12 Things You Don't Know About Melania Trump

Even if you’ve been hiding under a rock these days, you know that Donald Trump is running for president. Then again, you may have slid back under that rock after finding out this…interesting news. By now, we know plenty of things about Donald. He’s a real estate tycoon, he’s been bankrupt several times, he thinks his daughter is “hot,” and his father allegedly had ties to the KKK. Also, Trump has some pretty offensive views when it comes to people of other religions and races. Trump is known for saying what’s on his mind and using an abundance of colorful language to excite a crowd. Some people in the country support his views, while others wish he would go back to being a little quieter. Either way, it looks like he’s going to be in the spotlight for at least a little while longer.

Even though there’s a lot of talk about Donald Trump these days, most people don’t know a lot about his wife, Melania. She’s the beautiful woman who is standing by Trump’s side as he aspires to be the leader of the free world, and for the most part, she’s been pretty quiet. At this point, it’s safe to say that most people are curious to know what she’s really all about. Here are 12 things you may not have known about Melania Trump.


12 Melania Is a Former Model

Melania started modeling when she was just five years old. By the time she was 16, she was in commercials. Melania stated in an interview with Parenting magazine that she “went professional” after finishing school. Mrs. Trump shares that she got her love for fashion from her mother, who would often take her to Paris and Italy to see the latest fashion trends up close. Melania Trump also went on to pose for some of the top fashion photographers, like Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier. She also appeared in popular magazines like Vogue and Sports Illustrated, which indicates that she was pretty successful as a model.

11 Melania Is Donald’s Third Wife


Melania is wife #3 for Donald Trump. Most people remember the tabloid frenzy in the 1980s and 1990s surrounding Donald’s first two marriages, yet Melania fell for him anyway. Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana, who he met in 1977, helped him become a fixture on the New York social scene. Then, Trump had an affair with Marla Maples, and that was all anyone could talk about for a while. Donald and Ivana’s divorce was one of the most scandalous to date. Trump and Maples married in 1993, and their tumultuous six-year union was often a top story for the New York Post.

10 Melania and Donald Have a Great Sex Life

First of all, gross. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Melania admits that she and Donald have a pretty fulfilling sex life. When the couple appeared on the Howard Stern Show in 1999, Melania said that she and her husband have “incredible sex,” and added that she barely had any clothes on at the moment (the interview was conducted by phone). Mrs. Trump went on to say that she and Donald have sex “at least once a day…sometimes even more.” While a healthy level of intimacy is important for any couple, we just don’t want to hear about Donald Trump and sex in the same sentence. So again, gross.

9 Melania Met Donald While He Was With Another Woman


When Melania met Donald Trump, he was actually on a date with another woman. During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Melania states that the two met in 1998 at a Fashion Week party—and that Trump was dating someone else. Melania says that Donald tried to get her number that night, but because she saw that he clearly had a date, she refused. Instead, she asked Donald for his number. She wanted to see if he’d give her a valid number, and she decided she’d let things progress from there. Donald proceeded to give Melania all of his phone numbers, so she’d have no problems reaching him. After Melania returned from a photoshoot in the Caribbean, she decided to give Donald a call. The rest, as they say, is history.

8 Melania Is Just A Little Older Than Her Stepchildren

Melania Trump is 45, which means she’s just seven years older than Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr. Needless to say, Thanksgiving dinner was probably a little awkward for the first few years of Donald and Melania’s marriage. Trump’s other children, Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany, are 34, 32 and 22, so she’s not too much older than them, either. Things probably got even more awkward when Melania and Donald welcomed Barron into the world, who was born in 2006. All of Barron’s siblings are technically old enough to be his parents. Apparently, Donald doesn’t seem to mind any of this, and neither does Melania.

7 Melania Had Hillary Clinton At Her Wedding

It’s no surprise that Melania’s wedding to Donald Trump was extravagant and star-studded. After all, she was marrying a real estate mogul who is worth billions. However, you may be surprised to know that when the Trumps tied the knot in 2005, Bill and Hillary Clinton were in attendance. There are even pictures of the Clintons and the Trumps talking and laughing at the wedding reception. Obviously, things have changed a little since then. In other Trump wedding-related news, Melania looked radiant in her John Galliano gown, which took 1,000 hours to make. Reportedly, 550 of those hours were spent hand-sewing pearls and crystal rhinestones onto the dress.

6 Melania Speaks Five Languages

While many people see Melania as Donald Trump’s beautiful trophy wife, it’s important to note that she is rather intelligent. Mrs. Trump speaks five languages: Slovenian, French, English, German and Serbian. Clearly, this quality of hers would be an asset to the White House. However, we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of Melania’s translating skills without actually electing her husband as president. It’s also pretty obvious that Melania has an accent, and it has been reported that this is the reason she doesn’t make many public appearances with Donald Trump. It’s also extremely interesting to note that Melania Trump is an immigrant, who can fluently communicate with other immigrants. Interesting.


5 Melania Posed...


If Donald Trump wins the presidency, Melania Trump will have the “distinction” of being the only First Lady to have ever posed nude. In 2000, Mrs. Trump posed for GQ in the buff. There was even a picture in the spread that showcased her handcuffed to a briefcase, while on board Donald Trump’s private jet (he was her boyfriend at the time). Of course, there are some conflicting views about whether or not a First Lady should be a former nude model. However, there were a few other First Ladies who had modeling careers: Betty Ford and Pat Nixon. However, both ladies were clothed for their photoshoots.

4 Melania Doesn’t Always Agree With Donald

It will likely come as a relief to some that Melania doesn’t always agree with her husband. Donald Trump is outspoken to say the least, but that doesn’t intimidate his wife. Melania states that she tells Trump what she thinks and “sometimes he takes them in, sometimes he does not.” She also makes it clear that she’s not a “yes” person, and thinks that having disagreements at times makes for a healthy relationship. Mrs. Trump states that she doesn’t want to change Trump, and he doesn’t want to change her, and makes it clear that “no matter who you are married to, you still need to lead your life.” She sounds pretty level-headed.

3 Melania Is From Yugoslavia


Melania was born and raised in Yugoslavia, a communist country. Clearly, the glamour and highly-publicized social life of New York is a drastic change from her upbringing. She was raised during the rule of Tito, and lived in a concrete tower in the northern region of the country. If her husband becomes president, Melania Trump will be the first First Lady to be born in a communist nation. She’d also be the second First Lady to be born in a country other than the United States. Louisa Adams, the wife of John Quincy Adam, was born in England, and was the only other First Lady to have this distinction.

2 Melania Is Raising Her Son to Be Just Like His Dad

Melania and Donald’s son, Barron, looks a lot like his dad and Melania is raising him to behave like “The Donald” as well. Barron loves wearing suits and ties, and plays golf with his father often. It has also been reported that Barron inherited the bossy gene from his father, and loves telling people what to do. Melania has stated that Barron has “fired nannies, fired housekeepers,” so apparently, he has a huge leadership role in the Trump home. According to an interview Melania gave in 2011, Barron quickly hired the employees back. So, maybe he’s just practicing the firing process when he’s older and heading one of his father’s companies.

1 Melania Is Voluntarily Quiet About Donald’s Campaign


Melania intentionally doesn’t put herself in the spotlight of Donald Trump’s campaign trail. She has stated that she isn’t going to “go political in public because that is my husband’s job.” Melania says that she’s political in her private life, and that she is aware of everything that is going on in her husband’s campaign. Melania says that she “chose not to be on the campaign” and that she has her own point of view about things. She also shared that she thinks her husband likes this quality in her. Maybe it’s best that she doesn’t connect herself to some of her husband’s outlandish viewpoints.


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