12 Superhero Fan-Films That Are Actually Amazing

We’ve been living in the age of superhero movies for more than a decade now, and based on the packed schedule provided by both Marvel and DC, there’s a lot of fuel left in the tank before things start to slow down. The success of these movies can be attributed to one major factor: the fans. Fans of superheroes and comic books are a dedicated, passionate bunch. Some collect memorabilia, others are walking comic book encyclopedias, and then there are those who will actually go out and make their own independent, non-commercial films featuring their favorite superheroes (and supervillains).

Nevertheless, the majority of works by fans, no matter how dedicated, end up looking clunky and poorly edited together - especially when compared to their big budget Hollywood counterparts. That being said, every so often a fan-film comes along that takes everyone by surprise. Either the cinematography is great or the acting is good or the storyline is brilliantly written… and, if we’re really lucky, it’s all three of those things combined. I’ve always liked watching fan-films because they’re able to do things that wouldn’t make it into a Hollywood script for numerous reasons. With that in mind, check out these 12 awesome short films made by the fans, for the fans, featuring some of your favorite comic book characters.

11 Punisher: Dirty Laundry

It may seem unnecessary now that Netflix’s Daredevil has done The Punisher all the justice in the world, thanks in part to Jon Bernthal’s amazing performance, but there was a time not too long ago when fans wondered if we’d ever get a decent Punisher film that wasn’t a complete mess. Cue Adi Shankar’s "Bootleg Universe". Directed by Phil Joanou, Dirty Laundry sees Thomas Jane reprising the role of The Punisher, but this time he isn’t bound by studio interference or poorly-written scripts. In just under 10 minutes, Dirty Laundry manages to give us what two hours of a big budget studio production couldn’t; a violent, hard-hitting, no-nonsense Frank Castle who unleashes all forms of hell on those who piss him off.

10 Deadpool and Domino vs Joker and Harley Quinn

9 The Joker Blogs

8 Judge Minty

7 Spawn: The Recall

6 Batman: Dead End

5 Wonder Woman

4 Static Shock: Blackout

3 The Flying Man

2 Aquaman: The Cast Of The Angler

1 The Amazing SpiderDad

Fan-films often tend to be dark and gritty, partly due to the fact that violence and gore isn’t monitored on the internet, and that’s why this fan-made Spider-Man short by Mike Wilson is such a joy to watch. Made as a tribute to his son Jayden who is no longer with us, SpiderDad is a fun look at the life of an average working father who also fights crime as... the amazing SpiderDad! The effects are great, the music is lighthearted and almost Bilbo-esque, and the cause is particularly noble; the film is a fundraiser for Naomi House, a charity organization.

While it’s always interesting to see how far fans can push their heroes in terms of more mature themes, watching Mike Wilson play SpiderDad with so much enthusiasm and happiness is almost like a breath of fresh air. Plus, the suit is pretty cool too. Way to go, Mike!

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12 Superhero Fan-Films That Are Actually Amazing