12 Things You Didn't Know About Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj

If you’re a fan of hip-hop (and even if you’re not), you’ve likely heard about the romance between rappers Nikki Minaj and Meek Mill. Like most Hollywood relationships, their union is saturated with rumors and scandal, including the rap “battle” between Meek Mill and Drake. There have also been rumors that Minaj had a nearly decade-long relationship with former boyfriend and hype man Safaree, in order to be with Meek. There’s even speculation that the two are getting married, since Nicki has been seen wearing a pretty nice-sized rock on her ring finger. As you can see, the list of theories, speculations and sensational stories surrounding Mill and Minaj go on and on.

Even though it seems like most fans know all the personal details of their relationship, there are still some things about the union of Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj that you may not know. It’s fascinating (?) that people still want to know more about the hip-hop couple, even though it seems like all their personal business is out there for the public to view. These days, both rappers are more known for their relationship than their music, but maybe they don’t mind. After all, any publicity is good publicity, right? Here are 12 things about Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s relationship that you may not know.

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12 Nicki’s Mom Isn’t Exactly On Board With The Relationship


Mama Minaj (whose name is Carol) wasn’t completely supportive of her daughter’s relationship with Meek Mill, and she states that those who love Nicki were concerned for her. After all, Minaj had just gotten out of a long-term relationship when she started dating Meek. Nicki stated that her mother was concerned about her daughter dating the rapper, because she only knew about him from the media. Mama Minaj has met Mill to make sure that he’s a nice guy and won’t play games with Nicki. It seems like Carol is starting to warm up to Meek, but time will tell whether Mill sticks around long enough to get “in” with the Minaj family.

11 Nicki Minaj Took a Big “Risk” By Dating Meek Mill

Nicki admits that making the decision to date Meek Mill was a risky one. She told People that she’s only had three boyfriends in her entire life, and that she “doesn’t have much experience in that department.” Minaj also states that her family and friends were comfortable with her ex, since they’d known him for nearly 10 years. Even though it seems like celebrities casually get into relationships and don’t take long to commit, that’s not the case for every famous person. Nicki has made it plain that Meek Mill is one of the only guys who have a real chance with her heart. How sweet.

10 Nicki’s Pastor Was Hesitant About the Relationship


Yes, Nicki Minaj has a pastor. Sure, rappers aren’t exactly known for being deeply spiritual, but it’s important to keep in mind that a star’s “rap” persona isn’t always indicative of who the person is in real life. Pastor Lydia got a special shout-out from Minaj at the VMAs earlier this year, before Nicki proceeded to ask Miley Cyrus, “what’s good?” Nicki has admitted that her pastor had some reservations after learning about Minaj’s relationship with Meek Mill. Pastor Lydia apparently wants to make sure Nicki’s heart is safe with Mill, and Minaj considers her a second mother. Seems like Minaj has lots of supportive people around her, which is rare and refreshing in Hollywood, especially since it seems like there is no ulterior motive.

9 Mill and Minaj Started Dating After A Phone Conversation

In an interview with People, Nicki Minaj reveals that she knew she was “in trouble” after her initial phone conversation with Meek Mill. Seems like he said all the things she wanted to hear. In the same interview, Nicki also admitted that she and Mill didn’t get into a relationship as soon as people think. The media has presented the story of the rappers’ relationship as though it took place right on the heels of Minaj’s breakup from her last long-term boyfriend. However, Nicki assures the public that she had to take some time to get to know Meek before deciding to make him her guy.

8 Nicki Had To Know That Meek Mill Was Secure

It’s no secret that men can sometimes be intimidated by a woman who is successful in her own right. Nicki Minaj admits that she had to spend a lot of time having conversations with Meek Mill to ensure that he wasn’t insecure. She states in a GQ interview that people are always saying that “it takes a special kind of man to be with a woman who has her own.” She states that communicating with Mill honestly helped her to realize that he was not only secure with her career, but was OK with her being a strong woman in her personal life as well. We’re hoping Meek still has that mindset, since he got pretty embarrassed after his failed beef with Drake, and people started to make it clear that they thought Nicki Minaj was a better rapper.

7 Nicki and Meek Would Love To Double-Date With Jay-Z and Beyonce

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have been friends for a while now, and likely formed their bond after working on some music together. Minaj and Meek Mill have stated that they’d love to double date with Jay and Bey. Nicki Minaj states that she has a lot of respect for Jay-Z and Beyonce, both from a personal and business perspective, and rightfully so. The Carters have built an impressive empire for themselves, and make a number of lucrative business moves that extend beyond music. Minaj has also stated that she and Mill would like to go on a couple’s outing with Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.

6 Nicki Minaj Wanted To Make A Move Before Meek Mill Went To Jail

Nicki shares that she was actually thinking about Meek Mill the day before he went to jail. Obviously, the two had been talking via phone before Mill’s arrest, and Meek had certainly made an impression. When she found out that Meek Mill was locked up, she made sure to reach out to his people and asked them to let Meek know she was “praying for him to come home.” Meek got the message, and asked his people to call Minaj for him. Meek and Minaj were able to connect by phone, and Nicki states that they talked for most of the day while Minaj was on her balcony watching the sun go down. How romantic.

5 Meek Mill Has Been A “Fan” Of Nicki Minaj For Five Years

Back in 2010 when Meek Mill was a new rapper, he Tweeted that his goal was to “get” Nicki Minaj before another man had the chance. Perhaps he didn’t know that Nicki was still with her ex, Safaree. Or, maybe he just didn’t care. After all, stealing another man’s woman is the stuff many rap songs are made of. This leads many people to believe that Nicki and Meek have “known” each other long before they decided to make their relationship public. Obviously, five years of pursuing Minaj, even if part of it was over social media, eventually paid off. Mill also said that he wanted to get Minaj knocked up. Not the most tasteful thing to post on social media, but we’re guessing the sentiment was endearing…?

4 Meek Mill and Nick Minaj Started “Appearing” On Instagram in 2013


The couple popped up in a few Instagram photos in 2013, and were seen posing in the studio and supposedly “working on new music together.” This was allegedly during the time that Nicki Minaj and her ex Safaree were still together. Maybe that’s why Safaree was pretty bitter when news broke that Mill and Minaj were officially a couple. There are also some Instagram photos that feature Meek Mill holding up his middle finger while sitting next to Minaj. Perhaps this was a message to Nicki’s ex? We’ll never know for sure, but it certainly makes sense, and there’s no shortage of Minaj and Meek fans who “support” the gesture.

3 Meek and Nicki Allegedly Broke Up At the End of Summer

In August 2015, rumors were swirling that the rappers had called it quits. It wasn’t the first time people thought Nicki and Meek broke up. But this time, there was more information to fuel the rumor. For instance, Meek Mill didn’t attend Nicki’s brother’s wedding with her, and the two weren’t posting any adorable pictures and comments about each other on social media. They also weren’t interacting with each other online as much. So, of course, their fans noticed. Meek also posted a meme about chasing dreams instead of people on social media, which made a lot of her fans think that he was done with Minaj. However, it looks like things are just fine, and Nicki and Meek are just going through the obligatory relationship rumor mill, just like any other celebrity couple.

2 Nicki “Denied” Her Relationship With Meek Initially

Not long after Minaj broke up with Safaree, she stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s radio show in December 2014 to clear up the rumors about her and Meek. She stated clearly that she was “single” and that Meek Mill was her “friend.” Minaj even said that she and Mill “didn’t look at each other that way.” Clearly they were trying to protect their relationship, and Nicki didn’t want to make it seem like she jumped into a new fling so soon after a breakup. Minaj had been visiting Meek in jail, so obviously the two had something going on. But, hey, everyone’s entitled to their privacy at some point.

1 Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Aren’t Engaged (Yet)


Back in April, Minaj posted a photo of her hand, wearing a beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring. She also posted a diamond ring emoji with the words “I’ll post it later.” Of course, this led many people to believe that Minaj and Mill were engaged. According to E! News, the ring retails for about $500,000 and a “source” even confirmed the engagement, stating that the two rappers were giving 100 percent to their relationship and love each other very much. Later, Nicki stated that she and Mill were not engaged. Meek Mill confirmed in an interview that the ring he gave Minaj was indeed real, but that it’s “not time to get married yet.” Mill said that he and his lady are still learning about each other. Sounds like the rappers are definitely on their way down the aisle, though.

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