12 Things North West Will Likely Be Doing In 20 Years

Even if you don’t follow social media much, you probably have at least a general idea of who the Kardashians are. If you’re obsessed with reality TV’s most famous family, you know that a few years ago, Kim and her husband, rapper Kanye West, had a baby girl named North (they have since had a son named Saint, as well).

North is one of the cutest toddlers in Hollywood, and is already making news for the impeccable sense of style she inherited from both of her parents. Since both Kanye and Kim are no strangers to the spotlight, it’s only logical to assume that North West will continue to be a target for the paparazzi as she grows older.

Will North West grow up to be like her mom, or will she take after her dad? Will she be famous in her own right, or will she always be known for being a Kardashian-West? There’s no way to know for sure, but there are a few things we predict will be part of North’s future based on celebrity culture—and who her family is. Here are 12 things North West will likely be doing in 20 years.


12 Doing Interviews

Like most of her family, North will probably do several interviews as a young adult. After all, it doesn’t seem like the Kardashians will be decreasing in fame any time soon. So, there’s a good chance the public will still want to hear what North has to say about having such an unconventional childhood. Like her mom and aunts, she will likely be able to boost the ratings of a network with just one interview. And, whatever she wears while doing these interviews will quickly be sold out in stores. Her hairstyle(s) during the interviews will also be mimicked by women everywhere. So, if all goes as planned, she’ll be worth millions, just like her mommy.

11 Showing The World Her Ego


If North West turns out to be anything like her dad Kanye, she’ll probably be telling the world how great she is by the time she’s an adult. Kanye West has no problem telling people that he’s a genius, or that he’s one of the most talented artists alive. Unfortunately, he also has no problem asking famous people to invest millions into his artistic projects, or getting into social media wars with other celebs. While we admit that West can be pretty obnoxious sometimes, his antics are mildly entertaining (sometimes). We’d hope that North wouldn’t resort to interrupting award acceptance speeches and saying strange things during interviews. But then again, it’s not like being a little eccentric isn’t in her blood.

10 Getting Married (For The First Time)

The Kardashians are known for their marriages (among other things), and North may not be an exception. We’re sure her family hopes she meets a nice (rich) guy and spends the rest of her life with him. But, North may have to kiss a few frogs before finding her prince. After all, her mom went through lots of drama with Kris Humphries, including a drawn out divorce that delayed her marriage to Kanye. Kim was also married briefly in her early 20s, but the marriage was annulled. Grandma Kris had a long marriage to Robert Kardashian, then went on to marry Bruce Jenner, and we all know how that turned out. So, maybe by the time North is of legal age, she’ll have at least one marriage under her belt.

9 Chasing Away the Paparazzi

If the Kardashian family have the same level of fame twenty years from now, North won’t be able to go anywhere without being approached by the paparazzi. Hopefully, she’ll establish a friendly working relationship with the paps like her mom, and she can do normal things like go grocery shopping or out to dinner without too much of a hassle. Then again, North could have her dad’s temper, and may end up attacking paparazzi for following her. Hopefully she’ll be a gracious mix of her mom and dad when it comes to paparazzi, and take a few pictures while being firm when she wants to be left alone.

8 Partying With Celebrities

It’s pretty safe to assume that North will have lots of celebrity friends. Let’s just hope she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of her aunt Kendall, and get banned from Coachella for being underage. Kendall was hoping her fame would get her in the door, and there’s a good chance that North’s celebrity status will get her lots of perks in life as well. Whenever there’s a birthday party, wedding or other type of celebration in young Hollywood, we’re likely to see pictures of North at the party. She’ll probably be dressed in the latest fashions, and if she’s dancing with a guy, rumors will swirl that she’s dating him—even if she’s not.

7 Being a Musician


North’s mom Kim tried her hand at being a musician. Thank goodness that didn’t last long. However, there’s still a good chance that North might have natural musical talent. Her dad, Kanye West, is a talented rapper and producer. He tries to sing from time to time as well, but most people would rather he didn’t. We’re hoping that if North chooses to be a singer, she’ll actually be able to carry a tune. If nothing else, North could be a great producer and have a knack for finding musical talent in others. Chances are she’ll appear in a few music videos in her young adult years as well.

6 Dating Older Men

If North turns out to be anything like her aunt Kylie, she’ll be dating guys who are significantly older than her. We can only hope that she makes this choice when she and her boyfriend are both legal adults. Her mom Kim, is a few years younger than her father as well, which indicates that she may naturally be drawn to older men. No matter who North West decides to date and/or marry, the tabloids are going to follow the couple’s every move. Chances are her super-famous parents will help her prepare for the pressures of being a huge celebrity as she grows older.


5 Hosting Her Own Talk Show

North’s aunt Khloe, has her own talk show, in which she interviews guests and plays drinking games with them in the comfort of her home. Her grandma Kris also had her own talk show briefly. If North isn’t afraid to talk in front of an audience and has a remotely interesting personality, she could land a talk show of her own as an adult. If nothing else, people will tune in for at least an episode just because of who North West is. And, she can keep her audience interested by interviewing the many members of her very famous family.

4 Appearing On Magazine Covers

North is already pretty cute, so it’s safe to assume that she’ll be a beautiful woman. She’s already been photographed several times, which may be preparation for appearing on magazine covers in the future (she’d be following in mommy Kim’s footsteps). North has even been photographed by celebrity photographer Bruce Weber, and she’s just a toddler! We don’t think she’ll have any problems landing on the cover of a popular magazine or two, whether she’s posing alone or with her celebrity relatives. North can even ask her aunt Kendall, a professional model, for tips on how to look her best.

3 Starting Her Own Fashion Line

The Kardashian sisters have been in the clothing retail business for quite some time. Their store, Dash, was popular even before they had a reality show. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are also known for their fashion sense, and effortlessly set trends for the rest of the world to follow. Kanye West is also into fashion, and has a line of shoes and several clothing pieces on the market. North could learn the ropes from her mom, dad and aunts and start a fashion line of her own. It’s hard to tell what her sense of style will be like 20 years from now, but there’s still a really good chance that her clothing would sell.

2 Living Off Her Trust Fund

According to reports, Kanye West is putting together a trust fund for North that will be worth $10 million by the time she’s 21. At that time, she can access the money. West wants to make sure North never has to work a day in her life. Of course, North’s parents want her to follow her passions (whatever those may be), and they don’t want her to have to worry about paying her bills in the process of finding her life’s work. Hopefully, North will be wise with her money and won’t blow her trust fund on overly expensive homes, cars and fashion items.

1 Starring In Her Own Reality Show

Of course, North will likely get an offer to appear in her own reality show. She’ll probably be making more appearances on the reality shows her family members star in as well. In 20 years, North West will have likely done some interesting things, and people will want to know more about them. Perhaps she’ll have a reality show with her little brother, Saint. Maybe the show will chronicle her budding career as a musician, fashion icon or talk show host. Or, maybe North’s show will be a continuation of Keeping Up With The Kardashians for a new generation. Only time will tell.


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