12 Things Wrong With Legends Of Tomorrow

If you’re a fan of Legends of Tomorrow chances are that you were a fan of one or both of its predecessors, Arrow or Flash. There is so much going right with the show; the characters are some fan favorites, there’s a ton of action, and the time travelling thing is pretty awesome. Watching the show is like looking at a very nice car with the newest and most awesome features available.

No that’s a bad description; it’s more like watching that car in a car wreck. You might not want to watch, but you sure as hell can’t look away. There are so many problems in this show, and it’s only getting worse. The ratings are dropping, but a second season has already been confirmed so the writers have some time to fix what’s wrong. This article will highlight the 12 things that are the biggest problem with Legends of Tomorrow. We won’t highlight the silly scripting, as it’s a CW show and they bank on having that writing style.

12 Atom And Firestorm Never Fight

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We get that Cold and White Canary are probably the most trained in hand-to-hand combat, and thus should be the go-to team members for some missions, but how come the team never uses their most powerful members, Atom and Firestorm? Atom would be amazing at the stealth missions that Cold keeps going on, and Firestorm is by far the most powerful, yet they keep splitting up Stein and Jefferson because… they need to make things harder for everyone? It’s unclear why the two men aren’t just always merged as Firestorm, and why Atom isn’t just always in the suit. Instead they keep sending an undertrained Kendra along with the murdering psychopath and the thief to do everything. This is no knock on Cold and Canary (as they are probably the best characters), but more on Rip who is just an inept team leader. Seriously they could do everything they need with just Atom and Firestorm, the rest are kinda dead weight.

11 Kendra And Ray’s Relationship


Forced relationships are never fun. Kendra and Carter didn’t really work as well as Kendra and Cisco did, and Kendra and Ray are even worse. The two characters seem to share nothing in common (outside of both being beautiful), and it seems like an obvious attempt at adding a romance to the show. This romance was completely unneeded, and we missed ALL of it. They just gave us an episode that had a “Two Years Later” moment and they are living together and madly in love. No. That’s just a cheap piece of writing that is completely unfair to fans, especially fans that weren’t buying their relationship from the get-go. They have no chemistry and just cutting away for a couple years and telling us that they are in love is not working.

10 How The Team Treated Heat Wave 


Sometimes they trust him, and then they don’t. We understand that he did something horrible when he sold the team out, but he only did after his only friend kidnapped him forcing him to remain a part of a team that openly hate him (and even freaking told him in the prison cell he was sharing with the team). Is it really a betrayal if Rip had literally just told him that he’s only on the team because he wanted Cold? It’s a mean thing to say to a man who repeatedly risked his life for you… Also he saved Ray’s life earlier when Cold wouldn’t. Why wasn’t that brought up when the team told Cold to go shoot Heat Wave like a rabid dog. After this, we are still supposed to think Heat Wave is the bad guy. I mean he is, but not any worse than Rip or Cold. Or Sara. So like half the team…

9 Sara And Kendra’s Relationship 


This relationship is completely unbelievable. There is a little bit of a teacher-student thing going on, but most of that happened off screen. However, Rip (and Kendra) think she’s the one who can bring Sara’s allegiance back to the team after the League of Assassins have re-brainwashed her. They knew each other for a little bit yea, but she was with the League for 2 years, she could have easily forgotten who Kendra was entirely. If we had to guess, the writers were only told that because the two are both women, they have to be besties. No they don’t. Both are very different people, who get along, but they are far from best friends. We all know that Cold and Sara are BFFs. Speaking of that episode...

8 “Left Behind" 


"Night of the Hawk" left us on a great cliffhanger where Sara, Kendra, and Ray are left behind in 1958, a terrible time to be an interracial couple and a gay woman. This is a great concept through which we can watch two cheery characters (Ray and Kendra) as they are forced to live in a time that won’t accept them, with a great unused plot line of the people accepting Ray but not Kendra causing tension. We’d also get to see Sara and that random nurse expand their relationship a little. Also Vandal Savage was around somewhere, he could have hunted Kendra. But no, we get “Oh we got left,” then “two years later.” THAT’S NOT OK! Show us what happened through the years, don’t just assume we’ll understand everything that happened in the three characters' lives in 2 years. That’s just the first 15 minutes of the episode! We get the whole plot line of Heat Wave as Chronos, and his threat to kill Cold’s sister (which came out of nowhere), and then they never touch on it again. There was the Kendra vs. Sara stupid fight. Perhaps the strangest moment was when Ra’s al-Ghul lets Sara (who he just called his best fighter) go. He’s never let anyone do that ever before, in fact he tries to kill those who do (Merlyn). The entire episode was a giant plot device that was hard to watch.

7 Too Many Storylines 


Each character has a storyline, and each storyline has a twist or 8 that the fans need to follow. It’s getting really hard to follow. This is the issue with team-up movies/TV shows, each character has their own things going on and fans are forced to keep up with it all. Another problem is that half the storylines suck or haven’t even been discussed in a long time. Kendra’s feelings for Carter were gone by episode three, Sara’s Bloodlust problem hasn’t really shown up yet (even though it’s a major arc in Arrow), and the Heat Wave/Cold/Chronos story is just getting ridiculous. If the show didn’t have to have a half dozen main superheroes it would be a lot better, and the addition of Jonah Hex might just dilute it more.

6 Character Dynamics Keep Changing 


Remember where Cold and Ray had a little rivalry based on who should be the team leader when Rip wasn’t on the mission? Where did that go? It was great and didn’t feel like a forced friendship. Cold and Sara have had a nice little friendship formed that no one wants to talk about. We like them as friends, we’d like if they were more, but it feels like the writers have either forgotten about this or decided to take it out. And what about Jefferson’s crush on Kendra? Or anyone’s relationship with Kendra who isn’t Ray? The character dynamics with one another keeps changing, and not to further the plot like the Cold/Heat Wave one. Every episode keeps forgetting what the previous ones gave us and continue to make strange changes with the characters. Jefferson specifically has made a new connection with every character in every episode. If the writers don’t calm down with the bad action and give us character development, this show won’t make it through season 2.

5 Nothing Hurts The Team Anymore 


Carter died early, and since then nothing can go wrong. We’re not looking for the leads to die off, but they are as immortal as Savage is at this point. The only thing that ever affects the team is when the ship breaks, which happens like every second episode. Don’t believe us? Well the most obvious example would be when Cold heroically freezes and breaks off his hand to make sure that the team doesn’t kill Chronos. It was a great moment, and even though the missing hand trope is quite a bit clichéd, it really worked. Fans should have been left to wonder how a man whose powers were using a gun and hand-to-hand combat, would fair. NOPE! Rip just grew a new hand for Cold, erasing the sacrifice entirely. He also made a point to say that he could regrow an entire limb if need be. We already saw Atom do microsurgery on Kenda, and now we can regrow limbs? What’s really at risk anymore?

4 “Progeny” 


This episode was the worst. The not-so-subtle ethical question of “would you kill a young Hitler?” wasn’t really well handled as there was always a 0% chance Rip would kill a kid on TV. And of course him getting involved would screw everything up, because that’s all he’s been able to do thus far. Dropping the twist that Ray’s brother took over robotics was stupid and a heavy-handed hint that Ray might be killed off. Then the forced relationship between Kendra and Ray hit a snag, though the question remains as to why she is just now having memories of Carter, not over the past 2 YEARS THAT THEY WERE TOGETHER (sorry, still annoyed about that). It seems like the team will have to take down Savage now, but after about 9 plot twists we now know some mercenaries want to kill them and they need to get moving fast. What are they supposed to even do? It’s not a good cliffhanger, it’s just another plot device.

3 Vandal Savage 


Vandal Savage is an immortal, super genius from Egypt. Let’s dissect this piece by piece. If he’s Egyptian, why is he a white man with a German accent? Christoph Waltz might have been a good Vandal Savage (because we believe he can do anything) but Casper Crump is no Christoph Waltz (though he obviously was told to be). Super genius? Please, this guy only seems smart because the crew hunting him seems to be inept. The dude just keeps doing random things that have 0 effect on anything, like making weird bird creatures in Oregon (we’re still a little unclear as to why). Now the immortal thing they got right, though they do a very bad job of explaining why Flash and Arrow didn’t actually kill him. He apparently regenerated from ash, which we assume explains his whereabouts over that time as we assume it would take years to regenerate, though we are never told. On a side note, why doesn’t the team go to the moment right after that and just sweep up the ashes? Seems pretty easy…

2 Really Expensive 


Literally everything in this show is more expensive than Arrow or Flash. More CGI, more costume designs, more big name actors, and more set designs. There aren’t many shows that are as expensive as Legends of Tomorrow. Each episode is a production, and if they want to use Atom or Firestorm, we’re talking movie-level CGI. It’s an issue, especially as ratings are steadily dropping. Cutting the budget could destroy the show; it’s really lucky that they have enough faith to give it a season 2. Don’t be surprised if season 2 is missing Atom or Firestorm (or both), or even if the cast gets reduced to Rip, Cold, and Sara as the only three appearing in every episode. Actually that might solve every problem, let’s want that.

1 Flash And Arrow Are Better 


The biggest problem with Legends of Tomorrow is that the shows it spun off from are just much better. Arrow and Flash are far from perfect, but they have better stories that don’t feel so sporadic. It really hurts Legends because it’s kind of a competition. They have to at least equal those shows to keep the viewers engaged, which is probably the reason for the forced romance and massive amounts of twists in the plot. It’s really unfair as both Flash and Arrow have endless pre-written storylines from the comics to pull from, while Legends is just going off the writers imaginations and attempts to not copy Who. It’s just too bad that it will always be tied to the other shows.

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12 Things Wrong With Legends Of Tomorrow