12 Stars Who Stayed With Their Cheating Spouse

The majority of people have been to so many weddings or seen so many weddings on television that we almost have the words committed to memory. Specific portions of the traditional wedding vows definitely seem to stand out in everyone’s mind. Statements such as “for richer or poorer,” “in sickness and in health,”, and the world’s favorite “until death do us part.” These phrases of commitment are heard in almost a person's entire life until they reach the actual point of marriage. It definitely is not uncommon to find the girl next door or the guy from your local church to uphold these morals and standards, however with celebrities we often assume they do not take marriage as seriously as they could, with all the public divorces we see on social media and the news. Surprisingly, a lot of well known celebrities are very old fashioned when it comes to truly being committed to their spouse and working through their marital issues. While the other half of the world gives their spouse a “one strike and we are done” rule, here are a few celebrities who chose to stay with their spouses, even after they found out they were being cheated on.

12 Gabrielle Union

If you do not know the first “ride or die” wife on our list, you must not watch any television or movies. The beautiful Gabrielle Union, married the very tall and handsome Dwayne Wade just a little over a year ago, yet the couple has not had a picture perfect marriage. Both Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are very secretive about their personal lives. Also, as one would assume they are even more secretive about marital issues, if they can help it. Unfortunately, infidelity is one of the things, that as a celebrity, cannot be kept a secret for too long. Since this couple's infidelity issue, Dwayne Wade has definitely come clean in regards to his less than acceptable actions. Also, surprisingly Gabrielle Union partially blames herself for his infidelity stating their schedules and time apart contributed to his infidelity. All in all, the couple worked through things and remain together.

11 Sarah Jessica Parker

Next on the list is our beloved hit series star, Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City. Her acting skills are not all that is appreciated after hearing about her commitment to marriage. The loving, girl next door persona that she gave us with her Sex and the City character Carrie, definitely is not far from the lovely actress' real personality. Following an emotional roller-coaster of finding out about her husband's infidelity, Sarah Jessica Parker decided to stick it out and work it out with the love of her life. It seems as though her and her Sex and the City character have a lot in common when it comes to matters of the heart. Sarah Jessica Parker still gushes in photos and interviews when her husband is mentioned and the couple seems to be recovering from the incident very well.

10 Kendra Wilkinson

This exposure of infidelity had to be one of the most public and embarrassing for beautiful reality television star and former Playboy bunny, Kendra Wilkinson. Her athlete husband had a very messy exposure of an encounter with a transgender woman and was confronted by Kendra as they were going through a couple's retreat on the reality series they were recently featured on. Of course, he initially denied all claims, then Kendra presented photographic evidence of his meeting with the alleged person Hank cheated with. He attempted to put rumors to bed of the infidelity by making a statement about the incident, however, for our beloved Kendra, wounds don’t heal so easily but she made the decision to stay in her marriage and work through things.

9 Regina


8 Vanessa Bryant

Another very high profile couple who had infidelity issues is Vanessa and Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant had a picture perfect life until rumors surfaced of Kobe cheating. Despite the opinions of others and the media’s take on everything, Vanessa still handled any media time in a very professional and classy manner. The world tuned in as Kobe went public to make a statement regarding his infidelity and he appeared to be very sincere. Regardless of anyone else’s opinion of Kobe Bryant’s sincerity or lack there of, when he spoke of his infidelity, Vanessa definitely bought into it and gave him another chance and have been working on their marriage ever since then.

7 Tori Spelling

After years of marriage and five children of their own, Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott, went through a very public exposure of Dean’s infidelity. Dean admitted to having a sex addiction which was the reason for his extra-marital affairs. Yes, there was more than one instance of Dean stepping out on Tori. However, Tori (being the loyal wife she is) let her husband's addiction and actions that followed, roll off her back like water. The couple has since reconciled and moved on and appear to be doing great in their marriage, with no reports of infidelity or issues lately.

6 Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, married the well known and handsome soccer star, David Beckham. The couple led a pretty private life until David Beckham was said to be cheating. As rumors became more prevalent, Victoria and David had to publicly address the issue although it was very personal and painful for both of them. Victoria and David have since worked through their issues and have been doing great. There have been rumors of a split off and on since the initial incident, but all have been proven to be false. The couple actually celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary this year.

5 Fergie

Well known singer Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel, are living happily ever after now, since the unfortunate exposure of Josh Duhamel’s affair with a stripper. Of course they had their ups and downs with the media in regards to the incident. However, Fergie, being another amazing woman of outstanding morals and values, decided to stay and work things out with her husband. Josh Duhamel did not speak publicly in detail about the incident, but of course all that matters is that the woman he loves accepts and forgives him, and she definitely does.

4 Shante Taylor

Wife of the famous rapper Snoop Dogg, is also another woman who the world should tip their hat to. With a husband in the music industry, being around hundreds of women, being exposed to so many things that are not conducive to married life, it's truly rare a marriage lasts through years of that lifestyle. However, Mrs. Shante Taylor has done just that. Despite her husband straying from home in the past, she has still held him down and remained by his side through everything. The couple are now grandparents and are said to be doing amazing. The boss lady stuck it out and now the two are seemingly back to happily ever after.

3 Wendy Williams


Popular radio personality, turned daytime television host Wendy Williams, is very opinionated on her show. However, no opinions mattered to her when she chose to work through her issues in her marriage when husband Kevin Hunter cheated. The couple has been married since 2007, and have one child. After Wendy was said to have found out about her husband's infidelity, she did not take to the media and exploit what she knew would be exposed as some would assume, she kept it very low-key and classy and the couple privately reconciled. They since have been working on their marriage and no other rumors have surfaced.

2 Ladonna Hughley


Laughter is definitely food for the soul, people say. However, it was no laughing matter when Ladonna Hughley found out that her very popular and publicly recognized comedian husband D.L. Hughley, was not being faithful. The couple has been married for several years, and share children together, therefore it really is no surprise that they generally work through these issues that most couples would mutually decide to divorce over. D.L. Hughley has never publicly spoken about the incident in detail. However, D.L. Hughley focuses on his business persona and his comedian work during interviews and public appearances. D.L. Hughley, who often jokes about personal issues, has always spoken positively about his wife and marriage, so no one saw this cheating scandal coming. But, currently Ladonna remains by his side and glowing with happiness whenever spotted.

1 Marie Claudinette Jean

From the popular and well known group known to all as The Fugees, to a solo artist, then onto producing, Wyclef Jean is definitely an artistic genius who needs no introduction. Sadly, being so well known comes with the price of exposure in a positive and negative aspect. Things took a negative turn when the wife of Wyclef Jean found evidence of his adultery. This is another couple who has been together for several years. Unlike other celebrity cheaters exposed, Wyclef still maintained a very low-key approach to the matter. Little to no detailed information was released on how Wyclef got himself back into his wife’s good graces. However, the couple remains together and happy. So, not every mistake has to end in disaster.

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