12 Things Justin Bieber Wants You To Forget About

While he instantly made a name for himself as one of the most promising acts in the music industry, Justin Bieber’s reputation quickly turned sour following a string of headlines that had people wondering whether his rise to superstardom had gotten to his head. Having made millions of dollars every year since 2008, Justin seemed to have faced a meltdown of his own in 2012 — one that was so heavily publicized, the media just couldn’t get enough of all the mistakes he was making. This ranged from throwing eggs at a neighbour’s home to having his home raided by police, who infamously found drugs hidden by Bieber’s pal, Lil Za.

The controversies were becoming more prominent with every headline up until 2014 when Justin finally made a change in his life removing the people who were anything but a good influence on his life. Still, the history of those scandals remain. And while JB would like you to forget about them, I couldn’t help but remind you of some of them. Here are the 12 things Justin would most likely want you to forget about in regards to his most famous scandals.

12 The Time He Kissed....

During the time Justin was facing his ultimate meltdown, it was hard not to find the Biebs making headlines in another tabloid magazine. On one particular day, however, a news outlet got photos of Justin and a pal kissing a stripper's nipple, while other photos showed Justin licking the woman’s breasts, supposedly so drunk, he couldn’t remember what he was doing. The images eventually went viral, and fans were less than impressed with the way their idol had been handling himself — especially in those revealing photos.

11 The Time He Attacked A Photographer


Justin continued his odd behaviour when he flew out to London in preparation for his Believe tour, where he infamously left his fans waiting for more than three hours just to show up and perform. Regardless of that matter, Justin also got into it with the photographers in the UK, shoving them away from his vehicle, before asking a photographer (who is twice the size of him) whether he wants to get knocked out. Bieber, presumably still hooked on his sizzurp drug, was brave enough to challenge the photographer, who seemed more than ready to teach JB a lesson or two for his “bratty” behavior, yelling, “F**k off back to America,” as security members kept them apart.

10 The Time He Allegedly Spat on His Fans


Again, another incident during his world tour. This time, however, the allegations were pretty disgusting. Photos of Justin spitting from his hotel room’s balcony emerged in several outlets, who went on to claim that the pop star was shockingly spitting in the direction of his fans, who were yelling to see Bieber show his face. The singer’s camp denied these reports, saying that no fans were in sight, but when photographers showed other angles during the infamous moment Justin spat from the balcony, dozens of people were present.

9 The Time His Pics From A Brief Bora Bora Vacation Leaked

Just weeks prior to the release of his latest album Purpose, Justin took a brief trip to Bora Bora with a female companion. Thinking that he had finally escaped the paparazzi, Justin didn’t seem to have a problem taking a swim in the pool naked — of course, that was until photos of the singer completely nude surfaced online. The vacation was cut short and Justin flew back home, reportedly feeling embarrassed by the incident and describing it as something he should’ve been more careful about.

8 The Time He Was Speeding In Miami


Who can forget the time Justin was speeding like a maniac through the streets of Miami. The singer and his good pal, Chantel Jeffries, were joined with a couple of friends as they seemed to have tried to reenact scenes from the Fast & Furious franchise. Hitting ridiculously high numbers when it came to their speed, it wasn’t long before police pulled him over and arrested Bieber, for this had not been the first time he had been driving recklessly putting other people’s lives in danger.

7 The Time Police Raided His Home


6 The Time He Was Embarrassed About His Platinum Blonde Hair


2015 saw Justin Bieber try out a new look — turns out, he hated it after undergoing the process. The Biebs set himself out for an edgier style, opting for a platinum blonde hairstyle. Unfortunately for him, while the color may have looked good in the beginning, once it started to settle, it gave off a look that was far from natural. The hair color didn’t suit Justin; he knew it and so did his fans, hence why he would then go on to walk around with a baseball cap for several weeks.

5 The Time His Mugshot Went Viral


Following the speeding incidents, Justin was arrested and his mug shot went viral as soon as the official photo surfaced online. Social media users had mocked the condition of the singer’s skin — acne and blemishes — which was ironic since Bieber had been promoting “clear skin” products prior to his arrest, giving the impression they didn’t work on his face either. Justin has since stated that the mugshot is one of the most degrading things he has done, adding he’s extremely ashamed by it.

4 The Time Justin Tried To Escape From A Group Of Photogs

While this was not necessarily Justin Bieber’s fault, the media sure portrayed it to be that way. The ‘Never Say Never’ hitmaker was trying to escape from a group of photographers, who had been chasing him on the highway for several minutes. And as Justin cut corners from left to right, speeding through the streets of Los Angeles just to avoid having his photo taken, Bieber was eventually pulled over for speeding, and when one photographer (on foot) approached the vehicle in an effort to get exclusive photos, he didn’t pay attention to the road and was killed by an oncoming car.

3 The Time His Briefs Were Digitally Enhanced For Calvin Klein


Justin also made headlines when Calvin Klein announced the 22-year-old as the face of their underwear line. The star partook in several photos, including the infamous one that sees Bieber in nothing more than his boxer shorts. Photoshop experts didn’t waste time to weigh in on the matter, calling out the people in charge of editing the photos because there was an obvious sign that Justin’s “package” was enhanced to appeal to the masses. Hours later, a supposed collection of the real photos prior to retouching and airbrushing made their way online, which Justin claimed were fake. Though it’s all very confusing, people believe that the images Justin called fake are real, while the final version were the ones that had been edited to make Bieber appear ‘blessed’ in a particular area.

2 The Time He Allegedly Dated Kourtney Kardashian


Despite the fact that Kourtney Kardashian is significantly older than Justin, the twosome reportedly hit it off right after their first “date” in Hollywood during the Christmas period. Kourtney had just ended things with Scott Disick, so she was single and ready to mingle — but nobody would’ve expected her to hook up with a boy that is so much younger than her. Regardless of their age difference, despite credible reports claiming the two hooked up, Justin refuses to confirm the allegations, making it appear that the romance was a mistake, and perhaps something he wasn’t proud of.

1 All The Times He Cheated On Selena Gomez


During his meltdown days, Justin was constantly being linked to the women he was spending a great amount of time with. From models to actresses, and even singers. It became obvious that Justin was hooking up with these women since the majority of them made it to his hotel room and wouldn’t leave until the early hours that next morning. Selena Gomez was hurt and dumped Justin on multiple occasions, only to then rekindle the relationship and split up again weeks later. The two have officially called it quits since last October.


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12 Things Justin Bieber Wants You To Forget About