12 Things North West Will Likely Be Doing In 20 Years

Even if you don’t follow social media much, you probably have at least a general idea of who the Kardashians are. If you’re obsessed with reality TV’s most famous family, you know that a few years ago, Kim and her husband, rapper Kanye West, had a baby girl named North (they have since had a son named Saint, as well).

North is one of the cutest toddlers in Hollywood, and is already making news for the impeccable sense of style she inherited from both of her parents. Since both Kanye and Kim are no strangers to the spotlight, it’s only logical to assume that North West will continue to be a target for the paparazzi as she grows older.

Will North West grow up to be like her mom, or will she take after her dad? Will she be famous in her own right, or will she always be known for being a Kardashian-West? There’s no way to know for sure, but there are a few things we predict will be part of North’s future based on celebrity culture—and who her family is. Here are 12 things North West will likely be doing in 20 years.

12 Doing Interviews

11 Showing The World Her Ego

10 Getting Married (For The First Time)

9 Chasing Away the Paparazzi

8 Partying With Celebrities

7 Being a Musician

6 Dating Older Men

5 Hosting Her Own Talk Show

4 Appearing On Magazine Covers

3 Starting Her Own Fashion Line

2 Living Off Her Trust Fund

1 Starring In Her Own Reality Show

Of course, North will likely get an offer to appear in her own reality show. She’ll probably be making more appearances on the reality shows her family members star in as well. In 20 years, North West will have likely done some interesting things, and people will want to know more about them. Perhaps she’ll have a reality show with her little brother, Saint. Maybe the show will chronicle her budding career as a musician, fashion icon or talk show host. Or, maybe North’s show will be a continuation of Keeping Up With The Kardashians for a new generation. Only time will tell.


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12 Things North West Will Likely Be Doing In 20 Years