12 TV Geeks That We Secretly Find Sexy

Gone are the days when being a geek was something that was considered a cultural curse. Thanks to the wealth of both fictional and reality shows on the air today, geeks of all kinds are on television. While physical attractiveness is always something that will bring viewers in, today’s audiences enjoy geeks because they have the whole package — they are wildly intelligent and physically attractive at the same time.

The geek niche has become so popular that Geek Chic styles can be found in most clothing lines today. This refreshing focus on both brains and beauty has brought about a wealth of TV geeks that are able to transcend the old ideas of geeky life. These geeks are charming, take care of themselves, are confident in their abilities and above all, they’re passionate about their work.

Whether they’re a geeky character on a popular sitcom or a real-life geek who’s the host of a science-based reality show, geeks are all over television. What makes these geeks sexy? While these intellectual buffs put more emphasis on their craft rather than on their appearance, they still have the full package. Confidence goes a long way in creating real sex appeal, and when these geeks are in their element, they are oozing with confidence. They enjoy talking about the subjects they are passionate about, making them even more appealing. From crime lab gurus to writers, physicists and (on-screen) doctors, these geeks prove that sexiness and intelligence can go hand in hand.

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12 Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

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Sheldon Cooper is an ultra geek. He thrives on information and isn’t afraid to say what he feels. A true brainiac, Sheldon is unapologetically intelligent and pokes fun at the stereotypical nerd by reciting educational texts in everyday conversations.

What makes Sheldon attractive is his level of comfort with who he is. While he's not always the most confident character, Sheldon’s somewhat sheltered nature makes him surprisingly attractive. He confronts conflict with facts and goes with his gut, resulting in hilarious scenarios. Keeping his appearance simple in geeky t-shirts and casual pants, Sheldon lets his personality shine. He's a prime example of an ultra geek who is sexy without knowing it.

11 Chuck Bartowski - Chuck

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The five season-long show Chuck combines an everyday guy into a kick-ass superhero. Electronics store employee turned kickass agent, Chuck, played by Zachary Levi, has everything that appeals to geek lovers out there. He’s humble, intelligent and funny.

He isn’t perfect, but give him a goal and he’ll do whatever he needs to do to make it happen. Chuck and Sarah’s on screen romance is another high point for Chuck’s sex appeal. Early on in the show, it’s clear that Chuck is taken with Sarah, but their romance takes a while to truly blossom. While Chuck is sometimes distracted by his infatuation with Sarah, his gentleman-like nature with her is sweet.

10 Dr. Gregory House - House

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Dr. Gregory House is likely to be the most memorable doctor ever seen on television, mostly due to his genius intellect and his snarky attitude. House is able to think about his patients' problems in a way that is unmatched. Intrepid and confident in his abilities, House never lets his problems stop him from solving whatever medical puzzle is placed before him.

While his methods are unconventional, there is something utterly attractive about someone who is so fearlessly unique and places such an intense amount of effort into solving problems. Despite his disability thanks to his injured knee, House has a mysterious and somewhat tender side of him that is ultra sexy. He shows us that a doctor does not have to fit inside the cliche box of fact spewing out-of-touch geek terms to get the job done. His somewhat disheveled hairstyles, piercing blue eyes and casual work attire add to his bad boy demeanor and overall sex appeal.

9 Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan Booth -  Bones

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In the creepy yet addictive television show Bones, Emily Deschanel portrays Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan Booth, a forensic anthropologist with an uncanny ability t solve crimes. Alongside her sexy husband Special Agent Seeley Booth, who gave her the nickname “Bones”, Dr. Booth is fiercely unapologetic about her belief in science as an ultimate explanation for every scenario we encounter in life.

A woman who knows what she wants and who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, Dr. “Bones” Booth knows how to balance being sexy, geeky and in-charge while still maintaining a relationship with her husband.

8 Dr. Melinda Warner - Law & Order SVU

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Dr. Melina Warner speaks for the dead. Spending days with cadavers, she’s intelligent, informative, dedicated, hard-working and isn’t afraid to be in charge. She is a natural beauty who calls it like she sees it.

Dr Warner has a job that most people couldn’t stomach. Working as a medical examiner on the show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Warner helps the detectives uncover clues as to how people died. While her work isn’t appealing to most people, Dr. Warner is sexy because of her genuine interest in uncovering crimes and bringing justice to the victims she encounters on a daily basis. Never letting the gruesome nature of her work get her down, Dr. Warner is as brilliant as she is beautiful.

7 Tory Belleci - Mythbusters

Former Mythbusters experimenter turned geeky TV show host regular, Tory Belleci is a fun loving risk-taker. Unlike many other television geek regulars, Belleci is always ready to dive into the driver's seat of whatever task is put in front of him. In the name of science, Tory will risk his own safety to teach others about the world around them.

In addition to his work on Mythbusters, Tory has hosted the Science Channel show Punkin Chunkin and even has his own widely popular web show called Blow It Up! Instead of just being a thrill-seeking whiz kid, Tory has the intelligence of a top scientist with a fun loving attitude and guy-next-door look. He’s intelligent, creative and still knows how to have a good time.

6 Mayim Bialik - The Big Bang Theory, Blossom

Portraying a geek on The Big Bang Theory and being one in real life, Mayim Bialik proves that an early career in television (in the film Beaches and as the star of the hit 90s sitcom Blossom) doesn’t mean you can’t be a an intellectual badass, too.

After her successful start on Blossom, Mayim took a step back from the world of television to work on her intellectual pursuits, which resulted in Mayim earning a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA. As if her career in both television and neuroscience wasn’t enough, Mayim is an author of nonfiction books and has a family of her own (including two children). Mayim is a badass geek who pushes the boundaries of what it means to be intelligent, funny and an all around balanced role model who gains more and more beauty with each of her accomplishments.

5 Helen Arney

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A geek who combines a serious talent for singing and has a wicked knack for physics, Helen Arney proves that you don’t have to limit yourself to one niche to be successful. This physicist turned science-based TV show regular and geeky singer-songwriter takes creativity to a whole new level.

With her edgy yet ultra feminine pixie cut, Geek Chic glasses and a classy yet understated sense of style, Helen can teach you about the world while singing you a catchy tune at the same time. What makes Helen truly attractive is her confidence. Whether she’s on an episode of Outrageous Acts of Science, creating laughs on Comedy Central or on tour, Helen knowns who she is and she owns it. Nothing is sexier than a talented, driven and confident woman.

4 Abby Sciuto - NCIS

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Go-to lab genius on the hit show NCIS, Abby Sciuto is one of the most badass geek characters on television. Abby, played by Pauley Perrette, is a spunky, intelligent, driven and innovative forensic scientist that helps the rest of the NCIS crew piece together crime cases, often leading to the otherwise untraceable solution.

Abby is hard to miss with her jet black hair, piercings, gothic style makeup and clothing. While Abby’s rocker-goth appearance may not be typical of most scientists, she balances her look with her positive and energetic personality. Unafraid to be herself while still getting the job done, Abby is a truly badass geek.

3 Kari Byron - Mythbusters

Originally working as an artist, Kari Byron has shaped her career into a powerhouse of scientific discovery. Best known as being a regular on Mythbusters for years, Kari is a refreshing female presence in the sea of masculinity that dominates scientific TV culture. While her background isn’t as scientifically based as other TV geeks, Kari is a prime example of a true geek—she is intelligent, experimental and has an insatiable curiosity.

Whether she’s testing a myth or hosting the show Head Rush, Kari’s fun-loving and kind-hearted nature shines through. Mixed with her kick-ass tomboy style and bold hair color choices, Kari is one sexy TV geek.

2 Dr. Sanjay Gupta - CNN

When it comes to real life geeks on TV, it doesn't get much better than Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon. In addition to his own medical practice, Dr. Gupta is the chief medical correspondent for CNN. This allows Dr. Gupta to reach a wide range of viewers through his various reporting segments via CNN.

What sets Dr. Gupta apart from other practicing physicians and makes him such a heartthrob? It’s his ability to relate vital medical information through his platform on CNN in a way that is both educational and relatable. Dr. Gupta isn’t afraid to tackle tough subjects and is persistent on pursuing the best possible answers when it comes to solving tough medical problems.

What makes him so attractive? Aside from his clear passion for helping others, Dr. Gupta is both handsome and humble. Despite his success, Dr. Gupta treats people with respect and does not hold himself above others. Few people are as equally knowledgable and attractive as Dr. Gupta.

1 Tina Fey - Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock

Never afraid to call it like she sees it, Tina Fey is the ultimate sexy geek. Fey has been on the television scene since she became an overnight hit on Saturday Night Live in the mid 1990s. She has an insatiable knack for writing and performing relatable yet unique comedic content on a regular basis.

With her various career paths in acting, writing, producing and live performances, Tina Fey has it all. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Tina is that, while she takes care of herself, she isn’t about to let anyone (including society) tell her how she should look, act or dress. Tina goes to the beat of her own drum.

Her portrayals of characters such as Liz Lemon on her hit sitcom 30 Rock prove that Tina truly understands people, giving her an unbeatable edge. Always coming up with new ways to make us laugh and question what we’re told, Tina Fey is the ultimate sexy TV geek.


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