12 Things You Didn't Know About Pam Anderson

Even if you weren’t old enough to watch Baywatch in the late 1980s and early 1990s, you probably know by now that Pamela Anderson, who played C.J. Parker, was one of the breakout stars of the show. Chances are you can still see people dressing in that iconic red one-piece bathing suit for Halloween or a beach-themed party, which is proof that C.J. will life forever.

After leaving Baywatch, Pamela Anderson had a pretty interesting life. She had a tumultuous marriage to Tommy Lee, and the couple had two sons together. One of her sons recently made his modeling debut, and it’s no surprise that he’s extremely handsome. Anderson found love with other men as well, and was married a couple more times after ending things with Lee. Pam Anderson has also revamped her image significantly. She got rid of her long blonde tresses for a while to wear a more sophisticated cut, and participated in non-profit efforts to save animals.

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12 Pamela Anderson Is An Author


Pam Anderson has written two books, Star and Star Struck. The books were published in 2004 and 2005, respectively. The books follow the life of fictional character Star Wood Leigh, who leaves her middle-class life in Florida to become a star. Sounds a lot like Anderson’s upbringing. The character in the books is also portrayed as fun, playful, well-meaning and a tomboy—much like Anderson. The books have actually been pretty successful, which just goes to show that Pamela is more than just a pretty face. Apparently, she’s a great writer with creative storylines and the star power to get a great publishing deal.

11 Pam Married Tommy Lee Twice

As if one rocky marriage wasn’t enough, Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee decided to give it a go one more time. The first time they tied the knot was in 1995, but that ended in divorce. Then in 2008, they decided that they didn’t want to live without each other, and became husband and wife again. But, once again, things didn’t work out, and they decided to call it quits. Tommy and Pam have two sons together, so they’ll always be in each other’s lives in some way or another. Anderson even refers to Lee as “family,” and says that it’s impossible to get rid of him. Theirs is a strange relationship, but we haven’t heard any tabloid news about them in a while, so whatever they’re doing must be working.

10 Anderson Wrote to President Obama

Pamela Anderson allegedly wrote an open letter to President Obama in 2008. The letter detailed some legislative changes that Anderson thought were necessary: the legalization of marijuana and the castration of pedophiles. Before you laugh, if you really think about it, you probably agree with at least one of these proposed laws. Maybe the president actually took Pamela’s letter seriously, because as we know, there are some states that now legalize marijuana, and cannabis has actually helped people suffering from serious medical conditions. As far as the castration law, it’s being revisited again, so we never know. Looks like Pamela Anderson was on to something.

9 Pamela Got Married In A Bikini


Yes, you read that right. Not many people can get away with walking down the “aisle” in a swimsuit, but that’s exactly what Anderson did in 1995, when she said “I do” to Tommy Lee. They got married outside, and Lee wasn’t even wearing a shirt during the ceremony. The couple had only known each other for 96 hours before they decided to be man and wife, so their attire was the least of their worries. On the bright side, they were able to go on a honeymoon on the beach immediately after the wedding, so that’s kind of romantic, right?

8 Anderson Had A Bad Experience With Her Babysitter

Unfortunately, Pamela Anderson was molested as a child. During an interview in 2014, she revealed this information, and stated that a female babysitter touched her inappropriately and molested her for years. Anderson’s parents had no idea this was taking place. Pam also shared that she had been r*ped. She states that her friend’s boyfriend's older brother offered to teach her how to play backgammon. From there, he gave her a back massage, and this led to the sexual assault. Anderson says that this was her first heterosexual experience. Anderson admits that her past experiences have influenced some of her choices, and has used this awareness to improve her love life.

7 Pamela Got Discovered on a Jumbotron


When she was still living in her native Canada, Anderson was at a BC Lions game, and was captured on the Jumbotron, wearing the t-shirt for Labatt’s Beer company. Labatt’s was so impressed with her look that they decided to give her a job as a spokesmodel. Of course, this led to other jobs, and the rest, as they say, is history. Even though Anderson often refers to herself as a tomboy, she obviously got the attention of a company who knew that they could sell a lot more beer with a hot girl as representation. Anderson’s discovery story is also proof that you never know when your life is going to change.

6 Anderson’s Parents Are Still Together


Pamela Anderson’s parents, Barry and Carol, have been together nearly 50 years. According to IMDb, the pair are still madly in love, even after all these years. The Andersons were newlyweds when they welcomed baby Pamela, who was born in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Pamela’s mom and dad had another child, a son named Gerry, a few years after Pamela was born. While most people don’t think of Pamela Anderson as coming from a traditional home, it’s interesting to note that her mom and dad are still married. Perhaps that’s why Anderson is such a hopeless romantic, and wants to try this relationship thing until she gets it right.

5 Pamela Is Still Legally Canadian

Pam Anderson fans know that she was born and raised in Canada, but not many know that she’s still a citizen of the country. In 2004, Anderson became a naturalized U.S. citizen, but still holds her Canadian citizenship as well. We’re sure there are plenty of people who don’t blame Anderson for her dual citizenship with the state of the current presidential race. Pamela likely also keeps her Canadian citizenship because she holds the distinction of being the first baby born in Canada after the country celebrated its 100th anniversary on July 1, 1967. So, even as a baby, it was obvious that Pamela Anderson was pretty special.

4 Pam Named Her "Girls" Pancho And Lefty

Allegedly, Pamela has named her breasts Pancho and Lefty. These are supposedly the names of the doctors who performed her breast augmentation in 2004. It’s no secret that Pam’s “girls” have gotten her a lot of attention throughout her career. So, perhaps it’s only right to give them a little more recognition than most women would give their breasts. However, these days, Anderson has been covering up more and speaking out about worthy causes that involve healthy food and animals. Obviously, she wants her fan base to take her more seriously, and keeping Lefty and Pancho covered up sometimes could be an effective image transformation move.

3 Anderson is a Vegetarian

Most people see Pamela Anderson as a rocker wife who is constantly hung over and eating junk food. However, her partying days are far behind her. Pam is actually a vegetarian, and a strong supporter of animal rights. She’s also an animal rights activist, which shows that she does have a sensitive side. Many people who have met Anderson say that she has a gentle and friendly demeanor, which just goes to show that rock stars (and their wives and ex-wives) can be complicated, “layered” people.

2 Pam Has An Impressive Film Career

No, not those kinds of films. Even though Pam is not as popular as she was in the 1990s, she is still busy working on creative projects. In all, Anderson has been in 15 documentaries and movies. She’s also guest-starred on a number of television shows over the decades. If you’re a fan of 80s and 90s TV, you may remember seeing Pam on Charles In Charge, Married…With Children and The Nanny. And who could forget her long-running stint on the 1990s hit sitcom Home Improvement? Anderson has also appeared on Days Of Our Lives, and was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

1 Pamela Anderson Is The Last Woman to “Traditionally” Pose for Playboy

You’ve probably heard by now that Playboy is not publishing nude photos anymore. Pamela Anderson has the distinction of being the last woman to post naked for the iconic magazine. That was a pretty smart business move on Playboy’s part, since they wanted to make sure they could maintain their loyal “readership” despite the big change. Anderson posed on the final December nude issue, which likely meant that subscribers likely got into the holiday spirit a little more that year. Needless to say, Pam looked great on the cover, and she was happy to do this favor for her friend Hugh Hefner, which made it a win-win for lots of people. Not to mention, she looks great for a woman of any age (she’s 48), and it’s perfectly fine to be proud of that.

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