality show plots do seem pretty believable, at least initially. Here are 12 ways Hollywood has us all fooled.

12 Good Shows Get Cancelled Too Soon

11 Cable Channels Have Better Shows

10 “Goal-Oriented” Reality Shows Often Backfire

9 Business-Centered Reality Shows Aren’t Successful

8 British Cast Members Make For Better Shows

7 “Home” Reality Shows Leave Families In Debt

6 Oprah’s “Free” Cars Were Never Free

5 Watching a “Live” Show Boosts The Ratings

4 Some Reality Shows Are Completely Staged

3 Reality Shows are “Unscripted”

2 Reality Show Actors are Contractually Obligated To Appear

1 Fan Campaigns Keep Shows On the Air

We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but writing lots of fan letters and emails isn’t going to keep your favorite show on the air. You may make an impression if you and your friends make enough noise on social media. However, the bottom line is that Hollywood execs are going to do whatever they want. After all, Hollywood is a business. Those in charge have to do what is going to be best for the business, which means execs aren’t always going to listen to your concerns. Part of clever Hollywood marketing is making you feel that you matter more than you do. Sorry.


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12 Ways The Entertainment Industry Has Us Fooled