12 Stars Who Embarrassingly Dated Their Ex's Doppelganger

Every day, couples break up for a multitude of reasons. Some of these are serious, like cheating, spending too much of each other's money, living on the bad side of the law, falling out of love, or just making the other partner unhappy. Sometimes the reasons are extremely frivolous, like getting irritated over one's odd quirks and habits. Whatever pushes a couple to the edge, splitting up tends to lead to hurt on one or both sides. Celebrities are not immune to heartbreak either.

However, they often have the responsibility of appearing invincible and impervious to damage from other badmouthing stars or their ex-lovers. Celebs tend to go buck wild when it comes to rebounds, bouncing from one big name to another after a major breakup until one of these unions sticks. Sometimes, that's just what you have to do to get over someone.

It's typically advised though that you date a person who's anything but similar to your ex. After all, if you can't be with them, why would you want to date anyone who looks or acts like them? You should move forward, not backwards. These celebrities didn't get the memo. They must be hung up on their exes still, because they scoured the streets of Hollywood to find the closest lookalikes possible. It's creepy and just reeks of desperation.

A lot of the time, Hollywood dating stories read like a caustic tale of what not to do to enjoy a healthy, long-term relationship. This habit is no exception. If you wake up and can't tell if you're with your ex or that new person you're seeing, it's time for a breakup stat.

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12 Kris Humphries: Fatmire Sinanaj (Kim Kardashian Look-alike)

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It was one of the biggest weddings of the 21st century, with all the pomp, glamour, and bombastic spotlight that a Kardashian wedding would require. A televised affair, Kim Kardashian and basketball star Kris Humphries were a cute couple, but they weren't meant to be, because a mere 72 days later, they were ready to divorce.

After the 2011 nuptials, it took until 2013 for the bitter exes to wrangle through a divorce with terms that they could both agree to. You would think then that Humphries would want nothing to do with Kardashian ever again, but apparently not. He later went out and found a Kardashian kopykat in the form of Fatmire Sinanaj, who also goes by the name of Myla Sinanaj.

Supposedly, Myla even wanted to follow in Kim's footsteps, borrowing the Kardashian's claim to fame and filming a sex video that was later put on public display. Very classy. Her relationship with Humphries lasted only about five months before the athlete must have come to his senses.

11 Reggie Bush: Lilit Avagyan (Kim Kardashian Look-alike)

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A few years before walking down the aisle with Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian was linked up with football star Reggie Bush. The two were together for a short period in 2009 and then ended their relationship. After a couple of months, they surely had decided that they couldn't live without each other, because they reunited. However, by 2010 they were through for good.

Kim must have some sort of secret spell that she weaves over her men, because Bush was left downtrodden and out to find his Kim Klone. He did an even better job than Humphries when he started dating Lilit Avagyan. This beautiful dance teacher is also of Armenian descent, just like Kardashian. She has the same thick eyebrows, full lips, dark hair, and curvy body.

Unlike Humphries, who realized that he and Myla Sinanaj were not a match, Reggie held on to his new Kim. The two found their happily ever after in each other and got married in 2014. Clearly Bush has a type and feels no shame about that.

10 Rihanna: Dudley O'Shaughnessy (Chris Brown Look-alike)

Sometimes you meet that certain person in your life who seems like they're "the one." You can't ever imagine being with anyone else, and you're completely, madly, hopelessly in love with them. Unfortunately, Rihanna believed that she found her one in rapper Chris Brown, the same man who left her bruised, bloodied, and beaten years ago.

The two have broken up, gotten back together, broken up, gotten back together, and then, oh yeah, broken up and gotten back together. Each time, just when it seems like RiRi is going to finally smarten up and leave Brown in the dust for good, news surfaces that she's just not over him. At least at some point she tried to move on, hooking up with Dudley O'Shaughnessy.

This British model and actor has the same looks as Brown, but just not the same violent history (thank goodness). The two stars crossed paths when O'Shaughnessy was in Rihanna's "We Found Love" music video. Regrettably, the pair didn't actually find love together and later went their separate ways.

9 Chris Brown: Jasmine Sanders (Rihanna Look-alike)

Rihanna shouldn't feel too bad about her inability to get over Chris Brown though. Clearly, he struggled quite a bit too in the midst of their breakup. Before beginning another long-term, on-off volatile relationship with Karrueche Tran, a model, Brown briefly set his sights on another woman who's pretty for a living, Jasmine Sanders.

While Tran is her own woman and doesn't look anything like Rihanna, Sanders is like an exact mirror image of the "Umbrella" singer. They both have the same light hair color, rich caramel skin, almond-shaped eyes, distinctive nose, and pouty lips. Luckily, Brown treated Sanders better than he did Rihanna, and the two only saw each other for a very short time.

Brown seems to have moved on from Rihanna, Tran, and Sanders though since he became a father to a baby named Royalty in 2015. The mother isn't any of the three women, but rather Nia Guzman, although it appears that even she isn't dating Brown anymore.

8 Charlie Sheen: Brooke Mueller (Denise Richards Look-alike)

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards began their Hollywood romance much the same way that plenty of celebrities do, meeting on the set of a television show. Their passion was kindled in October 2001, and by the end of that year, they were engaged. By June 2002, they had already wed. The two celebrities started a family in a matter of years, with Richards giving birth to Sam J. and Lola Rose.

However, they later went through a bitter divorce, one bad enough that Richards actually got a restraining order against Sheen, who wasn't taking the news of the split well. He was especially unhappy when Richards got a deal with E! to appear on her own reality show with Sam and Lola. Despite his anger, he couldn't have hated Richards that much. Just take a look at his rebound, actor Brooke Mueller.

Sheen and Richards, to their credit, later mended fences and are quite civil. After Sheen married Mueller and the couple had two more kids (Max and Bob), Mueller began having troubles with substance abuse. She divorced Sheen and got a restraining order against the Anger Management star as well. Richards raised Max and Bob in the interim. Talk about messy.

7 Alec Baldwin: Lori Singer (Kim Basinger Lookalike)

The troubled Alec Baldwin, who has been known to attack photographers and was even accused of being a stalker, at least had an anchor in his wife Kim Basinger. The two actors exchanged wedding vows in 1993, but by 2002, they had sadly ended that long-term bond. While it was upsetting, it happens, especially in Hollywood.

However, a few years' time must not have mended Baldwin's hurt heart, because by 2006 he was dating Lori Singer, a musician and actor that had a role in Footloose. When she and Baldwin appeared in public, the world did a collective double-take. Many thought that Baldwin and Basinger had reunited against all odds. Singer looks that much like the 9 1/2 Weeks actor.

Perhaps Baldwin caught on too, for he and Singer didn't last very long. Instead, he moved on to date and marry yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas. The two later had a child, a girl named Carmen. That's Baldwin's second kid, the first being the famous model Ireland Baldwin.

6 Hulk Hogan: Jennifer McDaniel (Linda Hogan Lookalike)

Hulk Hogan and his blonde wife Linda had been married since 1983. She stuck around for the entirety of Hulk's meteoric rise to the top of the wrestling spotlight and then his distressing descent back to reality. However, by 2008, Linda had decided that she wanted nothing to do with the Hulkster after he supposedly cheated on her with a staff member of his reality show Hogan Knows Best.

It's bad enough that Hogan and Linda's daughter Brooke is the spitting image of her mother and that the two are sometimes practically impossible to tell apart. Then Hogan decided to make things even creepier by hooking up with Jennifer McDaniel. The Hollywood makeup artist and the ex-pro wrestler even got married.

While they're a cute enough couple, it's a little weird how much that McDaniel looks like Linda Hogan, and by extension, Brooke. The tanned lovebirds have been enjoying wedded bliss since 2010 though, so clearly the arrangement is working for them.

5 Leonardo DiCaprio: Blake Lively (Bar Refaeli Lookalike)

He still may not have any Oscars to his name, but Leonardo DiCaprio has won the Academy Award an impressive five times and is a two-time Golden Globe Award winner. Besides that, he's quite young, only just turning 40 last year. He's gone from the teenage heartthrob starring in the remake of Romeo and Juliet and the 1990s box office smash Titanic to a mature, scruffy, seasoned veteran.

Leo's list of conquests is probably miles long considering that he changes girlfriends about as often as you should change socks. However, he's likely protecting his heart after the pain he suffered once his six-year relationship with stunner Bar Refaeli fell apart. These two split once and got back together, but they just couldn't make it last.

After going through more models after Refaeli, DiCaprio set his sights on Blake Lively. Both Blake and Bar are tall, slim blondes with long, curly locks and similar facial features. The dalliance was very brief though. Lively later moved on to marry Ryan Reynolds while DiCaprio revels in bachelorhood.

4 Ethan Hawke: Ryan Shawhughes (Uma Thurman Lookalike)

Do you ever just see a couple and know that they're meant to be together? That was how the world felt about Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, two talented actors who crossed paths after appearing in 1996's Gattaca together. The pair married within two years and started a family. It all seemed like a fairytale ending.

Hawke's roving eye led to an earth-shaking wakeup call for the couple though. Ryan Shawhughes, who was babysitting children Levon and Maya when their actor parents were away on business, was supposedly too tempting for Hawke to pass up, perhaps because of her similarities to Thurman. If he didn't cheat with Shawhughes, then he did with someone else, because Thurman later filed for divorce.

In Hawke's case, it wasn't a situation where he only wanted Shawhughes because he couldn't have her. The two forged a relationship despite the shaky foundation of prior infidelity and got married. Shawhughes gave birth to two girls, Indiana and Clementine Jane.

3 Prince Harry: Cressida Bonas (Chelsy Davy Lookalike)

via nydailynews.com

If you think that dating as a celebrity is hard, dating as a royal is fraught with even more difficulties. When Prince Harry was a ripe 21 years old, he was seeing Chelsy Davy. She wasn't exactly set to become a princess, but her father Charles Davy had made plenty of money doing business in South Africa.

The two ultimately split up, but Harry found a good replacement in Cressida Bonas, the daughter of Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon. Bonas befriended Princess Eugenie, who introduced her to the Prince of Wales himself. With her strong features and blonde haircut, Bonas and Davy were practically twins.

Bonas and Harry enjoyed a solid two years together. There was even speculation that Harry would pop the question. As it turns out, that was probably the last thing that Bonas wanted, since she was feeling the excessive pressure and scrutiny that comes with dating famous royalty. In the end, she bowed out.

2 Matt Bellamy: Elle Evans (Kate Hudson Lookalike)

Kate Hudson has always had a penchant for rock stars. Her ex-husband is The Black Crowes leader Chris Robinson. Once those two divorced, she moved on to Matt Bellamy, the front man of Muse. The two became official in 2010 and were living together a year later. 2011 was also the same year that Bellamy proposed.

Hudson certainly enjoyed being Bellamy's source of inspiration, but perhaps because her mother Goldie Hawn has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Kurt Russell without ever tying the knot, Hudson felt some reservations about marrying again. Regardless, after the birth of their child in 2011, reports alleged that she and Bellamy were having a rocky relationship. By 2014, they broke up.

If Bellamy was heartbroken, then he wrote about it in a Muse song rather than showed it, since by 2015, he was with a rebound named Elle Evans. The pretty model could be Hudson's body double, what with her slim build and flowing light blonde hair.

1 Simon Cowell: Lauren Silverman (Mezhgan Hussainy Lookalike)

The pretty Mezhgan Hussainy entered reality judge and personality Simon Cowell's life with her job in Hollywood as a makeup artist. Cowell was so taken with her that he proposed in 2010. However, he and Hussainy realized within a year that they weren't going to make it down the aisle together, and so they decided to end it.

Hussainy ducked out just in time, since not too long later, Cowell got roped into a nasty foursome cheating scandal. Cowell had hooked up with Lauren Silverman, and her husband Andrew Silverman decided to bring The X-Factor judge into the divorce proceedings. On top of that, Lauren was pregnant, and it wasn't her husband's baby.

In 2014, their son Eric was born. The new parents decided to have a go at their relationship and are still together. It makes sense that Silverman would be so appealing to Cowell, considering that she's practically Hussainy's doppelganger.

Sources: Hollywood Life (2), Daily Mail

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