12 Things You Didn't Know About Tyga And Kylie

We all know that celebrity couples are America’s favorite discussion piece. But, the world is even more intrigued by couples who pretend that they are not together in order to keep a low profile on their relationship. These very private couples become a challenge to paparazzi and media, to get photos of their stolen kisses, or intimate hugs, and private moments. The world is familiar with several of these “secret love connections”, but the most recent couple to make claims of not being in a relationship are Kylie Jenner and Tyga. The relationship initially received a lot of press considering Tyga had begun dating Kylie while she was underage and he was very legal. Media flocked to the couple even more once rumors surfaced that the couple had moved in together very shortly after the nasty public break up between Tyga and his video vixen ex-girlfriend Blacc Chyna. After all the negative energy being sent Tyga’s way in regards to him dating and living with an under-aged girl, it is no surprise that both Kylie and Tyga always denied that they were anything other than friends. Well, the secret of the two being an item has finally been confirmed. Once Kylie celebrated her eighteenth birthday, it seemed both her and Tyga stopped caring about what people thought of their age difference and went public about being a couple. Aside from that confirmation, here are 12 things that you did not know about Kylie Jenner and Tyga.


12 Tyga is Banking

The world knows that Tyga is a very well known rapper. And with international concert tours performing alone and with other major headliners, this guy has to be making some cash. Well, he definitely is doing very well for himself. The rapper has a current net worth of over 2 million dollars. That is a nice amount of coins to play with, as well as build a beautiful life for his son and future children also for that matter. Since his debut and being signed to Young Money Entertainment, he has dropped unforgettable singles to compliment his album.

11 Tyga's Real Name


We all have grown to know and love Kylie’s boyfriend by the name he has presented to the public as his stage name, which is Tyga. However, very few times has he mentioned the acronym behind Tyga. Also, few interviewers rarely ask the meaning behind his name. Tyga stated his name is an acronym for “Thank you God always”. Tyga has no issue answering anyone who asks the meaning for his name and heartfelt acronym. Also, Tyga’s government name, that many people in the world are not even familiar with, is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson.

10 Kylie Has Coin Too

So, the world could not possibly assume that the daughter of Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner would be anything less than an heiress to wealth and a little businesswoman herself. Kylie, at the young age of 18-years old, has a net worth of over 3 million dollars. Of course some of her millions were inherited by just being born into the right family, but in other aspects Kylie aspires to be an actress. She now models and is very much into makeup and fashion. Therefore, we can definitely look to see the businesswoman aspect of the maturing Kylie in the near future. And who can blame her with a family of entrepreneurs and business women such as her older sisters.

9 Tyga and Kylie Met At A Birthday Party In 2011


So to speak of awkward beginnings, this would definitely have to be at the top of the list. In 2011, Kylie’s older sister Kendall, had a birthday party where she specifically asked for Tyga to come and perform. Kendall made it no secret that he was one of her favorite rappers. Following his performance at Kendall’s birthday party, Kylie was spotted being openly flirtatious with Tyga. So, our new couple is not as new as we may have thought. Tyga and Kylie have been interacting for several years prior to their public introduction to the world as an item recently.

8 Kylie and Tyga Double-Dated With Blacc Chyna’s BFF

It is very common for friendships to be tested after years of interacting with a person. However, this next little fact that people did not know about Tyga and Kylie may push the envelope when it comes to friendships being tested. So, Tyga was once in a relationship with stripper turned model, Blacc Chyna. Blacc Chyna’s best friend is a beautiful entrepreneur and boutique owner by the name of Heather Sanders. Well, Tyga and Kylie actually double-dated with Heather and her boyfriend shortly after Tyga’s break up with Blacc Chyna. Nothing has surfaced regarding Blacc Chyna and Heather’s friendship since the double date.

7 Bruce (Caitlin) Does Not Play When It Comes To Kylie

Although some see Kylie as a baby still, others feel as though she is definitely an adult judging by her very mature actions and decisions. There is one person who definitely will always see her as a baby, though, her father Bruce (Caitlin) Jenner. Bruce had a very man to man talk with Tyga about dating his young daughter way before the media jumped down Tyga’s throat for being  with Kylie. Bruce reportedly made it very clear to Tyga that there would be repercussions for hurting his daughter. So, if you did not think Tyga ever interacted with Bruce, surprise he did; and in a very old fashioned manner as well.

6 Kylie Does Not Like The Attention Her Plastic Surgery Brought On

Anyone who had access to any form of social media witnessed the “Kylie Challenge”, where young naive girls took empty shot glasses, pushed their lips in them, sucking the air out of the glass in order to swell their lips and ultimately get the Kylie look. This craze swept through the media like wildfire, and all because of the attention that was given to Kylie when she had lip enhancement surgery. Although Kylie loves the results of her surgery, she hates how the media focused so much on that one aspect of her. With all the plastic surgery and body enhancements being performed in Hollywood, she simply felt there were other things the world could pay attention to with regards to her life and career.


5 Kylie Uses Kim and Kanye As Fashion Inspirations


From Yeezys to Dash stores to fashion week, we all know that there is definitely a fashion gene that runs through the veins of all the Kardashian and Jenner women, that extends to their significant others. With that being said, it is a little known fact however, that Kylie uses her sister Kim and her very outspoken and talented husband Kanye West, as fashion inspirations. Whenever you see Kylie, even on a regular day, she makes sure her appearance is eye catching. Now knowing who she draws that fashion inspiration from makes it even more exciting to watch her evolving style.

4 Kylie Wants To Be An Actress One Day

Kylie has had a public life due to being on reality shows with her family, then having a relationship with Tyga that the world dove into from inception. With all this camera attention on her personal life, one would think that more intimate details about Kylie would be spoken of more often. However, she rarely speaks on her true heartfelt aspirations. Kylie has long wanted to be an actress. With so much focus on her and Tyga’s relationship and debates on if it was appropriate or inappropriate, her aspirations for the future and small personal details were often overlooked. So we can probably expect to see Kylie on the big screen one day.

3 Tyga Has Written Lyrics About Kylie in His Music

It is extremely common for musicians to write songs about the woman they love, or have songs performed that will mean something to the leading lady in their lives, so this next item that you did not know about Kylie and Tyga should not be much of a surprise. Tyga has a song called “Pleazer”, where he references Kylie very literally speaking of her age and their relationship together. Kylie has always been seen mouthing every lyric to Tyga’s songs if they are in the same vicinity, but this particular song is definitely something he did with her in mind.

2 Kylie Has A Teenager's Dream Job

The world was introduced to Kylie Jenner on the hit E! reality television show starring her and her family called, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. That is also where we witnessed her mature into the Kylie that we see today, and get a little taste of her cute and sassy attitude. However, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is not the only check that Kylie cashes. Kylie actually also works as a contributing fashion writer for Seventeen Magazine. Very few 18 year olds get to work the job of their dreams, much less work for an internationally known and recognized magazine.

1 Kylie and Tyga in “Trial Marriage”

As if the world has not been on a shock roller coaster already with Kylie and Tyga’s relationship, the number one thing that you did not know about Tyga and Kylie may pleasantly surprise you. Kylie and Tyga have been rumored to have gotten married secretly months ago before she was even legal. Well, Kylie is constantly trying to put this marriage rumor to bed, however there is a slight truth to this, but in the cutest and most innocent ways. Since Kylie’s 18th birthday, her and Tyga have agreed to have a “trial marriage”. This basically means that her and Tyga will operate as if they were married to see how they would be able to handle it. After they agreed to their “trial marriage”, the two have been inseparable, so it appears the trial is going very well.


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