12 Things You Didn't Know About Blac Chyna

If you’ve been following entertainment news lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about Blac Chyna. She’s an ex-stripper who met rapper Tyga while she was still at her previous “profession.” The two fell in love and have a son together. They were even engaged for a time, but that’s all over now, because Tyga moved on to date Kylie, the youngest Kardashian sister. Blac Chyna is also friends with Kim Kardashian, who is the sister of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. We know, it’s confusing.

To make things even more complicated, Blac Chyna is also (apparently) dating Rob Kardashian, who is Kylie and Kim’s brother. This means that she probably still sees her ex Tyga more often than she wants to. Or, maybe she does want to. Perhaps she’s trying to get back at him by beating him at his own Kardashian dating game. Or, maybe Blac Chyna is trying to make sure that she never has to go back to stripping again. And, what better way to do that than to get connected to a family who became famous because of one of the sex tapes of the family members? Clearly Blac Chyna is a “layered” woman. Here are 12 things you may not know about her.

12 Blac Chyna’s Real Name Is Angela White

11 Blac Chyna Is Short

10 Blac Chyna Went to Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

9 Blac Chyna Is a Native of Washington, D.C.

8 Blac Chyna Counts Drake As A Fan

7 Blac Chyna Is A Successful Model

6 Blac Chyna Was Lectured By Rob Kardashian

5 Blac Chyna Had a Few Names Before Settling on “Blac Chyna”

4 Blac Chyna Went to College

3 Blac Chyna Is A Certified Makeup Artist

2 Blac Chyna Has An Eyelash Line

1 Blac Chyna Is A Business Owner

Blac Chyna is the owner of Lashed, which is a beauty salon in Encino. So, when she’s not being photographed with Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose (who are presently and formerly romantically linked to Kanye West, and are “supposed” to be enemies), she's giving customers custom lash and brow treatments. The salon also offers facials, spray tans and body waxing. There’s no doubt that customers likely go to the salon to get a glimpse of her, and to see if Lashed is really all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe Blac Chyna has been involved in all of these publicity stunts just to bring more attention to her company. If so, she’s been successfully learning all the lessons the Kardashians are teaching her.


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12 Things You Didn't Know About Blac Chyna