12 Things You Didn't Know About Kris Jenner

As the matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kris Jenner seems like a pretty open book. Everyone knows that she didn’t respond the way a typical mother would when her daughter had a sex tape leaked. We’re guessing she had a feeling that Kim’s “mistake” would later make the family a lot of money. Kris also seems to be fine with the fact that most of her daughters have had some type of cosmetic surgery procedure, and didn’t seem to bat an eye when her youngest daughter Kylie, started dating a rapper who was way too old for her.

There’s even some speculation that Kris Jenner’s reaction to the fact that her ex-husband Bruce Jenner, was turning into Caitlyn was fake. After all, did she really have no idea that Bruce had the desire to be a woman? Even if she didn’t know during the earlier years of her marriage, didn’t she and Caitlyn talk about this before the cameras started rolling?

While there are some things that we may never be able to confirm about Kris Jenner, one thing is for sure; she’s willing to do a lot for fame, and she’s committed to making her children famous for as long as possible. Here are 12 things you probably didn’t know about Kris Jenner.


12 She’s Allergic To Bees

Sure, no one likes to get stung by a bee. For most people, getting some ointment to stop the pain and itch of the sting is all that is needed to remedy the situation. Not so with Kris Jenner. She’s deathly allergic to these insects, and stated to US Magazine that she carries an EpiPen with her all the time. It’s got to be scary to know that you may have to administer emergency medical treatment on yourself if you happen to get a bee sting. However, it’s clear that she’s definitely not allergic to fame or fortune. She and her family are pretty much the masters of being “famous for being famous.”

11 She Crashed Her Harley-Davidson Motorcycle The Day She Got It

A few years back, you may recall that Caitlyn (who was Bruce then) bought Kris a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The same day that Kris received the bike as a gift, she took it out for a spin—and crashed it. You may even remember when this incident was mentioned on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The fact that Bruce thought this was a suitable gift for Kris shows that she definitely has an adventurous side. However, the fact that she crashed it on the first day probably means she should give up her dream of being a biker babe, or at least get some great lessons from a professional.

10 She’s Never Worn Braces

When it comes to improving your looks in Hollywood, most people opt to get veneers to have a perfectly straight, white smile. There are some bold celebrities who decide to get braces to straighten their teeth, but that’s a beauty method that is best reserved for “civilians.” Kris Jenner states that she’s never worn braces, yet she has a great set of pearly whites. It’s also a surprise that Jenner has never had braces, since that seems like a minor procedure compared to the other surgeries and “work” she and her daughters are known for. At least she’s proud of one of her natural physical traits. Then again, her teeth could be fake.

9 She Baked A Cake For Lamar Odom Once A Week

During happier times, Kris Jenner stated that she baked a lemon cake for her son-in-law Lamar Odom, once a week. When Odom got traded to Dallas, Jenner said that she had to figure out a way to get the cake to Odom in order to maintain their tradition. This is a pretty nice gesture, especially for a mother-in-law. Perhaps this is an indication of just how close Kris and Lamar were before he and Khloe started having serious marital troubles. Khloe cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce, and there have long been rumors of infidelity on Odom’s part. However, in light of Lamar’s recent hospitalization, Kris, Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians have been extremely supportive.

8 She Hates When Her Family Members Are Late

Part of running a successful business is making sure that your employees and team members are punctual and ready to do their jobs when they arrive at work. Since Kris Jenner’s team is her family, she gets crazy when one or more of her children shows up late for an appearance or meeting. After all, Kris has a lot on the line when it comes to her fame. Most of her livelihood depends on whether or not the public continues to take a liking to her family. That means she’s got to encourage her kids to be professional at all times. Also, some people are just sticklers for punctuality.

7 She Keeps All Of Her Greeting Cards

Whether she gets a card for Mother’s Day, receives a loving message for Valentine’s Day or reads holiday well wishes in a greeting card, Kris keeps all the greeting cards she gets. Apparently, she gets lots of cards for her kids, who know how much of a softy she is when it comes to sentimental messages. Her friends send her greeting cards as well, and she keeps them all so she can read back on the fond memories that the card brings. It’s nice to know that the matriarch of what could be called the fakest family ever has a soft side.

6 She Was In Cabaret

Yes, Kris Jenner was in Cabaret. She played a hooker! This goes to show that she definitely doesn’t take herself too seriously. However, this could make people feel as though she doesn’t have a problem with her daughters engaging in questionable behavior in real life. After all, Kim did get pretty famous after her sex tape with Ray-J was released. Kylie, the baby of the family, has also been known to post a racy Instagram photo or two, and has had surgical procedures that definitely make her look older. Maybe the Kardashians are just one of those families who don’t think sex is a big deal.


5 She Can Officiate Weddings

Kris has been known to officiate a few weddings, and is officially ordained to do so. Most recently, she was the minister for her longtime friend, Faye Resnick’s wedding. She attended the ceremony with her daughter Khloe. Jenner even hosted the wedding at her home in Calabasas. Of course, People Magazine caught some great photos of the ceremony, including one of Kris standing in between the couple, reading from a sheet of paper. There’s also a photo of Khloe dancing with Faye’s young daughter, Portia. Looks like Kris loves the idea of bringing people together.

4 She Knows How To Surf

Jenner grew up in San Diego, where she spent lots of time at the beach. She learned how to surf when she was younger. No matter how old you are when you learn to surf it’s a pretty impressive feat that not everyone has the privilege of mastering. Maybe that’s why Kris and her family love going on beach-themed vacations. She loves being near the water (she especially loves vacationing in Mexico), and surfing is another creative way to enjoy all that the beach has to offer. Of course, the Kardashian family also likes to spend time at the beach so they can show off their impressive physiques and designer swimsuits.

3 She Designed All Of Her QVC Collection

Middle-aged mothers with dreams of managing their children’s careers will likely love the pieces in the Kris Jenner clothing line. Jenner has stated that she designed every aspect of the clothing, even down to the stitching and buttons. While this is not something that many people know, Jenner wants to make sure that her fans are aware of this. There have been a number of cases in which celebrities create clothing lines and utilize unethical methods for clothing production. However, Kris wants to make it clear that she’s directly involved in the making of her products. Looks like she passed her love for designing clothing on to her daughters.

2 She Has Stated That Her Grandson Is Her Favorite Person

Jenner has stated that Mason, her grandson, is her favorite person in the world. While this is a nice sentiment, and it’s not surprising for a grandmother to make this declaration about her grandchild, we’re wondering if maybe Kris has to revise her statement these days. After all, Kourtney (Mason’s mom) has another son, Reign, and a daughter named Penelope. Kris is also grandmother to Kim’s daughter North, and Kim is also pregnant with a little boy. If the rest of Kris’ grandchildren find out about this “little known fact,” there are likely to be some hurt feelings. Maybe those feelings will subside in time. After all, Mason is her first grandchild.

1 She Finds Peace At Church

Kris admits that she finds “peace in her heart at church.” It’s surprising to know that the woman who is known for running what looks like a reality show circus finds her peace of mind at church. Then again, that’s probably one of the only places Jenner can unwind and release some of the stress that comes with being reality TV’s most popular mom. This also indicates that the Kardashian family does have spiritual roots. Some would argue that they’ve gone off the deep end in terms of how they have achieved fame, but there’s a good chance that Kris and her family are decent people at heart.



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