12 Things Young Money Doesn't Want You To Know

Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB) is one of the fastest growing record labels to pop off in years. It consists of some of the hottest rappers making music right now; Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne, Drake and Tyga, the list is long and the lyrics are heavy. Needless-to-say, with popularity, fame and money comes secrets swept under the rug and images that are hyped up probably a little more than they should be. Everyone has skeletons in their closet both good and bad, but we all know that no matter how good the good is, the bad will always out-weigh it. Like every other public figure, the Cash Money crew has a few secrets of their own that if gotten out could make their fans look sideways at them. Wayne and his crew come off as pretty tight knit, so some of the rumors that are circulating may never be confirmed or denied, but let’s be honest, Nicki, Drake, Wayne... they are pretty tight lipped; for example, Drake will not confirm if he would jump the record label ship with Wayne, even though Wayne announced that he is going to be working with “his idol” Jay Z.

Having a spot on this crew is one of the most coveted spaces out there but with that comes the responsibility of keeping things under wraps. However, what most people fail to realize is that no secrets actually stay secret. Read on to see a few secrets involving the crew that has floated to the surface.


12 Oil

In addition to his success in music, Cash Money label head Birdman, also ran a pretty successful oil business with his brother Slim (former co-owner of Cash Money). The company was called Bronald (a combination of the brother’s real names Bryan and Ronald). The company lasted about 5 years and Birdman was so excited he even got a tattoo of a pump jack. However, everyone began to assume that the company was failing after they noticed that the tattoo he got was almost all covered up. By 2010 the entire tattoo disappeared and further investigation revealed that official regulators in charge of oil and gas had no knowledge of this company; Shade.

11 Chanel West Coast

Who is that? It is the chick from that MTV show Ridiculousness and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and apparently Young Money Cash Money Billionaire newest artist. First off, who knew she rapped? Second, when did Lil’ Wayne and crew even have the time to audition her for their label? Chanel is a cross between Kreayshawn and Iggy Azalea, complete with that rapper voice that they all do. Since she grew up pretty respectfully, it is only natural to hear her rapping about already having money and being in love with money. Take a listen it is definitely interesting.

10 Birdman Does Not Care that Much About Actual Rap

He is the master mind behind the highly successful label; but Birdman apparently does not care about rap. One would think that someone who is so successful in the music industry would have a certain love for music, right? Nope. All of Cash Money's earlier albums are out of print and Birdman has done nothing about it. Being as the crew is so popular right now, it could have been a good money maker to release older albums and profit off of that. Birdman himself only really does collaborations as opposed to doing his own album and writing his own rhymes (that could also be chalked up to knowing when to quit).

9 Wandering Eyes

Wayne’s recent mutters about leaving Cash Money is not the first time he has tried to jump ship. In 2005, rapper T.I. was scouting Wayne to join the crew Boyz N Da Hood with him. He was supposed to replace Young Jeezy and they were supposed to be something like a southern Wu-Tang. The group failed before it even started after T.I decided not to join. It looks like this has been a decision that has been on Wayne’s mind for at least 10 years. Who can blame him? Everything from the thievery to the stifled creativity is enough to push anyone over the edge.

8 Lil’ Wayne Has Serious Health Issues

Remember all those times Wayne ended up in the hospital for seizures and the rumor that floated around about him over dosing on that crazy mixture of codeine, jolly ranchers and sprite (better known as sizzurp) went around? Well it turns out that the patriarch of Young Money actually has a legit illness; epilepsy. The sizzurp only made it worse; while Wayne has stated a few times that he regularly has seizures, he only recently divulged that it is due to the popular illness and this has apparently been a part of his life for several years. Maybe he should also cool it with all the lights at his sold out shows.

7 Frequent Signers

Young Money Cash Money Billionaires is making a lot of money off of their 'fab 4': Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil’ Wayne and Tyga; however, they have a bad habit of signing artists and never showing them off. 25 plus artists to be exact. It is almost like they are taking down competition by signing them to the YMCMB label, and then sitting on them in a corner wrapped up with all this red tape. Some of the artists that are signed or were signed to Cash Money and never released an album include; Busta Rhymes 2012-2014, Bow Wow 2009-present, Brisco 2007-present and Flow 2012-present.

6 Despite The Beef, They Have No Beef

Everyone knows that you are not a real rapper until you have beef with another rapper. Wayne and Drake have reportedly had an ongoing beef with the likes of Jay Z, Pusha T and even Kanye West. Unfortunately, that is just a lot of hype; as recently as February of this year, Drake has collaborated with Kanye West. Wayne has reportedly been seen at parties thrown by West, and as co-owner of Young Money, if he had beef with someone why would he allow his artists to collaborate with his enemies? Don’t believe the hype.


5 They Co-Sign Justin Bieber’s BS

It seems as though Birdman has taken Justin Bieber under his wing and could quite possibly be grooming him for a spot on the Cash Money crew. It made headlines when Birdman lent his $2 million Bugatti to Bieber to cruise around LA, even though he had just had a horrible car accident with his own luxury car. Bieber Tweeted back and forth with Birdman about driving the super expensive car; Bieber Tweeted, “Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti #generosity'”. It is safe to say that we can all agree that Bieber would make a perfect narcissistic addition to the YMCMB.

4 There is a definite Religious Element to All of them

Religion seems to play a bigger part in the members of the crew’s lives then they lead on. Wayne has a church group for troubled youth in his neighborhood, he identifies as Roman Catholic and reads his bible regularly. Drake identifies as Jewish and constantly thanks God for all his fans and success, even Tyga is down with GOD admitting that his name is an acronym for “Thank You God Always”. Who would have thought that this “thuggy” crew was so invested in the Lord? Next time you are rapping along to one of their spiritual lyrics, you should really think about what it means.

3 Poor Money Management

According to an article written by Forbes contributor Shawn Setaro, Young Money has a history of stiffing people out of the big bucks. Wayne is not the only person Birdman has reportedly stolen from, he has also gotten caught stiffing Wendy Day, the woman who got Cash money their initial $30 million deal with Universal Records, and producer Bangladesh has had to sue them over not getting paid to produce Wayne’s hit track “A Milli”. They reportedly even stopped paying record label EMI royalties. That sounds like a lot of thievery. Does Birdman and Co have no shame? They are pissing off a lot of people.

2 Not So Best Friends

Lil’ Wayne and Birdman are not as close as everyone thinks they are. Even though the duo did an album together titled Like Father Like Son, the former friends are having a hard time keeping their emotions under wraps. News recently broke that Lil’ Wayne is planning on leaving Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and apparently it is all due to his father figure Birdman, apparently stealing millions of dollars from him. It looks like it is MOE (money over everything). The drama does not end there; in June 2015 during a sold out show, Wayne announced that he “just signed a deal” with his “mothef****** idol” Jay Z; Shots fired.

1 No One In Young Money Is As Hard As They Claim

All the drug talk and the lyrics that focus on drug dealing and drug using is mostly a lie. Besides a little “lean” here and there, and maybe some kush, the tight knit crew is pretty drug free and most of them have their heads on straight. Even though Nicki shows her a** sometimes with those multiple personalities, that is not the effect of drugs, that’s just her. Most of the crew is pretty family oriented, especially Wayne who has several kids to take care of, and Nicki is constantly looking out for her family. Do not let the hype fool you. This crew is so focused on making that dollar that they have no intentions on letting anything screw that up.



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