12 Things You Didn't Know About Rob Kardashian

The Kardashian family has welcomed themselves into our homes through the portion of their lives that they share with us through reality television. And although we have grown to learn so much about the ladies of the family, we have not been exposed to many aspects of the male entity in the Kardashian clan, Rob Kardashian. As far as the Kardashian women are concerned, we have gotten a grasp of their personalities, dislikes, and even the characteristics which help us identify with each of them. Yet, when it comes to knowing who Rob Kardashian is, what he enjoys, what he dislikes, and even his secrets and fears, those things have been kept under wraps or not displayed. However, there is so much to be revealed about Rob Kardashian in order to convey the aspects of his personality that make him who he is. Also, because he is a little more reserved than his sisters and parents, most things about him have not been revealed to his fans. Therefore, we feel it is only right to bring you the facts on Rob Kardashian here, because he is such a vital part of the Kardashian family and the Kardashian brand. With that being said, here are 12 things that you didn't know about Rob Kardashian.


12 Rob Has a Unique Way of Saying, “I Swear”

We have grown to know and love how all of the Kardashian family have their own ‘lingo’. Usually, as soon as a phrase or cute way of wording things is aired on their famous reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it instantly becomes a trend. Well, Rob Kardashian is no different in that regard. He actually has his own way of saying things as well. The most popular phrase that Rob Kardashian uses that those closest to him are familiar with is his very noble replacement for the phrase, “I swear”. Whenever Rob Kardashian would normally say, “I swear” he replaces that phrase with a simple but very common word, “BIBLE”. Considering that the book of the Bible is all truth, Rob’s way of saying “I swear” is very creative and witty.

11 Rob Enjoys Playing Roulette


Rarely have we seen Rob Kardashian in his own element and enjoying the things that he loves to do on his reality show appearances. We also rarely see Rob Kardashian interviewed alone to be able to convey to his fans what he enjoys doing in his spare time. Well, one thing that Rob enjoys in his leisure time is gambling. Playing the game of Roulette is one of Rob Kardashian's favorite things to do when he hits the casino. He also has a set of favorite numbers in the game, which are 3, 4, 7, 11, 17, 26 and 32. Additionally, he has a certain lucky number that he incorporated into any other casino games or bets, which happens to be 34.

10 Rob Had His Tonsils Removed at an Early Age

Rob Kardashian is for the most part a healthy guy, with only minor visits to the doctor. However, in his younger days, he was quite the addict. Lemonade addict that is. Rob Kardashian’s favorite drink was at one point lemonade. In fact, when he was younger he actually drank so much lemonade that the acidity and other components found in the popular kid drink caused him to have to go under the knife to have his tonsils removed. Therefore, like everything that is not used or consumed in moderation, it led to Rob having some not so favorable results. Now, Rob is tonsil free, lemonade free, and healthy.

9 Rob is Highly Educated


Unlike most reality television stars, Rob Kardashian had his eyes on higher sights long before any reality television opportunity even knocked at his door. In 2009, Rob Kardashian graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Business. Rob Kardashian had always placed a high value on his education, and was determined to pursue his dreams in business before he knew that he would be a part of America’s most watched reality television family. Rob Kardashian now holds a Bachelors Degree which validates his expertise for any business endeavor that he chooses to pursue. Rob took his time at the University of Southern California to gain a formal education in a field which he knew would only enhance his future and be the backbone for his own business in fashion, his line of dress socks called Arthur George.

8 Rob Enjoys Running

Rob Kardashian was always an active guy, but his favorite physical activity is running. During Rob Kardashian's high school years, Rob was the star cross country runner. Currently, he doesn't have a workout regiment per se, however, he does enjoy 10-mile runs outdoors as he takes in the scenery of his surroundings. Rob Kardashian stated that he has been attempting to begin a full workout plan for some time, yet he has not committed to anything as of yet. Even though he does not have a planned workout routine, he definitely maintains his cardio activity by running on a regular basis, which aides in blood flow and also keeps him in pretty good physical shape.

7 Rob Loves Tattoos

Rob Kardashian was initially featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians with virgin skin, meaning no tattoos at all, for the non-ink lovers. However, over the course of time Rob has grown quite fond of going under the needle to have the best tattoo artists in the country display their artwork on his body. The last time that Rob Kardashian actually counted his tattoos he had 16. But as a new tattoo lover, he does not plan on stopping there. Rob now has a full sleeve on one arm which features things such as a portrait of his mother, Kris Jenner, an image of Jesus, and various other symbols, all of which are close to Rob’s heart.

6 Favorite Band is Arcade Fire

Rob Kardashian is definitely a music lover. He listens to everything from R&B when he is working out or running, to Indie music such as Arcade Fire. Arcade Fire is Rob Kardashian’s favorite band to go see perform live. The band is originally from Canada, Montreal to be exact, and consists of a husband and wife, brother and three other very close friends of the lead singer, Win Butler. The band originated in 2001 and has been making waves in the Indie rock scene ever since that time. More importantly, they have earned a life long fan in Rob Kardashian.


5 Favorite Sibling is Kylie


Of course, we know that Rob has five beautiful and successful sisters. However, Rob is not afraid to share with the world that although he loves all of his sisters equally, his favorite sister to talk to and hang out with is Kylie. Rob and Kylie have the closest relationship out of all of the Kardashian/Jenner crew, and he often shares more with Kylie than his other sisters due to her ability to relate to him.

4 Rob Is Mildly OCD

Rob Kardashian is a very neat and clean guy. Actually, Rob is so clean, he is almost borderline obsessive compulsive with his cleaning habits. Rob has admitted that he reorganizes his closet several times during the course of a week. His need for order in his home leads him to maintain an organized display of his healthy amount of clothing and shoes. Also, Rob has relayed that he sanitizes the telephones in his home constantly to remove any germs or unhealthy pieces of matter that are sometimes found on hands.

3 Rob's Favorite Ice Cream/Candy

Just like the rest of the world, Rob Kardashian has some guilty pleasures that he indulges in from time to time. One of which is his favorite ice cream, which is Haagen-Dazs Coffee. Rob does not eat many sweets or things such as cakes or pies, but he will definitely take in a bowl or two of his favorite ice cream when he has a sweet tooth. Also, he enjoys Sour Patch Watermelon candy when he is on the go and needs something to give him a sugar fix in a hurry. He openly admits that he feels Sour Patch Watermelon candy is the best candy. Endorsement deal on the horizon maybe?

2 Story Behind the Name of Arthur George

Rob started his own sock line which he affectionately named Arthur George. The name of Rob Kardashian’s sock line pays homage to his late father Robert Kardashian, and also displays the pride that he has in his own name. Rob’s middle name is Arthur and his late father's middle name was George. Hence the name Arthur George. The sock line has been doing quite well since its inception and Rob is definitely proud of his accomplishment and ability to represent his family name in a different way.

1 Rob Sleeps With His ‘Blankie’ Still


The number one thing that you did not know about Rob Kardashian is that even as an adult, Rob still sleeps with a blanket that he was given as a child from his grandmother. Rob affectionately named the blanket KiKi, and will not go to sleep without it. Out of all the gifts that he has been given over the course of his life that he holds dear to his heart, this one is definitely at the top of his list. Even more importantly, Rob has no problem admitting to his adoration for the item given to him with so much love from someone whom he loves dearly.


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