12 Stars Who Shattered Their Looks With Plastic Surgery

These days, in regards to beauty standards, evidently plastic makes perfect. Actress Salma Hayek said it best when she said, “Plastic surgery is like the uniform of a generation. And it’s not necessarily beautiful. It’s not wrinkled-looking, but it’s not beautiful.” That describes the more obvious surgical cases precisely.

Celebrities are some of the most self hating individuals on the planet, and it's made clear in the physical alterations they often make. It's especially unfortunate because of the heavy influence these stars have on young impressionable minds. Thanks to the industry they work in, there's a lot of pressure to adhere to a certain beauty ideal, but sometimes it's taken too far. What usually happens is a celebrity's insecurity bothers them so much, that they finally decide to do something to change it, only to end up highlighting the feature that made them so self conscious in the first place!

Take the grotesque backsides of rapper Nicki Minaj, and reality TV star Kim Kardashian for instance. The two plastic surgery addicts have had photographs from their younger years exposed, in which their bottoms look at least 100 times smaller than they do today in 2015; signifying an obvious insecurity of the past. It almost seems like a running contest to see who can have the bigger, most ridiculously unrealistic, disproportionate butt. Who would you say is in the lead right now? Or rapper Iggy Azalea, who's face was virtually unrecognizable when she appeared at the 2015 Billboard music awards, after extensive cosmetic surgery. Instead of following the lead of these deeply insecure and likely tormented celebs, let us be encouraged to love and embrace our own unique flaws and features. As a reminder, here are 12 stars who's physical insecurity led them to be mutilated by plastic surgery.

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12 Kylie Jenner


11 Iggy Azalea


10 Britney Spears


In her prime, Britney Spears dominated as one of the most beautiful pop stars in the world. Her sex appeal was undeniable during the early new millennium, but would become short lived after a few traumatic personal relationships, which reportedly led her to abuse crystal meth. It's a well known fact that crystal meth abusers' teeth will often rot out of their heads, and Britney has been seen with noticeably different looking teeth lately. In addition to the new unnatural smile, the Toxic singer appears to have undergone an unflattering nose job and very obvious Botox injections, causing her mouth area to take on a more stiff and frozen appearance. One thing's for sure, magazine covers still go out of their way to photoshop the beloved star's image to appear more flattering than in real life.

9 Nicki Minaj


Known just as well for her abnormal backside as she is for her eccentricity, rapper Nicki Minaj is the queen of unnatural curves. Frequently called out for her in-authenticity by critics, from the fake wigs to the phony accents, the Stupid H* rapper's derriere was once much flatter than the practical deformity we've become familiar with today. The poor role model to her young fans made headlines last year when bizarre photos of her outrageous performance at the 2014 VMA's depicted what appeared to be an out of position buttock implant. The disturbing sight is hilariously referred to as 'the booty implant malfunction'. The 34 year old rapper is among the many celebs who won't own up to ever having had work done, but the before and after images throughout the years speak for themselves. Much like she did early on in her career, Nicki appears to be following Lil Kim's lead, physical appearance wise.

8 Kim Kardashian


7 Bruce Jenner


It was recently revealed that Bruce Jenner had originally begun the process of transitioning from male to female back in 1980. To do so successfully, the Olympian underwent a nose job to gain a smaller more feminine nose, and began taking estrogen which caused breast growth. However, after meeting future ex-wife Kris Jenner in 1985, Bruce immediately stopped and reversed the changes. As a result, the drastic fluctuations of hormones wreaked havoc on the former athlete's body, causing his skin to sag too early. Shortly afterwards, Bruce underwent a botched face lift in an attempt to fix the problem, as well as multiple nosejobs that led to a very unnatural and disfigured appearance. In a blog statement posted in 2009, step daughter Kim Kardashian wrote, "Twenty five years ago, Bruce was ill-advised by a doctor to have a partial face lift and a nose job. Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what Bruce had hoped and for years since then he has been the victim of cruel taunts from the media." Ironically, 6 years later Kim herself is now seemingly the victim of cruel taunts from critics about her own disfiguring surgeries.

6 Dolly Parton


Country music icon Dolly Parton, once a darling natural beauty, is very candid about her inclination towards plastic surgery. In an interview with 60 minutes, she reveals that she never felt herself a natural beauty, although many of us would strongly disagree. More specifically, the living legend said, "I'm not a striking beauty and I know that, I guess that was always one of the reasons I always liked to wear too much make up. I always wanted to be prettier, I always wanted to be more." The multi talented songbird makes her body dismorphia apparent when she discusses her motivation behind undergoing so much plastic surgery. Seemingly in denial, the famous 36DD has stated in another interview that, "I'm very careful when I do have surgery because I don't ever do anything a lot. When somethings saggin' draggin' or baggin' I take care of it then, but not a whole big deal all at once where you look different. You have to be careful with that."

5 La Toya Jackson


The Jacksons are famous for those soft spoken voices, and infamous for those unnatural noses. La Toya Jackson, 1 of just 3 Jackson daughters, has had some of the most extensive plastic surgery in the family, second only to Michael. Completely unrecognizable from the teenager the world was introduced to back in the 1960's, La Toya has taken on a much lighter skin complexion just like younger brother Michael. The failed singer has been compared to a scarecrow due to her overdone nose. In an interview in the 1980's, La Toya admitted she opted for a nosejob because she was unhappy with her original nose. She didn't however reveal exactly how many times she altered her nose, speculated to be nearly as many as Michael.

4 Joan Rivers

The late legendary comedian Joan Rivers was notorious for her love of plastic surgery. 81 at the time of her death, Joan's face was frozen into a solid 70, thanks to fillers, Botox, numerous nosejobs, face lifts and likely much more. The funny woman once joked, "The only way I can get a man to touch me is by plastic surgery." She once facetiously bragged about having 739 plastic surgeons. When asked by Entertainment Weekly about her opinion of plastic surgery, Joan responded, "I just hosted the Miss USA Pageant and, let me tell you, beautiful gets you everywhere. The New York Times had an article maybe six months ago: Babies respond to pretty faces. So stop telling everyone it’s okay not to be pretty! If you can fix it, fix it! If it makes you happier."

3 Donatella Versace

Fashion designer Donatella Versace is referred to as one of the biggest plastic surgery fails in Hollywood. The 60 year old, who unfortunately doesn't look a day under 70, is considered by many to have practically turned herself into a human wax figure. The head of the iconic Italian fashion house Versace, has OD'd on the Botox injections among other procedures, and seems to also overdo the sun bathing. At the 2014 Vogue festival, Donatella was quoted as saying, "I'm not like this genetically, I use tons of cream." The designer has never directly addressed plastic surgery rumors, but is suspected to have undergone lip implants, multiple nosejobs, a face lift, and cheek implants. All of which appear severely botched.

2 Lil Kim


Another insanely drastic before and after on the list is rapper Lil Kim's. The original Queen of rap has clearly struggled with body image hang ups in the past, made obvious by the countless procedures she's undergone over the years. Lil Kim, who looks virtually unrecognizable since her first hit No Time, seems to have transformed from an African American woman, to a fair skinned Asian woman. The former girlfriend of B.I.G. has faced ceaseless criticism from the African American community for skin bleaching and has been accused of hating her former dark complexion. In 2005, Lil Kim openly discussed plastic surgery with Power 105.1 host Angie Martinez, saying, "I think people thought I did it because of low self esteem but I actually did it because I was too vain. I was trying to be perfect. I'm a perfectionist." When Angie asked Lil Kim if she's bothered by critics who judge her choice, she answers, "No it don't bother me because I told you, I'm beautiful."

1 Michael Jackson

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson is known for his extraordinary talents and his unrivaled successful music career. However, he's also remembered for the numerous mutilating plastic surgeries that took him from a handsome young African American male, to a completely unrecognizable other person. The pop icon went from the most revered superstar in the world, to the butt of every joke due to his increasingly startling appearance and bizarre behavior. At one point, Michael was reportedly forced to wear a prosthetic nose for having undergone over a dozen rhinoplasties that turned his once ethnic masculine nose into a tiny weakened button nose. He was called names like Wacko Jacko by critics who were puzzled by his drastic choices. Although Michael insisted that his sudden white skin complexion was the result of the skin disease vitiligo, many believe the late legend bleached his skin due to his supposed hatred for being black. Michael often opened up about the bullying he faced from family members in his youth regarding his large nose. Namely his father, who the sensitive musician blamed as his main source of trauma. Michael was the perfect example of someone who suffered from extremely severe body image issues, which ultimately led to self mutilation.

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