12 TV Actresses Who Played The Hottest Daughters

Television has the benefit (or the curse, depending on how you look at it) of having its audience grow with its cast over long periods of time. While sometimes we get to see movie sequels recast members at different stages in their lives, long running TV shows allow the audience to literally see the cast grow and age on their TV screens, week to week and year to year. There have been many characters, particularly females, who have lured viewers in each week with their beauty. There have been many shows, even, where the entire premise centered around the beauty of a few characters. This list will focus on those females who played the beautiful daughters, especially popular in the family sitcom genre. The attractive daughter has long been a familiar, even overused, trope of TV, but we most certainly are not complaining.

Like in the movies, all females are the daughters of someone really. But the women who made this list are not only daughters, but being a daughter is central to their character, whether that means they are/were the daughters of the more primary characters or they faced daughter-issues throughout. Most importantly, for the purposes of this list, these daughters are the really gorgeous ones. The Marsha Brady of their respective family. Ouch! I just realized that Marsha is good enough for a metaphor of the list but not for the list itself. Consider that payback for my girl Jan. Alright, where was I? Right, the list.

12 Ashley Banks - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

11 Mary Camden - 7th Heaven

10 Rory - Gilmore Girls

9 Cheyenne – Reba

8 Kim Bauer – 24

7 Samantha - Who’s the Boss

6 Veronica Mars – Veronica Mars

5 Alex Russo – Wizards of Waverly Place

4 Tiffany Malloy – Unhappily Ever After

3 Haley Dunphy - Modern Family

2 Bridget Hennessy - 8 Simple Rules

1 Kelly Bundy - Married with Children


I always hated the studio audience reactions when a cast member first entered the set, except for two characters, Kramer from Seinfeld and Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) from Married with Children. Whenever Kelly opened the front door, the audience’s “WOOs” sung the song of my heart. The stereotypically dumb blonde Kelly was the crush of many a young man, teaching many what true love felt like. They say you never forget your first love, and I can say with certainty that I haven’t.

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12 TV Actresses Who Played The Hottest Daughters