12 Things Scott Should Consider Doing To Win Back Kourtney

Since we were first introduced to Scott, it has been a roller coaster ride for everyone involved. Scott Disick has proven he is definitely one of a kind. By watching him on the past few seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you have likely formed an opinion about him one way or another. However, through his ups and downs and rocky start with the Kardashian family, Kourtney has been by his side and has been doing all that she can to support him as a loving woman would. Now, there has to be a statute of limitations for the number of times that a person is able to act out in public, come home drunk, and totally disrespect his family. But no matter what the world thinks about Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian was in love with him. She was also willing to give him more than one chance to try and get things right between the two of them. Now, justifiably even Kourtney Kardashian gets fed up and as of last summer, she broke things off with Scott for good. Initially after the break up, Scott was his normal partying-self, but later seemed extremely heartbroken. In the meantime, Kourtney moved on with her life amicably and peacefully. Now with Scott out of rehab, it looks like he’s trying to win Kourtney back. Here are the top 12 things Scott should consider doing to win Kourtney back.

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12 Take Time To Himself To Evaluate Things

Scott has been doing reality TV for quite some time and maybe the best thing to do right now would be to take some needed time off from TV, to really see things clearly. Obviously being on reality TV has contributed to his life spiraling out of control, so it wouldn’t hurt to just focus on getting himself better, so he can be a better provider for his family.

Stepping back would likely help him to prioritize what’s most important in life, such as his kids and Kourtney. This would also make Kourtney look at him in a whole new life, since this would be a huge sign of Scott maturing.

11 Spend One On One Time With Kourtney

A while ago, Kourtney wanted to move to the Hamptons to spend some quality time with Scott and the kids and instead of Scott staying home, he decided to go partying most nights. Spending quality time with Kourtney and the kids would make all the difference in the world to not only Kourtney, but to his kids as well. Especially since, for every night he spends at a club, is time away from his family.

Kourtney seems like the type of girl that is old fashion when it comes to relationships and family. She’s committed to her family and wants Scott to be on board as well.

10 Get In Touch With His Spirituality

From watching the show, it doesn’t seem like Scott has ever been into anything spiritual at all, so connecting with his spiritual side would help him a great deal. People usually find God, when they’ve hit rick bottom and it looks like Scott has done that.

We know the Kardashians have gone to church, so I am sure Kourtney would be extremely happy if Scott decided to get more in tuned with his spiritual side and suggested that Kourtney and the kids start going to church. Again, this would be a huge step in the right direction, not only for winning Kourtney back, but also for Scott’s healing as well.

9 Start Attending Counseling Long Term

During the seasons that Scott has been on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, he had attempted counseling but never successfully made any progress outwardly, nor did he attend meetings long enough to allow anyone to really hep him. With that being said, if Scott was to voluntarily go to counseling and consistently attend meetings in an attempt to be a better person, Kourtney would most likely at least give him the time of day, before completely giving up on their relationship. Since this would take some commitment on Scott's part, it would take more than one or two counseling sessions to convince Kourtney that this time will be different for them.

8 Start Attending AA Meetings Long Term


It is no secret that Scott enjoys alcohol and at times can’t control himself while drunk. The Kardashians have been trying for a long time to get help for Scott, but Scott didn’t think he needed help, which seemingly just caused more issues between him and Kourtney.

If Scott started attending AA meetings long term, he would have a shot at winning Kourtney back. Knowing that your man is always sober is a great feeling, and will provide Kourtney with some peace of mind, especially since thy have kids together. It would be great if Kourtney knew that Scott wouldn’t show up drunk around their kids.

7 Get A New Group Of Friends

Most people do not like to acknowledge the fact that the people who are closest to them have the most influence on their lives and decision making, whether it be good or bad. Most of the friends that were present with Scott on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, only encouraged his wild and crazy behavior as well as his drinking. Just because a person is used to seeing a person behave a certain way does not always make their actions appropriate or right. If Scott was to completely change the group of people that he goes out with and possibly even is around the most, he would inadvertently begin to match their vibe and actions. In turn, hanging out with more reserved people would likely tone him down enough to catch Kourtney’s attention.

6 Get Better Influences Around Him

In direct relation to not hanging around bad influences, Scott needs all positive influences around him so that he can grow and change for the better. With positive people around him when he is just hanging out at home or even out with his guy friends, he will be less likely to end up somewhere, doing something that he has done to hurt Kourtney or disrespect her in the past. Also, this would be another major attention grabber for Kourtney, seeing that he is this dedicated to change, that he would upgrade his friends circle to maintain a better lifestyle, and more importantly, get back the woman that he loves.

5 Work On His Communication Skills

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Scott is very vocal from what we have seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but vocal does not always mean that the person is the best communicator. Unfortunately, Scott personifies this. Scott has been known to get very loud in public and at home, but he is not a good communicator. Like most men, he does not converse often about what is going on within, until it is unbearable and he lashes out in other ways to compensate for the stress, hurt or anger. Now, if Kourtney was to see Scott in another light, and he actually communicated with her better, relaying more to her so that they can better connect, the odds would be in his favor.

4 Consider His Children’s Outlook Of Him When He’s Not Around Them


Scott is known for his partying a lot, and most recently he became known for his interaction with another woman in a way that was not conducive to him being in a relationship. Hopefully he realizes that his behavior was highly inappropriate considering he has children.

If Scott thought about his children a bit more, before getting drunk, or going out to all those parties, we’re sure he would act much differently. Hopefully, he’ll think more about his kids and Kourtney the next time he decides to do something that’s not so smart. This is also another way to get back into Kourtney’s good graces.

3 Controlling His Temper

Watching any given episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you may see Scott yell, or scream obscenities, or maybe even throw things or brush all the items off of a coffee table or something similar. Sadly, Scott has an extreme way of releasing his anger at times. Knowing this, Kourtney would more than likely be more open to taking him back if he came to terms with his anger issues and worked towards correcting them. Even if Scott needed Kourtney’s support during the process, his willingness to try to correct one of his flaws would at least win him some points with Kourtney. Even if managing his temper does not get Kourtney back, it will help him become a better man overall by practicing better self control.

2 Practicing Better Self Control

Overall, if Scott had more self control when it comes to what comes out of his mouth, as well as when he is out with his friends, that would go a long way in building trust in their relationship. It seems as if Scott, just acts and doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions.

If Scott decided to be less of a party guy it would be a lot easier to change his behavior, since he wouldn’t be drinking as much and would be in less contact with his party friends. If Kourtney saw that he stopped going out as often, controlled his temper and drinking, this would likely give him huge brownie points.

1 Mentally Maturing


Overall Scott has a lot of maturing to do in order to even get Kourtney to look his way, much less give him the time of day. However, it is not impossible. If Scott was to truly focus on becoming a better man and being more responsible when out in clubs and events, he would be able to win over Kourtney’s heart a little faster. But in order for him to do any of the things necessary to try to win Kourtney back, he would have to do a lot of work on himself, which would eventually change his outward behavior.

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